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  1. Version 1.5.1


    Repaint for the Twin Otter Extended model in the colours of the Isles Of Scilly Skybus. Registration depicts the recently delivered G-ISSG, for use with the 3-bladed model. Aircraft.cfg entry included.
  2. Zoom in and out with the mousewheel.
  3. Hi All, Thought it would be about time to show you some shots of my latest repaint. (ofcourse still work in progress) Kind regards Should be in the downloads shortly....
  4. No change I'm afraid, still getting the same message from AES window.
  5. Hi There, Has there been any advance on this please Oliver ? Kind regards,
  6. Hi Shaun, Has there yet been any advance with where the Patch for Lubeck is please ? Kind regards, Piran Smith.
  7. Ok - I've just loaded up Lubeck and this is what I get when on the runway just after landing at various places, this is also my support code as requested, I see no marshallers, no follow me vans at all: AAD43D36F65B3F76ABD43D36913C3D36AAD43D36AED43D36A0D4EAB53DC2 I hope that helps, Regards.
  8. Ok - Just loaded AES at Lubeck and tried to bring up the UI at various places, It's now not even working at all....
  9. I believe there was also a V1.1 update for Lubeck, I can neither find this either ? Thanks Shaun.
  10. Hi Shaun, Thanks - were's the update please, As I can't see it in the FAQ's and Updates ? Regards.
  11. Andrew - if you have access to DXTBMP or Imagetool, I would suggest you convert every texture to DXT1 with Mipmaps, it increase's performance alot ! Seriously. Regards.
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