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AES Airportrequest post only here! But please before posting read page 1 of this topic.

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Flytampa Miami and Tampa would be good

NO AES: Not possible with this old implementation

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LHSimulations Sármellék (LHSM) would be good!

It's a small airport, opening in april. :) No jetways so maybe it's easy to get aesed. :)

Some screens:





And here is the download link: Download

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Guest 737-200

My requests

OSDI Damascus International Airport by Vedat Sencan www.flightsim.com filename: osdi_dam.zip

OIIE Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport by Amir Parsian www.flightsim.com filename: imkhoin.zip

OMAA Abu Dhabi International Airport by Juergen Seidel www.flightsim.com filename: omaa_fs9.zip

Or the Abu Dhabi International created by Matthew Ministry, Richard Reed and Richard Faith www.flightsim.com filename: auh-omaa-abudhabi-fs9.zip

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I Have many France VFR airports, mots of them are compatible with AES.

Recently, I bought the new LFST for FSX scenery.

Do you have sme information about the compatibility with AES

Tahks and Bye

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Lukla'd be really nice.

NO, makes no sense at the moment

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Cloud9 Bergen (ENBR) for FSX would be nice.

No AES, Jetways not removeable in FSX version

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