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  1. Great! Thanks for taking care of this. On that note, how is the 318/319 update coming along?
  2. The update announcements need to be clearer. Now there are 2 streams for the 318/319 and the 320/321 it would be helpful if the update announcements were more specific.
  3. Great. I must have missed this announcement.
  4. Sorry? Are you saying the current livery manager deals with all the older repaints without having to do all that editing nonsense posted at the top of this forum?
  5. Yes, unlimited FPS target in P3D 4.3 is a recipe for disaster with Autogen and blurries over a mid range flight. it seems that 4.3 has introduced this issue. I can confirm Robs findings. As everyone else on that Avsim thread is also doing.
  6. Hi, Interested in purchasing Zurich but I heard there are some issues if you are a FTX GES user? If so, have these issues been resolved? Thanks, Glenn
  7. Im shocked that you have this issue. For me the new bus is the best performing of all the aerosoft buses and is easily better than what I used to get with any PMDG aircraft (back in FSX) I think that seems to be the general consensus here on the forums as well.
  8. Ah thanks. Im not adverse to editing files and following those instructions but I think I will just wait for the livery manager to take care of it all.
  9. Guys, are there any native airbus 318/319 pro liveries available to download? Specifically Air Canada A319? I see there is 'old' version liveries for download.
  10. Hello, I'm considering buying Hamburg Pro whilst its on sale at Simmarket. Question though regarding the photo scenery background of the airport. Is it a good colour match for FTX Gen North? Can anyone share screenshots of this combo? Dont want to purchase if its a bad blend. Poor colour matching just ruins the immersion on approach for me. Thanks, Glenn
  11. I see this too with pretty much all managed descents at TOD. Initial rate can be 4000 fpm+ Its fairly clear to see that the aircraft is pitching too aggressively to maintain descent profile speed and then has to correct itself pretty rapidly. Now, to be fair, I haven't tried since the new patch was released so not sure if its been addressed. I will also say that this has already been raised as an issue in forums previously where if I recall correctly, it was acknowledged.
  12. I just updated to the new Bus Pro. Have to say my first 'check her out' flight was great. The functionality, the modeling the FPS performance.......really top job. Congrats to Aerosoft. Have to say this is the most impressive 'first impression' I have had from any of the buses.Bravo!
  13. Would purchase straight away with integration of GTN's Would also be good if the REX/Milviz weather radar could be supported.
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