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  1. sorry for the inconvenience I'm aware on this This Issue will be fix in our next update I know it's only in P3dv4. Again sorry David
  2. Thanks I fix it by changing to 3 bridges fixed in David
  3. If there is problem I'll fix it! you never know at first release as much bigger developers then me 😐 David
  4. In the sim have a look at the Add-ons SODE 1.7.1 by pressings you must see "+VDGS Pack 1.1 installed" if not you want see any board with information David
  5. As far as we know it's only in V4 version exactly as Christoph explanation so I start to fined a solution ASP David
  6. Hi Elad do you have the Installer_SODE_VDGS_Pack if tou don't have please use in the config menu Enabled no Vdgs As I understand from the forum there is some problem in the Config.exe so we will check it ASP Sorry for the inconvenience David
  7. Hello We Did send update the installer will be A.S.P David
  8. Hi All We just finish a new stop lines for SODE VDGS I will check it again. then will fix the autogen issue in the north area of the airport the problem is only in P3dv4.5 I can't response instantly so Thank you all for your patience David
  9. can you check if some other application is open in the background that influence graphic card on any way the V5 version has problem with low ram on graphic card or try in the config.exe to use "no static aircraft" and in "Vehicle low capacity"
  10. the runway on the left side is not from my scenery you have double scenery
  11. can you show me please screenshot in graphic\world \scenery objects
  12. Its layer order in the ADD-ON.xml please show me. it will be fix'd hope until tomorrow as for now look here <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>Autogen\scenery</Path> <Name>Ben-Gurion Intl Airport - Autogen</Name> <Layer>540</Layer> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>TLV</Path> <Name>Ben-Gurion Intl Airport - Tel Aviv City</Name> <Layer>541</Layer>
  13. I did the check that some freeware jets, also moved the A321 B737 B747 from fsx 😐 and all works ok. some other freeware doesn't! activate the VDGS. of course all (not on my system) PMDG and QualityWings Ultimate Boeing 787. work nice can you please give me the lists of stands and type of aircraft will check again David
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