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  1. I love the scenery but find the fps really drop almost 6-9 fps over even other Aerosoft scenery I have (EDDP)( EDDF) ect! I almost always run very little AI traffic and no FSX (Bloom) I have Core I-7 920 unoverclocked and have to watch the eye-candy. Other scenery I seem to do much better with the frames! Any hints one can give me? I have installed the full Static traffic because I have to watch the AI traffic program I have or things will really "stutter" along! Thanks everyone!
  2. Merci beaucoup Monsieur! I know it was a hard "touchdown" but I find landing the "props" very challenging! You cannot even have the throttle at "Idle" because it acts like a big air brake! I have to practice more!
  3. Nice work Aersoft on this Airport! Love the look of the "Stone" on the approach runway! BTW--the "jetways" really look "static but all I could see that would move with AES? are the bellows that seal against the plane?
  4. Thanks "Just fly" did try that and had same two aircraft (Only) show up at ENVA!----I found soultion! Installed World of Ai SAS and Norwiegian Air so I now have some nice traffic at Tronhiem! I just have to be careful at OSLO! I will see a chock-a-block of traffic! Since I have Traffic X installed as well! Thanks for reply Jon Avsim! I guess Traffic X not so hot! And models are a hit and miss! World of AI has sweet AI models!
  5. Thanks Just Fly' I might go back to world of AI! The models were great anyway!
  6. I see that the producrt preview screenshots of Trondheim-Vaernes X are chock full of Static (I think) traffic and AI--- but I see very little! Would time of day and year affect the amount of trafffic? I guess so. I use Traffic X BTW. Anyone see lots of traffic at Trondheim-Vaernes X ? And are there static aircraft at all? Thanks!
  7. I will look into it Shaun!--My guess is the installer not setup for the (x86) file system--that Vista 64-bit has?
  8. Anyone here successful in instalingl Wilco A-380 into FSX? My System is Vista 64-bit. I have had no luck installing---installer says I have incorect pathway! Anyone help on this ? Thanks!
  9. No luck Shaun! Did not change a thing! BTW---I see Wilco says if Vista user to look the Wilco PDF manual----problem is I have been given only the German version! Help.
  10. Here is one of mine! Hope you like it!
  11. Shaun--I tryed to change pathway but it says "Invalid directory" after I try to change it! BTW--do I need to have it target (x86 Program Files) Because only Vista 64-bit has this directory and that is where my FSX is! Thanks! Thanks much Mate! But could you give me your pathway with the ADMIN-EXAMPLE: -----C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\simobjects/airplanes????
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