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andyman977    3
1 hour ago, Hans Hartmann said:

It doesn't contain ANY changes in this area... absolutely zero.


Well then maybe it is an issue with the turn calculations? I tested by flying the LADYJ2 SID out of KLAX, and the aircraft got sloppy around MKGEE which is a ~70 degree turn .

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ROMAN78    2
7 hours ago, bill31642 said:

Just finished another flight in P3DV4 ver Along with the REV ARMED error, the HGS system does not display flight data after take off. Strange enough all data displayed once I landed.





I noticed the same thing on a test flight this morning. Happened right after gear up.





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blahhh    21

Regarding the LNAV issue, I had two times the same behaviour as described above crossing a waypoint after a short or a long leg. Maybe I'm wrong or it was a coincidence but it happend the both times after entering or changing the arrival procedeure during the cruise.

(p3dv4 crj

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bill31642    3

Did some more testing of crj in P3DV4. Don't mean to highjack the post but the HGS and REV error appeared while attempting to improve the LNAV issue.


Anyway on to the testing. These are repeatable.

The HGS issue (the loss of most flight data in the HGS at zero weight on wheels/lift off) occurs if you select "AIRCRAFT STATE" "READY FOR ENGINE START"


If you start from "COLD & DARK" the HGS appear to function as designed.(edited.... COLD & DARK failed too).


The L REV ERROR (L REV does not illuminate even though thrust rev works) is persistent at aircraft load and at the selection of all preconfigured Aircraft states.


Of course I can know what changes between versions and I do want to be of help. I'm just reporting what I see.



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9 hours ago, DylanCast said:

Nav issues remain even after the last update. 


Plus all of the other problems listed above^^^ (...)



Nav issues haven't yet been addressed with version




But it would be interesting to hear whether Hans' own research into this issue during the last weekend has brought any new insights:



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