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AES Airportrequest post only here! But please before posting read page 1 of this topic.


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if you have requests for new Airports supported by AES, please post you requests here.

Check this first:
Before you post, check this link, if the airport is allready done:
- Available Airport list
- Check also, if the Airport is already requested in this Thread.
- Check if the Airport/Company/Group is in the "Never Supported" list at the end of this post

Make the post like this:
ICAO: <ICAO code of the airport>
NAME: <Name of the Airport>
TYPE: <Freeware/Payware>
FS: <FS9 / FSX>
DESIGNER: <Name of Designer, Group or Publisher>
LINK: <Link to the website, Shop or Downloadpage>

Add max one screenshot!

Please follow this roles:

  • Only one airport per post
  • Requests without a link to the download or Homepage of this product will be deleted without warning.
  • Double request will be deleted without warning, so please check if the airport is listed allready.
  • Don't post requests of default airports
  • The airport should have custom 3D objects of terminal and a groundlayout. Enhancments for the defaults are no "airport Sceneries"
  • Airport must be available on a international Shop or a free accessable freeware download page (no chinese only websites ..)
  • Don't post any "yes I agree to .." post's, that makes no sence. Keep the thread clean from discussions.

I will not comment any of this posts, but I will read this thread from time to time. If a airport is interesting for AES it will be checked. I hope, we get a better overview with this single thread, so not every body needs to open a new thread which is lost after some time.

Never Supported:

  • FlyMex Mexikanische Airports
  • YSSY - Sydney of CLS, no product of AUscene
  • Airports of Swedflight
  • Skandinavien Airports of Aerosoft
  • Nice of Simwings
  • all Airports of LAGO
  • old FS9 Miami and Tampa of FlyTampa
  • All of Blueprint
  • Cloud9 (expect what is available yet)
  • all of Orbx
  • Simgiants products
  • FSQuality (expect what is available yet)
  • no MSK production airports, not included yet
  • all RF Scenery Building Projects - Developer don't want to have AES for the products.
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I hope it is OK to post more than one separate request per one person.

If not, please feel free to delete these posts.

To obey to the given rules, I will report two airports in separate posts.

I have more on my mind, but that is enough for others to read today. :)

Number one is Shanghai Pudong by AI China.


It is part of a very nice freeware package available at the AVSIM library.

The link is here: http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=86743

To complement it I recomend downloading freeware city of Shanghai by Nestor D'Angelo:


Screenshots can be seen here (a link since they are not mine):


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The other is also an essential Asian hub.

This time Kuala Lumpur Sepang by Jouvarn Gultom and Norman Y.


It is also freeware and you can get in at the AVSIM library here:


Als here we have a freeware city of Kuala Lumpur by Nestor D'Angelo:


A screenshot here:


Best regards,


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Today I would like to suggest two great sceneries, one freeware and one payware.

The first one is a great freeware version of Istanbul Ataturk by Biber (Murat Koncavar).

Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, lies in two worlds: Europe and Asia, which makes it a very interesting place to explore.


The scenery (as well as some other nice Turkish sceneries) can be obtained here:


Best regards,


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The other is Moscow Sheremetyevo UUEE by SSW.


Version 1.2 called Moscow Global Scenery contains also the city of Moscow.

You can get it here: http://secure.simmarket.com/product_info.php?products_id=843

I know we have a great scenery od Moscow Domodedovo already AESed. I have and enjoy it myself.

But it is mainly a charter and national airpot. Most European airlines fly to Sheremetyevo.

This scenery has some very nice features like 3D snow drifts in winter for example.

Best regards,


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As we don't have many sceneries of Africa at all here are two 'good shots'.

The manufacturer is the same and there are some common files, so please let me present both sceneries in one post.

Aeroworx has made wonderful freeware rendition of South Africa for FS9.

At their site you can get not only airports but also roads, waters, mesh, landclass and cities:


The main international airports of South Africa are: Johannesburg and Capetown.

Freeware Johannesburg Intl by Aeroworx:


Freeware Cape Town Intl by Aeroworx:


Best regards,


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Just a cute small freeware I really like. Not perfect but quite nice indeed. LEVT FS9

Scene created with the fantastic program of Avacus FSDS V.2 and compiled with program FSSC of Derek Leung.

Scene of the airport of Vitoria-Gasteiz for fs2004.This airport this located in the province of Alava, to the north of Spain. By this geographic situation, it serves as bases for diverse transport companies.




Avsim File Ref# levt_fs9.zip

Check it out Cheers.

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I would like to bring your attention to upcoming LTBJ 2008.

As they are still working on it I think AES entegration could be easier for you. The scenery will be both for FS2004 and for FSX.

Here is the link for the page


Although it is a Turkish forum, you can always contact Mr. Fatih Koz (user fatih.koz) in English :)



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