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  1. Gotta agree 100%. I get that bugs are inevitable. I get that a v1.0 release will not be perfect. But I've been waiting 3 months to fly an aircraft I paid good money for and quite frankly it's frustrating.
  2. Agreed, I know Hans said he was working on it and there was no timetable, but I'm eager to start flying the CRJ again.
  3. Agreed, would like an update to know if this aircraft will be usable again
  4. Well then maybe it is an issue with the turn calculations? I tested by flying the LADYJ2 SID out of KLAX, and the aircraft got sloppy around MKGEE which is a ~70 degree turn .
  5. I noticed that despite me changing the interface to Imperial Pounds, it was still treating the units as KGs. For example, the max value I could enter for fuel was ~8800 lbs, when the CRJ-900 can carry ~19,000 lbs.
  6. Also the turns are pretty awkward, the plane will bank, start to level off, then begin to bank again, sometimes more sharply, until it is on the correct path.
  7. Just tested v1.0.1.1. The enroute LNAV with long directs seems a lot more stable, but now the SIDs and STARs are a lot less precise. I know this was a temporary fix, but it would be nice to not have to sacrifice one for the other in the future.
  8. I uninstalled before installing 1.0.1 and still had issues.
  9. Hello, I am having the same LNAV issues mentioned, which essentially make the aircraft unusable. Route (KLAX to KBLI): LADYJ2 CSTRO DUCKE BORDY BTG PAE MADEE4 Sim: P3Dv4 with Active Sky 16 The aircraft flew the SID no problem. The enroute phase is pretty much a straight line, but every time a new way point was reached, the plane would begin a random bank to the left and get about 30 degrees off course before turning back on. In one case, it didn't even turn back on course and just kept a slight left bank even as the CDI reached full deflection. Attached are some screenshots that highlight the issue.
  10. Sorry, I noticed there was already a topic here: Mods can delete this if they wish
  11. Hello, I did my first flight with 1.0.1 and and noticed an issue with NAV mode while flying enroute. When approaching a new waypoint, the plane began to bank whether it needed to or not. I came to a new waypoint that was on the same course as my previous one, and the plane did a fairly steep bank to the left, when it really could have just remained on the present heading and been fine. I attached a screenshot, but will be happy to provide more information if this post is unclear.
  12. Check this thread: Despite a good number of reports of poor FPS, aerosoft won't be investigating the issue.
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