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  1. Have to agree. The sounds are just not what I'd expect from a €30+ aircraft. Having said that, they have improved with the update, but they're still not there yet. My main issue is with the sudden volume changes, rather than a gradual fade in/out. Aerosoft have never let me down before, so I'm willing to wait and see will they further address the issue.
  2. I second a motion for a 64 bit version of Dublin. It's my local airport and I really missing flying in/out of it.
  3. Downvoting me for speaking the truth? For speaking facts? Real classy, Dirk.
  4. This is a really odd comment. For a kick off, the product will still work in FSX. So what's the problem? It's not like they are trying to take it off you. 64 bit is the future. Get used to it. From reading your post, I'm reading it, you come across as "jealous". It seems that you want all the enhancements that are only possible for a 64 bit platform and your 13 year old 32 bit platform. Look at it this way: Microsoft stopped mainstream support for windows 7 over 3 years ago, and all extended support will cease in 2020. It's called moving with the times. Would you expect Microsoft to still be supporting Windows XP? Of course you wouldn't. Also, would you expect developers to create software with Windows XP in mind? Again, of course you wouldn't. This is how life works. We move forward, and sometimes we pay money to do so. It's a fact of life.
  5. Hi Jon, I'm not seeing a profile for the DC-10 on your site. Are you sure you uploaded it?
  6. And what about people who would like to ask valid questions? I agree that the release date questions get tedious, but many people ask really good questions.
  7. David, yes it is compatible. UK2000 have made most (if not all) their airports v4 compatible. I agree with Tom though. It isn't exactly difficult to type "UK2000 Prestwick" into Google, and click on what will probably be the top link.
  8. Are they compatible with P3Dv4 though? v4 was a bit of a game changer unfortunately. Many older airports will work, but many could also ruin a good installation due to not being 64 bit compatible.
  9. Yeah I thought I remembered reading it somewhere. Can't believe you guys decided to release the CRJ just as I was going out the door to work [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I didn't get a chance to buy it yet, but I thought I read somewhere in the preview thread that a template was included with the CRJ?
  11. Ah sorry i get you now. I completely misread your question. I thought you were just on about the charts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. What do you mean by "doesn't support simbrief"? NavDataPro charts is a standalone app that you use for viewing charts. Whatever flightplanner you use is irrelevant. Unless I've misunderstood your question.
  13. Thanks for that. It's great to see. It's not like you're under any obligation to do so.
  14. Is there any chance of making Mega Dublin compatible with P3D version 3?
  15. To be fair, there was a messsage at the top of the forum page for the past couple days warning people in advance.
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