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  2. Direction with glass reflection selected. At this airport, the passenger terminal glass is mirrored on the side of the aircraft parking, inside is transparent. Considering that I will do the interior inside the passenger terminal, the choice of terminal windows from the platform side will be provided to the user from two options: 1. Mirrored. 2. Translucent. The video shows how with the dynamic reflection in the reflection of the glass, the position of the windsock changes
  3. I tried it. Unfortunately, it doesn't fix the problem for me. But I can live with my workaround. Robert
  4. Voice Recorder label (RCDR) vs. label Ground Control (GND CTL). Is this correct?
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  6. Hello Sabretooth78, I tried to recreate this issue that you are experiencing as per the steps that you mentioned but did not manage to get the issue myself. Would it be possible for you to get a saved flight file before takeoff and if the issue happens, send it here. Even better if you could take a video from takeoff up to the point where the issue happens so that I can follow exactly the steps that you have done and check if I can recreate this issue that way. So far we have been able recreate it in few cases and those cases have been fixed but it seems like there are few cases still left that we have not been able to catch. The nature of the cases we have been able to catch has been very precise with certain way of doing things (for example selecting certain arrival runway with certain STAR and VIA options and making a direct to a specific waypoint with some constraint... you get where I am going with this..), so the exact steps would be very important for us to recreate and understand what is going wrong with the managed speed in that certain case.
  7. The latest experimental update resolved the issue. Thank you for everyone's assistance. Bill
  8. Laut Library.txt hast du keine SAM Seasons mehr installiert, die Library wird nicht gelistet, die weißen Bäume stammen wohl aus X-Europe (sind dieselben Bäume wie in SAM-Seasons).
  9. Thanks for this, unfortunately I'm not sure if I can do it today (not feeling too well). I know this is obvious, but how do I tell what version of FSDT do I have installed? Whatever version, I will do as you said and see how it goes. I'll get back to you about it. Thanks, Gary
  10. Did you manually remove the Airbus folders before reinstalling?
  11. Thanks for the reply! "ECAM RECALL": No response, just repeating. Alternative solution is skipping. "RCDR": Text on the overhead panel wrong (GND CTL) "BRAKE TEMPERATURE": Will check and test.
  12. Hi i`m using both Version of CRJ (CRJ 700 and 1000) with my P3D v4 latest update and the Throttle GF6 ADV Version (737NG Replica). The throttle of my crj1000 only moves approx to max IDLE The throttle on my CRJ700 works perfect. I tried to reconfigure the Settings via FSUIPC like Matthijes document : but it doesn`t work on the CRJ1000! i`m using diffrent profiles for every Aircraft.
  13. Can you please try the attached version? - go to the folder: ...\Lukla Mount Everest Extreme\Main\ - rename the file "Szenerie_Tool.exe" to "Szenerie_Tool.exe.org" - copy the attched file to this folder and try again. Szenerie_Tool.exe
  14. Der Hype um den MSFS wird vermutlich nach dem Verkaufsstart recht schnell vorbei sein, wenn erstmal sämtliche Fakten, u.a. auch zu den Kosten, auf dem Tisch liegen. 😉 Auch wenn XP11 noch so einige Baustellen hat, aber von kommerziellem Gebaren ist LR noch lichtjahreweit entfernt. 🤗
  15. I had this occur yesterday. If you have GSX selected and load less fuel than is already onboard, you have to call the fuel truck via GSX to defuel. I don't like this, but I'm not sure we can do anything about it except de-select GSX in MCDU3.
  16. Yes, maybe you where to late. The FCOM ingeneral says. "When cleared for the ILS, the APPR pb should be pressed."
  17. I did two A330 flights two days ago and one in the A330 yesterday (all in and reverse worked just fine for me. Try rebinding the comamand?
  18. Hello Kyle, I have helped three people who had control issues of one type or another, and in each and every case they said much the same thing and it turned out to be the FSUIPC.cfg file. You can test this by deleting the files I mentioned above and not delete but move the FSUIPC file out of the Modules folder (or rename it). Can't say for sure you have the same issue, but it's a great place to start. Ah, make that 4 people actually. I had forgotten about the 4th case.
  19. Does not happen on my system. Which weather network do you have selected?
  20. Danke schön @Daikan für das tolle Lob! Meine Mitstreiter lesen hier mit und freuen sich sicher auch! X-EUROPE 4.2 sollte noch ein paar Ticks besser und schöner und schneller sein, doch langsam nähern wir uns dem, was mit w2xp möglich ist.
  21. The checklist item "ECAM RECALL" is done by pressing the "RCL" button on the CP. There is no "Brake Temperature" button. Brake temperature is monitored by pressing the "WHEEL" button on the CP.
  22. Kleine Bemerkung am Rande: Seit ich zum MSFS Alpha Zugang habe, schätze ich X-Europe noch viel mehr als vorher - mehr darf ich dazu leider nicht sagen (NDA lässt grüssen) Herzlichen Dank an @PilotBalu & Crew, dass ihr da eure Freizeit zum Wohle aller X-Plane User opfert. Freue mich auch auf den nächsten Update, obwohl ich mit der 3.x schon kaum mehr was zu meckern hab
  23. alles Klar, dann habe ich ja noch etwas Zeit um in meiner Region die Daten zu ergänzen.
  24. That sounds like the same issue - when the issue appears during climb, Managed Mode will still honor the correct speed (that shown on the MCDU) but while in cruise it will honor the incorrect PFD-displayed speed. Selected Mode and manual flight will work perfectly OK of course, you just need to have your speed target in mind since the bug will not be correctly set. This all seems to go away when the descent phase is entered - I don't believe I've ever encountered the issue then, while it seems to occur quite frequently especially during climb.
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