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  2. Hi Tom, just want to reconfirm if I bought the A320/321 bundle from the aerosoft store I will get the discount?
  3. Bitte da (vorerst) nichts machen, in der v3.1 wird das anders erzeugt, diese Riesenpolygone gibt es dann nimmer. Ich schaue mir das das später in X-plane an und stelle nen Screenshot hier rein.
  4. Our marketing department would skin me alive, lol. Besides this is 2019 and we feel simply talking to customers as open as possible is the best way to do things. if people get upset about an unexpected delay of (hopefully) one day, so be it. I have great confidence in intelligence of our customers. For PMDG with only a very limited amount of releases a year things are different. We release around 50 products a year and we need to schedule and plan a lot more.
  5. First people demand releasedates, then they say they won't buy it anymore because it's all a great conspiracy if you can't hold that releasedate. Aerosoft should really do it like PMDG and just don't anything about the progress of the addon and simply release it one day.
  6. I just don’t understand some people but in our instant gratification society it doesn’t shock me. There’s always going to be unforeseen issues and the part I don’t understand is why some people can’t roll with it: especially with this product as we do have a CRJ that works. Like most I am looking forward to the update but I can wait until it’s released. And I will probably run both for a brief time just in case there’s an issue. Once I see how the update performs I’ll remove the previous version and not look back. I think it’s nice we were given an estimated release date as some developers refuse to do so and after seeing some of the comments I can understand why. So I’ll patiently wait and I hope others will extend some patience as well.
  7. Hallo PilotDG77, um hier nicht das Thema X-Europe 3 zu zersplitten fasse ich mich kurz da einige deiner Fragen ja in Richtung Objekterstellung für VFR Scenerien gehen. Ich sende dir kurzfristig eine PM dazu weil das Thema hier den Rahmen sprengen würde. Viele Grüße Günther
  8. As mentioned, one key feature of Seychelles4XPlane is a custom terrain mesh for a photo-realistic rendition of the entire archipelago. The mesh will be complemented with a custom overlay, featuring -beside others- dense tropical vegetation on the islands. Two selected snapshots, just to get an idea about the work in progress: Further snapshots and more detailed information is available in the newest article on my website.
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  10. Wie erwähnt, eine der Key Features von Seychelles4XPlane ist eine eigens entwickelte Gelände-Mesh, welche das ganze Archipel fotorealistisch wiedergeben wird. Ergänzt wird die Mesh durch Überlagerungen, welche -unter anderem- für dichte tropische Vegetation auf den Inseln sorgen werden. Hier zwei ausgewählte Schnappschüsse, um eine erste Idee von den Entwicklungen zu erhalten: Weitere Informationen und Schnappschüsse findet ihr im neuesten Artikel auf meiner Webseite.
  11. Brauche mal eure Hilfe für eine OSM Korrektur am Hambacher Schloss. Wer kann das korrigieren, wer traut sich? Da hat jemand ein riesen Teil eingesetzt und das sieht dann so aus: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/464916267 49.324950 8.118178 Das ist unserem Oliver (XP-Flieger) bei einem Testflug aufgefallen. Ich selber werde das noch in meiner neuen VFR Mannheim 3.1 mit einem größerem Facade-Exclude ausbügeln können.
  12. Well, I'm pretty sure the passengers check in at the (main) Terminal 1 building, not the small GA "club house" ..... The bus should drive from the main terminal to the parking positions on the ramp (whatever route they take).
  13. It is not part of this scenery. some other BGL must be involved.
  14. Hi um welchen Einsatz geht es genau? Hast du ggf einen Screenshot für mich?
  15. maybe this is the official way they have to go
  16. Or you can compare both versions on your own PC. Specially the cockpit. This is my plan 😉
  17. I asked this in the GSX forum, they said it's on your side. So when I park at (for example) stand 65, the GSX vehicles will spawn way over at the (I guess) GA terminal and take a very long route/time to drive to the aicraft. Is there a way to "fix" this, having the busses arrive from the main terminal? BR Stu
  18. Have you installed the RAD Restrictions and Directs file available HERE ? They are required for Free Route Airspace implementation ( unless you choose to do this yourself ) as the data is not available form AIRAC. Ensure you read the enclosed documentation before installing. Valid route on first pass for A320: (FPL-EWG2686-IN -A320/M-SDE1FGHIJ1RWXYZ/LB1 -EDDS0950 -N0401F230 ROTWE Y126 TUBLO N850 NATOR/N0442F350 UN850 TRA UP131 RESIA DCT LABIN DCT PETAK DCT PINDO UL607 PIKOS/N0397F230 L607 XORKI -LGAV0238 LGMK -PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S1 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 DOF/191121 REG/DAESE EET/EDUU0012 LSAC0015 LIMM0029 LDZO0051 LYBA0132 LAAA0137 LGGG0153 RVR/200 OPR/ / PER/C -E/0337)
  19. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  20. Yes in the new versions it will use the P3d option.
  21. Even if the more modern version of the device might do that, the sim does not know about these frequencies so right now it can't be simulated.
  22. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. In this particular case the optimum FL given vy FSL A320 is FL330 and PFPX gave me FL290. I had even worse cases int the past with PFPX giving me as low as FL160 on 900 NM flights. It may be related to airways / rules restrictions but since PFPX is not validating those, it is strange ... Thank you EWG2686 EDDS-LGAV (21-Nov-2019) #2.pdf
  23. Update the Airbus via the ASUpdater to the latest version You MS Visual C++ libraries are also all (2005-2019) installed and up to date? You might also do the following: - delete the shader cache - delete the prepar3d.cfg to start we a fresh one. - do you have RAAS pro installed? if so diable it
  24. As I stated above, the liveries developed by third-party repainters will probably not work yet for the CRJ Professional. So if one wants to fly a particular livery that is not part of the CRJ Professional by default, it might make sense to keep the old version on the system, at least for a while.
  25. Thank you for your response. In regards to the CFD discount when will we receive it or has it already been sent out ( just realised yesterday that my forums account has been linked to an email address I no longer have access to due to me using Facebook to sign up therefore I have never received any forum related emails)
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