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  1. Dave............... Its on the first page. "There are a number of things added, and I'd have to pull up the Step by Step in our Documentation and then compare it to the old Checklist to give you a comparison. The best thing to do is perform the Step-by-Step and I promise the new items will jump right out at you! "
  2. Up to me? Dave you tried to tell me 3 months ago that even though prior to the updates I had no problems that the problem was suddenly I wasn't entering the info in the CDU correctly. Worked with but with the next update suddenly I am a moron that can't enter the info. This has been going on for over 3 months. This is turning into the CRJ. My trouble has no consistent trend other than it happens 99% of the time in all models. I should fly the same flight over again like a beta tester to try and reproduce the bug. No, I don't enjoy the hobby so I can be a beta tester."Because Many customers and Beta testers have not experienced this issue" it makes it up to me and others that have to be the Beta testers for Aerosoft? You beta test for other developers. You obviously enjoy it so the rest of us should too I guess only we get to pay for the opportunity. Kind of like another AIrbus developer did.
  3. I am not a beta tester. I am just letting you know it isnt working as it hasnt for the last 3 months. Sorry. Beta testers get the product for free.
  4. In the climb same problem. Over 3 months now. I hope this gets resolved soon.
  5. None of that works for me. Tried anti ice and going direct. Nothing.
  6. If there was a way of incrementally installing the updates until we see it happen might be helpful.The base installer doesn't have this issue. @Dave there is no consistency with it happening for me. Had it happen almost immediately after take off. Most times it happens in the climb. Last night after I did all the uninstalling and installing you suggested in the other thread and I thought progress had been made. It didn't happen during the climb. I saw you also flying online (MCI to MSP I think) and I was about to message you to let you know it wasn't happening and then it happened (of course lol). I even was able to do almost a dozen flights after the previous update and then it started happening again. I will help anyway possible. Love the aircraft and I was flying it a lot.
  7. Problem is still there after uminstalling, deleting and reinstalling with the updates. I’ll park it for now and keep an eye on the forums to see if a fix is ever found. Either that or I go back to the first installer with no updates. Probably park it
  8. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted and downloaded so many times its crazy. I will try one more time and I will unfortunately have to park it like I did the CRJ for all that time until fixes came out.
  9. Didn't help me. Last update did work for almost a dozen flights and then reverted back to not working. Odd and frustrating. Hopefully it gets figured out soon. Happened in one of the updates.
  10. Not to compound things but the problem has now returned to my sim. I have changed nothing.
  11. I have done 3 flights with . 2 in the 319 and 1 in the 321. Problem is fixed for me so far. Thanks
  12. So after being told that everything works prior to the last couple of updates I was told I was suddenly not imputing data into the MCDU correctly. Now a clean install of 4.4 will fix this? Problem started with 4.3. Seems like we are simply having ideas thrown at us instead of solutions.
  13. I have been flying the professional since the 319 was released. What are the changes affecting the CDU in the last updates since V1210? If I'm causing it I would love to fix it but as I have said flying the latest download from the store has no issues. Only since the updates. I am keeping an open mind but the results lean towards a bug
  14. I am following the same steps I have since AS first airbus. I am doing the exact same thing with v1210 that I do when I have the updates.The problem described in that link is loss of power. Mine is the speed drops. It wants to be at 201 at cruise even though the FMC says otherwise. Mine happens late in the climb and at cruise. The engines dont fail. I have to set speed myself (dial in and click). It holds speed then. All a/c 318/319/320/321
  15. For me it happened with the last couple updates. I am back to the latest installer v1210. Solves that issue but its not the fix
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