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  1. That sounds great! ... and add Madeira(Porto Santo) please.
  2. That's great! I will have VFR from Mallorca X
  3. Apologies for my unfriendly tone here. I will take care for my future post. Orbx object animated, human make hello with a motion of the hand, as me show. I will search more object for examples. AES very cool addon. I like it very much, but update a little bit upset. i hope regard with favour. My last AES order#: 531165(simmarket), i Didn`t took support ID. Where take it?
  4. Will freeware aeroports and 3d marshallers be excluded from the scope of work for FSX? AES marshaller is horrible... this didn`t nextgen - that's not 3D marshaller. This is Pinokio... For example - Hello from OrbX (see attachments)! Freeware aeroports didn`t supported in FSX(( Very bad. I am upset. I hoped for better things from FSX AES updates.
  5. Popular East European Aeroport Prague - Ruzyne LKPR for FSX freeware (5/5) ----- P.S. No AES: Jetways are part of the Terminal, no way to exclude them seperate
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