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  1. HI everyone ! Who is able to do a CRJ900 with HOP! colors ??? Thanks !!
  2. Hi ! I flew from LFPO to LFLW route MONOT6P R161 CFA V12 SOMTI DCT AR without problem ! No problem since version installed !!!
  3. thanks ! I have just donwload the 1.0.1 version. I will test it ASAP.
  4. I agree with EpicAirbus 310 with 1 more !! A CRJ900 wtih the standard HOP! livery please.
  5. It's very interresting ! Obsessed by the problem I realise that I had make my direct like a boeing and not by pressing the dir button. But if you can breif me again to make a direct in a CRJ it would be great ! I certainely missed something... Many thanks Dave.
  6. Thank you Dave ! I will do it but I could give you more details now. To start, I was on RWY23 at LFBD with CNA2P departure. After right turn, airplane didn't caugt the next point. I tried a direct to BD ndb but it was crazy and started to turn left heading273. With autopilot HDG no problem but when I engeged the NAV mode it start aigain. NAV SOURCE was on FMS1. Another point, when I want a direct to on FMC, it's the same problem... It seems lost in the air. I fly on IVAO with IVAO real waether. FSX acceleration, Window 7 64 bit SP1. I had updated my AIRAC from NAVIGRAPH AIRAC 1709 I'll take pictures of my next flight for you. Many thanks for your help.
  7. Hi ! I have a problem when I fly. Flight plan is not follow by the airplane. Autopilot is far on the right or left side of the route. Nav source is on fms1 ect... On the previous version it was working. If someone can help me... Thanks !
  8. Bonsoir everyone ! Do you think it's possible to request CRJ900 HOP! for FSX ? Many thanks for your reply !
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