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  1. I can remember way back when Bruce came out with his original Flight Simulator. Everyone in our squadron thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. It was definitely an improvement over the Link Trainer that I was trained on when I was first learning instrument fight! As for on line flying, I personally use IVAO, lots of great folks there.
  2. dds, You must have a flight plan active in FS before the Trimble will pick it up. After you have created a flight plan, ensure that you save it when FS prompts you to do so or else it will not become active. You can import only the active FS flight plan.
  3. Hi Bruce, My German is rusty but I believe it is, "Please uninstall the existing version before you install this version."
  4. Here is the link to the US shop page for ELLX. The price for both FSX & FS9 is $34.58 US. Luxembourg in US shop
  5. That was absolutely brilliant 777cpt!
  6. Ah… That one is not too hard to follow as long as you have wogle-wagle on the brain or if you are a member of the "Institute for Silly Walks". Translation: “Bally Jerry pranged his kite right in the how’s your father.” The German pilot flew his plane into a crossfire situation. “Hairy blighter” A reference to the German pilot. “dicky-birdied” Got shot up. “Feathered back on his Sammy” Cut or lost power to his engine. “Took a waspy” Opened his canopy “Flipped over on his Betty Harper’s” Rolled his plane into an inverted position. (A common maneuver during WWII when
  7. LOL I got you all beat! My first simulator didn’t even use a computer, only big business and governments could afford computers back then and most would fill a small warehouse. My first simulator was a C-3 Link Trainer. Sorry, but I think I take the “Ol’fart” award. LOL
  8. LOL, Actually, with it being so hot, we would be back at the hotel with the air conditioner running at full blast taking a nap and hopping that the night would bring cooler temps! Other then that I’m going to stay out of it per Mathijs’s request.
  9. All of the following have indicated in their descriptions, software documentation, or on their forums that they have made or are making their scenery so that Oliver can apply AES to them. This is just a quick “short” list. Most if not all of Aerosoft’s recently and soon to be released scenery. Eiresim’s Dublin scenery http://www.eiresim.com/ FS DreamTeam’s Dallas Fort Worth & Hawaii http://www.fsdreamteam.com/ FlyTampa’s Boston ver. 3 http://www.flytampa.org/ Imagine Sim’s Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok http://www.imaginesim.com/ There are more, I just don’t have time to l
  10. I’ve noticed lately that quite a few recently released and soon to be released airport sceneries are stating in their descriptions that they are AES compatible! This leads me to believe that Oliver has been and will be very busy till he releases the next installment of AES. Oliver, I would just like to say thank you for sharing your talent and hard work with all of us in the FS community. Each and every time you update AES it’s almost like receiving an unexpected gift from a friend!
  11. Yes, the service fleet can sometimes interfere with AES on UK2000 airports. As for the 767, I assume you have both number one and number two passenger doors (the front door and the door in front of the wing) configured in AES. If this is so, then the front catering truck will go to the number two service door and not number one. If you want the catering truck to go to the number one service door you will have to disable the number two passenger door in your AES configuration. Hope this helps.
  12. Did you turn off the Heathrow Extreme service fleet? What stand were you parked at? What Aircraft were you using?
  13. Run FS in windows mode (Alt+Enter) then start AES help. Resize your FS window so you can see the AES window and you should be good to go.
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