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  1. doylie22

    LNAV Issues and Climb issues

    I'm suddenly having these issues as well but I just upgraded to P3D v4.4. I'm not sure if that is the culprit in this case.
  2. doylie22

    Latest Paint Kit Files

    A320/A321 but silly me just found it in my download section for my order!
  3. Hi All, Can you point me to the latest and greatest paint kit files? I downloaded a set but they're labeled Airbus Extended from 2014. Are there updated ones? Thank you, Sean
  4. Disregard, I found it... You may close out the thread!
  5. Hi guys, I'm just about finished with my first repaint of the CRJ and I'm having an issue finding where the gear doors are located on the DDS file. Can anyone mark it up on which file so I can tidy up and finish this paint? Thank you!
  6. So far, so good with the new update. More of a curiosity question...was the clickspot for the HUD increased? I don't use it very often but I find if I click anywhere near the windshield the HUD pops down which makes it kind of hard to click back into P3D making it the active window. Is there a way to just turn if off that maybe I'm missing? Thanks guys! Sean
  7. Any updates on this issue? It's been 2 weeks. Please don't take the inquiry as impatient, just an update would be great. I didn't have this issue until I updated to 1.0.1 which is a bummer but surly it will be fixed.
  8. 1. Some people are still having issues, some are not. I am still on because it was stable for me. 2. Yes. Download the new installer. 3. Short answer yes, fix all hot fixes. When a version is released ( a hot fix is then released to manually replace code/files that are causing issues. Those hotfixes in turn are applied to the installer for the next release. So in this case the hotfixes for will be a standard part of the install for Where you're still on, do not install hot fixes for a version you're not using. I recommend waiting for the the next release which I believe Hans sad will actually be 1.0.1
  9. doylie22

    Weird Lighting Glitch

    You didnt know Hans added an underglow feature in Takes him back to the days of his '86 Civic cruising around the Autobahn.
  10. doylie22

    Repaint requests

    What do you mean? It ships with one...
  11. I just read the change log for and I'm very excited to get my hands on a fresh installer tonight when I get home. I've completed just under 20 legs as of last night and I must say, this aircraft is incredibly well done. The model is phenomenal and while I'm not a real world CRJ pilot the systems seem in depth and this is a very fun aircraft to fly. I'm pleased to see a lot of the changes with and I know how much effort it takes to crank out improvements or fixes so shortly after release. A big thank you to Mathjis, Frank, Tom and of course Hans for getting us righted the past week and the rest of the dev team and beta testers who gave us this plane with 7 years of what I'm sure was grueling hard work. Cheers guys.
  12. Sorry should be more clear: On the flight plan page enter your departure airport and arrival (in this case LGA). 1) DEP/ARR page 2) Select Departure Runway and SID 3) Instead of FLPN page 2 per your screenshot, go to legs 4) You should see your first fix is an altitude followed by VECTORS with a heading followed by THEN...with no fix. 5) Enter the first fix of your flight plan. 6) Enter the rest of your flight plan on FLPN page 2, 3, etc... or on the legs page. 7) Erase any discontinuities created by your STAR on the legs page. The FMC won't allow you to enter any more intersections until you've cleared the departure discontinuity. You can only erase discontinuities on the legs page. If you're unfamiliar with the difference between a pilot flown RNAV SID or an ATC radar vector SID well then that's a further discussion.
  13. You should actually pick your SID prior to entering the waypoints. With radar vector sids like LGA5 or JFK3 I found its easiest to add the radar vector fix in on the legs page then the rest of the route on the FPLN Page.
  14. The red levers should return to the down position after start up. My start up procedure is: CONT ING: ON R ENG: Start R FUEL CUTOFF: Click Once R ENG THROTTLE: Single LEFT click to IDLE (Last two steps should be done immediately one after the other. Repeat for left engine. It does take quite a bit to get the A/C moving. About 40% N1. What sim are you using? P3D has this silly thing where you can freeze the user position. Make sure that has not been accidentally turned on. It's under options.
  15. Click the black vRef placard above the MFD and it will hide the yoke.