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  1. I'm suddenly having these issues as well but I just upgraded to P3D v4.4. I'm not sure if that is the culprit in this case.
  2. A320/A321 but silly me just found it in my download section for my order!
  3. Hi All, Can you point me to the latest and greatest paint kit files? I downloaded a set but they're labeled Airbus Extended from 2014. Are there updated ones? Thank you, Sean
  4. Disregard, I found it... You may close out the thread!
  5. Hi guys, I'm just about finished with my first repaint of the CRJ and I'm having an issue finding where the gear doors are located on the DDS file. Can anyone mark it up on which file so I can tidy up and finish this paint? Thank you!
  6. Looking forward to it. I have a few of your PMDG paints and you do excellent work.
  7. Steve, Are you repainting the 700 or are you making the 900 as well?
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