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  1. Hello David, I have a flight simulator of x plane and I purchased the scenery of Ben Gurion Airport. I'll update you that there is a problem with the view of the landscape.
    When I press the shift + 5 keys I should get a picture of the airport from the direction of the control tower, in fact this is not what happens, the tower picture appears from a completely different direction at the airport. It looks like the photo angle is to the right of runway 26, something like a pile of sand surrounded by light poles.
    I am enclosing screenshots of the glitch and I hope you can find a solution to this problem.

    האיזור ממנו נראה בטעות מבט מהמגדל בלחיצת שיפט + 5.jpg

    התמונה שמתקבלת מלחיצה על מקש שיפט + 5.jpg

    האיזור השגוי שנראה כביכול ממגדל הפיקוח בלחיצה על שיפט + 5.jpg

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