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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  2. I have also just found out that it works very randomly. After many restarts of P3D it worked and after another restart I am having the same problem. I have spent my entire day restarting and figuring out what is wrong and it worked fine on two occasions but I have this problem 99% of the time. I don't know what to do
  3. Du musst im EFB bei Airplane mindestens 1 Passagiertür und/oder eine Ladeluke geöffnet haben. Dann kannst du den Sprit einfüllen. Gruß Horst
  4. Was steht den in der Windows Ereignisanzeige zum Zeitpunkt der Crashes? Wolfgang
  5. Im Moment bin ich Dank X-Europe 4.2 viel mehr mit VFR unterwegs als sonst. Die Landschaft ist einfach genial anzuschauen. XP11 braucht sich mit dieser Szenerie nicht vor MSFS2020 fürchten. 🤗
  6. I do not believe that the issue is linked to any scenery because I see no reasonfor this. Maybe you did something wrong in the set up? What you also could try is to load the TAXI STATE again in such amount to see if this works......
  7. Yes I am. I got them to deploy once after hitting F2 like a maniac but I still can't get them to deploy.
  8. I Need to correct it. I think it that the Problem is my justsim EDDL V2 scenery because I tried to fly from FLYTAMPA Montreal and it works fine.
  9. Today
  10. Wait, what? You have our internal beta updates?
  11. Hello Randy, ND pop-out has some limtiations currently that we have to solve before we can make a pop-up available. For the ECAMs the click spot is missing for the pop-up displays and I will forward this request on adding them.
  12. Could you please open up a post detailing these syncing issues on the smaller busses on the CFD Clubs section and we will take a look if there is something that we are missing during our tests. That's the best way for us to keep track and provide support.
  13. In AS Paderborn steht aber noch die alte Vegetation herum... Update ist in Arbeit.
  14. Hallo, nun habe ich mich einmal an die B777 herangewagt. Nach Öffnen des Main-Menus wird gemeldet "Plane loaded". Ich rufe das Tankfahrzeug herbei, gebe Passagiere, Ladung und Treibstoffgewicht ein, Drücke auf den "Load Fuel" Button und - neben der Meldung "Plane not loaded" passiert nix. Im Center Forward Panel steht Total Fuel mit 2.0. Was habe ich vergessen?
  15. Hello!. When My CRJ Pro started to stutter a day ago. A have 15FPS in the cockpit with a very bad stuttering. It starts when I turn on the ground power (AC power, also happes with APU). When remaining four MFDs come alive my FPS drops from 30-40FPS to 15FPS with bad stuttering. This is the problem with MFD displays. If I disable FO side frame rate rises to 20FPS and if I also disable the captain side it rises to 30-40FPS. CRJ Pro was working completely fine few days ago. I had the same problem less than a month ago. I did a CRJ reinstall, P3D v4 reinstall and nothing helped. I bought a NVME SSD less months ago and I decided not to move (clone) the old SSD to NVME but to reinstall whole Windows 10 and P3D and start from the beginning because that should 100% fix the problem - and it did! But it was a pain to reinstall all addons, reconfigure whole system, P3D ... And now I have the same problem and complete Windows 10 reinstall is not an option for me because it is very time consuming to have the CRJ working properly for less than a month. All other planes are working perfectly. The problem also exists while in the outside view - frame rate is dropping to 15FPS and rising to 80FPS every second. I have just reinstalled my P3D and CRJ and I also deleted the .cfg file and there is no difference. It is also interesting that frame rate stays at 15FPS even if in move all settings sliders to full left position. The only thing I did before this problem started is installing an Air Manager Plugin that connects P3D and Air Manager software (home cockpit gauges for my C172 home cockpit project) together but I am sure that this should not cause this problem. I also reinstalled the plugin (deleting the .dll and removing an entry in dll.xml file) and it did't fix it. My PC specs: i7-7700 (HT enabled, running at 4.2GHz) 16GB DDR4 Gigabyte RTX 2070 SUPER GAMING OC Gigabyte 750W 80 Plus Gold Prepar3D V4.5 Hotfix 2 AS CRJ Pro Do you know how to fix the problem because it is unflyable and I really want to continue flying this beautiful addon? Thank you!
  16. Ich fliege das komplette A3xx Bundle, und zwar ausschließlich online bei IVAO, und habe den von Dir beschriebeben Fehler bislang 2 oder 3 mal erlebt. Meistens in einer Gegend in der viele Szenerien "ansässig" sind, die viel Speicher fressen. Daher kann ich mir schon vorstgellen, das es was mit OOM zu tun haben könnte?? Welche Version A3xx fliegts Du denn? Die Steam Version oder die "normale"?
  17. Hey guys, Scince yesterday evening my A330 does not start the taxiing checklist. I did everything as nomal, I started with the Turn around checklist and followed everything until the start checklist. When it now came to the taxiing checklist is started taxiing but Nothing happend, I tried it even faster then just 10 knots. When I tried to start the checklist manually via the MCDU the green Taxiing logo dissapears. I tried to reinstall my product, but it did not work and also the experimental update didn't work. Can anyone help me ? Kind regards Luca
  18. EDLP hat animierte Gates und Marshaller die ohne World Jetways laufen aber genauso funktionieren. Vorraussetzung ist das installierte SAM plugin. Einzustellen gibt es da nichts, Standardeinstellung in SAM ist 'automatisch' und wenn du das nicht auf manuell umgestellt hast docken die Gates automatisch an (kompatibles Flugzeug vorausgesetzt, im zweifel mit der Standard-B738 probieren ob es grundsätzlich läuft). Die World Jetways animieren die Gates auf STANDARD-Flughäfen, Payware-Flughäfen werden da normalerweise nicht durch aufgewertet (wobei diese in der Regel schon seit Jahren animierte Gates über AutoGate und später über SAM mitliefern).
  19. The server for NDP Charts is still very slow at times e.g. early evenings and weekends. Yesterday at 18:00 lcl it needed around 90 seconds to download a single chart. And no, it's not my internet connections. Charts of the competition came lightning fast. May be some caching in the app would be helpful as well.
  20. Mit abklären meinte ich das Logfile..Hintergrundprozesse waren keine aktiv..Hardwaredefekt kann ich aktuell auch keinen feststellen. Mit den installierten PlugIns hatte ich bisher auch keine Probleme. Vermutlich wars einfach nur Pech.
  21. Is this still a file needed to get CFD to work in the small busses.
  22. I disagree the baby busses do not sync at all i have all the latest Beta updates and the baby busses CFD just does not work. The 330 is really nice m. Is there some kind of back door update for the baby busses CFD? We have tried both and the 330 has full CFD sync and we tine nothing syncs in the smaller busses.
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