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  1. mgr

    Working VDGS

    Seems simmarket serial is accepted from today by Aerosoft One!! THanks for making that possible. Marcel
  2. mgr

    Working VDGS

    Hi Mathijs, Sofar I'm understood from you the simmarket orders can not the added to Aerosoft One? The simmarket downloads are updated via the Aerosoft Update, correct?? So far this way i've updated to version 1.0.6. Marcel
  3. mgr

    Working VDGS

    Hi, Any indication when the EDDK version for VDGS (version 1.0.7 i believe) made available via SimMarket (Aerosoft updater)? Marcel
  4. No that's the problem, only MSFS ATC activates (at this time) the VDGS in MSFS. So if VATSIM ATC (or yourselve in that matter) want to park at a different gate or position, you do NOT have a VDGS or Marshaller. Marcel
  5. Hi, When flying online (VATSIM for example) you don't use the internal ATC of MSFS. Is there a way to activate the VDGS on a different way? Marcel
  6. Hi, I saw the same with ORBX's freeware field. There the CGL file is around 600MB of the total of 700MB the scenery is large. (= 85%). In EDLP the same total 3,85GB, CGL-file -> 3,40GB (= 88%). Hope there will be found a more compact way to make the CGL-files in the future when the SDK is more mature, because on this rate, we sure will run out of diskspace very soon. :-) Marcel
  7. Hiya, Hope Holger is also still working on my request of the OE-ICE of the A318 :-) Marcel
  8. Some recent pics: http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2814/9618276939_632c1890fe_h.jpg new Tui building/hanger: http://www.luchtzak.be/forums/download/file.php?id=3826&sid=a0c078679ce301826016315c520d8469&mode=view http://www.luchtzak.be/forums/download/file.php?id=3827&sid=a0c078679ce301826016315c520d8469&mode=view http://www.luchtzak.be/forums/download/file.php?id=3828&sid=a0c078679ce301826016315c520d8469&mode=view http://www.luchtzak.be/forums/download/file.php?id=3829&sid=a0c078679ce301826016315c520d8469&mode=view http://www.luchtzak.be/forums/download/file.php?id=3830&sid=a0c078679ce301826016315c520d8469&mode=view http://www.luchtzak.be/forums/download/file.php?id=3843&sid=a0c078679ce301826016315c520d8469&mode=view And charts, look here: http://www.brusselsairport.be/nl/corporate/safety/airside_traffic_rules/traffic_rules_maps/ Marcel PS Note: via http://www.bing.com/maps/ you can get a bird-eye of the airport, it's a bit dated yet still can see the taxi-signs positions.
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