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  1. I have also experienced some pretty crazy rolls in LNAV, sometimes greater than 45 degrees.
  2. Why do you hate when the cabin crew turns off the main lights? It makes it easy to look at the window and observe what's going on without the glare from the cabin. It also allows you to sleep better. If you want light, you can turn on your overhead reading light. We really need to be able to dim or turn off the cabin lights. It looks quite strange flying around with the cabin lights on bright all the time. Regards, Chris
  3. This plane is still too buggy for me to fly. The plane struggles to fly the LNAV profile, I get a right wing dip of 15-20 degrees when approaching a waypoint, and I get other strange wing tips when changing some settings in the FMC.
  4. I'm definitely having that stuttering effect. Great plane though and it's going to be a rock star once the final kinks are worked through.
  5. i would be grateful for an update as well. I'm having this issue in P3D V4 especially with waypoints that are further apart. SIDs and STARs seem to be cooperating with me.
  6. I would also like a repaint of the incredibly boring Elite Airways CRJ700, which can probably be done in 10 minutes lol! Here is an image link: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8485293
  7. We are having a drought in Seattle (as we often do in the summer) and the idea actually came to me because I had to go water the plants (which takes about an hour). I kept running into the house to make sure I wasn't over-speeding or stalling. I thought it would be nice if I could tell the co-pilot to manage things for a bit
  8. What certain stations are those? LOL And for your second point, the .82 is really when you are running late right? When is spare gas a problem?! LOL
  9. While I realize that auto-throttle isn't simulated, it would be cool if we could get a modification (or third-party trigger) that would allow you to tell your "co-pilot" to manage the speed for you during cruise. That would make really long flights much easier where you want to get a break from managing the throttles (I had this challenge yesterday when I needed to multi-task around the house ) It's a thought that went through my head the other day and it is still lingering. I'm assuming in real world, the pilots take turns managing the throttle during cruise and making fine adjustments? On a 3 hour flight, that would stink to do it all yourself!
  10. This is an awesome thread! What sorts of cruise machs do you use in the real world?
  11. Yes, 55C is what my flex temp was. I used 59F for the weather when I was doing my testing. 49C is the maximum setting? Also, those performance charts for each runway - is that something you can share?
  12. Hi fellow pilots, I'm a tad bit obsessed about knowing when to (and not to) use flex temps. Since we do not have a TOPCAT tool for this beautiful bird, yet, I've started putting together my very unscientific method for determining when to use a flex temp. I'l share it here and continue to tweak based on experience and feedback. This is really a reference for me, but if others find it useful feel free to use it with your planning! I'll update the image below with an actual spreadsheet, but here is a scan of my table so far. I welcome any suggestions to make this better. I realize it's super basic and doesn't take into account altitude or temperature but it's mostly to help me guess better as to what settings I should use Please note the values are computed from my very own trial and error with different settings (took about 2 hours to do the tables below). The distance with takeoff roll is how much estimated runway is used before the mains lift off of the ground. I then mentally add 1,000 to 1,500 feet for a good sense of comfort. How I use it - an example: Say I'm at KLGA flying to KMCI in a CRJ900 at TOW of 80,500. Departure runway length is 7,000ft. Looking at the table, I'd be getting a bit nervous now seeing Flaps 20 would give me a takeoff roll of 7,000 ft at full thrust at a mild temperature of 59F. But if I use flaps 8 and full thrust, I would use about 6,375FT. Say the temperature is 80 degrees, then this would probably be closer to 7,000 FT. In this case, I would probably boot some passengers or chance it with the previous settings and maybe turn off the packs ---- As you can see, it's totally unscientific but it helps me stop worrying about how much runway I'm going to use until I have a better mechanism. The CRJ700 seems to be a beast and using a Flex temp of 55 seems to work for most scenarios. The CRJ900 on the other hand is a bit more of a runway hog.
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