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AES Airportrequest post only here! But please before posting read page 1 of this topic.

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Hi Oliver,

I would like to put a request in for KSMF Sacramento International. It is freeware produced by David Biggar at V1 Simulations.

Here is a link to their site: V1 Simulations

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Hello! I was Wondering if you could add 2 Canadian airports to AES.

Montreal CYUL Tudeau Int. I know theres a Blueprint FSX version and that whole conflict blah blah blah... but if some miracle comes and they change their mind. blush.gif

No AES: Blueprint want no support by AES, I don't want it too

Second one is Vancouver International CYVR by FSaddon! called VancouverPlus for FSX .


No AES: CYVR is not part of this Addon, Airport still default. I make no default Airports at the moment.

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I was wondering if you can make this update aes compatible of a new terminal made by indoflyer.net for Budi Santoso's Juanda Scenery.

It can be downloaded from their website: www.indoflyer.net or from Flightsim.com.

no AES: Developer uses same LAT/LON of Areaheader for all object, jetway not seperate excludable.

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Popular East European Aeroport

Prague - Ruzyne

LKPR for FSX freeware (5/5)



No AES: Jetways are part of the Terminal, no way to exclude them seperate

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I would like to request the RJGG airport for fs2004 made by Mitsuya Hamaguchi and can be downlaoded from http://www.flightsim.com/.

No AES: We have RJGG in a much better quality allready supported

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Hello Oliver,

To me that was possible to APP and landing airport in the famous St ª. Maarten, without having to make flights of 7 hours (here in Europe) decided to work for some companies Venezuelan !!!biggrin.gif

Therefore, Scenarios for the purchase and SAEZ SVMI of http://www.blueprint...ies/SVMIFS9.htm, because this way the flights are much shorter (1:25)! But until that happens today, not yet added any airport or from Venezuela, and Argentina to the AES.

In conclusion, it is possible to add at least Caracas (Maiquetia), in its spectacular program was extraordinary.

Best Regards,

Manuel Formas

NO AES: You get the answers Here there is not more to say

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Just tried AES 2.03 and love it for FSX. Is there any plan/option to offer it for default FSX airports? Not just Aerosoft's and other add-on airports? Thanks! wink.gif

NO. Default airports will never covered, because there is no clear base for it (different Afcads by Traffic Addons for example)

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I would like Blueprint Simulations KMSP (Minneapolis St Paul Intl) in Minneasota to have AES. Then it would have 2 gates to pull up to all my A380s i have.

No AES: As stated before,Blueprint want no support by AES, I don't want it too


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It's a little old scenery, I know... But I always try to find airports I have been to in real life. And I only fly to AES airports... I stopped over here for 30 minutes last month from LaGuardia to LAX on an AirTran flight. I hope the technique of the scenery files are not too old... Hopefully, they are still around to be contacted.

Thanks Oliver!


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I'd like to add Scandinavian Airports n.1

Good to cover Scandinavia.

NO AES: Read end of this post here

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Magnificent operation scenary Koltso vo 2006 - USSS - Tolmachevo TEAM Surprisingly why here is not present AES . ((

Yury from Minsk (Belarus)

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Hi All AES Developer,

I'm one of the Indonesian Simmer's, follow the other Indonesian Airport Supported by AES ( Soekarno Hatta, Adisutjipto, Juanda Airport by Budi Santoso )

I would like to request AES add to this new release One of the Biggest Indonesian Airport, and also the famous land of the paradise Bali, Indonesia

this is some screenshot for the product Bali International Airport ( Ngurah Rai, Denpasar ) Created by Dhuha Latief






i hope this new freeware airport can be support by AES, here is the link for the Airport

My link

Thx, best regards

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Please add support to EPWA Warsaw Free Scenery (FS9), which can be downloaded from here, if it's possible:

Download link

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