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  1. ICAO LICC NAME CATANIA FONTANAROSSA TYPE FREEWARE FS FS2004 DESIGNER ALESSANDRO ATTIVISSIMO LINK http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?do=copyright&fid=179772 PHOTO http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fsview.php?do=image&fid=179772&idx=6
  2. I have installed Pol. Airports but AES shows EPLL in red, the other 2 airports are ok. How can i install it?
  3. I have bought this product from UK2000 but the downloaded version is 1.31, installed from FS9 but AES doesn't recognize it. Can you help me? Thanks
  4. I am interested in USSS but i'd like to know if it will be an update for this airport like other ones previously.
  5. If a buy the airport i need to wait next version of AES or will be an update?
  6. New Spanish Airports - version 3.0 I have the same problem with EDDK version 3.00
  7. I have installed the files (AES-VN-07-01-XXXX.bmp......) in texture folder of AES, changed XXXX in LEBL but the catering trucks are Aerosoft, what can i do to see them in the airport? AES is 2.23 version
  8. As you can see Pecs pogany airport is blank and not shown, can you help me? Thanks
  9. Please correct ICAO code in airport list, the code is SVMI not SMVI. Thanks
  10. I have KMIA for FS2004 but at the airports some parts are missing like taxiways and floor, then the weels of catering trucks are under the floor as the marshaller. Can you help me? Thanks
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