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  1. Good afternoon, I fly with Virtual airline TUIfly.com. In the program, in options I have added properties TUIfly - file HLX Has adjusted like correct, but after the flight termination, I receive an error. And flight registration PIREP does not occur [VA_CONFIG] DOWNLOADURL = http://pmssystem.tui...es/FSFK/HLX.txt With similar options in VA Germanwings, all perfectly works. What's the problem! [VA_CONFIG] DOWNLOADURL = http://www.gwi-virtu...es/FSFK/GWI.txt
  2. Leah airport vicinities will be shown? What cost of this product will be? It would be remarkable if Aerosoft will reflect to create airports Vnukovo Domodedovo. I modestly am silent about Minsk....
  3. It is very glad to occurrence of this scenary. Was transit at this airport last year. Has pleasantly surprised the modern kind of the airport, the developed infrastructure of the airport. Ekaterinburg is the centre of industrial Ural, region where there was the large-scale industry in Russia. I had to take off from this airport on ATR 42 for Khanty-Mansiysk. In Russia Koltsovo is planned to make one of the basic airports.I look forward this airport, I think isn't lonely in this opinion. I use the scene of 2006, I like to do landings at this airport!
  4. I live near to Lithuania. With impatience I wait this scene. How soon there will be this scene?
  5. Good afternoon, All with Christmas and coming new year. I am going to get your product of the scenary Mega Airport Munich . With the great pleasure . Also I wait for the scenary of Warsaw on Simmarket. I will spend money For what product earlier?
  6. On this disk many programs are installed. If I change type of file system FAt32 on NTFS. I will lose files and I will lose working capacity of programs
  7. Hello, For me the operating system of Windows 7 64 bit system, Disk D - FAT 32 Yury from Minsk . Belarus
  8. Hi, At scenario Mallorca X installation, from a loading site, I receive the message on impossibility to copy files of textures and to create a folder. I tried already three times to load a file of the scene but I receive each time one and I grieve an error. My number of the order 136805 Yury
  9. Good afternoon, These scenary have already been installed, and are then remote. At reinstalling, the operating system (Windows XP SP3) informed, that for you this scenary is already installed. Preliminary delete it. Yury Dokuchaev from Minsk
  10. At scenario installation Muenster 2008 and Dortmund and also Lisbon 2008, I receive the message - to uninstall the scenario. These scenarios for me are remote and remote records from the register. What is the problem? from for it I cannot use these scenarios.
  11. Does not boot AutoBrake 2.04 . At attempt to load the program, it does not boot. For me the last versions are installed: Microsoft NET Framework 3.5, Microsoft DirectX Redistributable (March 2009 or later) Yury . Minsk
  12. Magnificent operation scenary Koltso vo 2006 - USSS - Tolmachevo TEAM Surprisingly why here is not present AES . (( Yury from Minsk (Belarus)
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