!! Windows 7 no longer supported !!

As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  1. How can anybody defend this? So someone pirated the stuff and then you think that sending ALL of his PASSWORDS to an unencrypted, RDP open server is OK? Are you crazy? On HTTP channel even a 3rd party can stole your passwords during communication, or FSL could sell them (note that I don't say they were or they will, but you can't be sure). This could destroy the life of a family if there were e.g banking passwords in that list. Do you still think it's okay because someone in the family (maybe a 12 yeard old child, who is using common computer with his/her parents) pirated an FS addon? Of course storing banking (or any other for that matter) password in your browser is a horrible idea, but not everyone are computer experts or can think about the possible consequences. It was not DRM, it was malware. It was activated only when a blacklisted serial found, said by fs labs. How can they be sure that there won't be any software issue? They can't. Will you defend this when your serial will accidentally became blacklisted (that wouldn't be the first time when software issues can cause something like that, think about false alarms in antiviruses, or online activation issues in any modern application with online activation), and when you next run the installer your passwords sent to their server? Also with this being publicly known, any hacker could run test.exe on a machine which has the old FSLabs installer on it, and can redirect the password data to his own server. Do you realise how dangerous is this, not to mention that this was completely illegal, and violates the law in almost every civilized country, incl. the USA, the whole EU, Canada, Australia etc. Also I think this could bankrupt FSLabs if there will be lawsuits against them, that clearly shows how stupid this move was.
  2. Is FS2004 version planned for Mega Airport Oslo?
  3. Every scenery is compatible with win7.
  4. It's wilco's failure, not aes, but you can fix it. Load the plane, enter into slew mode and look the plane is higher or lower than the taxi/runway. Open aircraft.cfg, searh for static_cg_height and if the plane is in the air set it to lower, else set to higher. Restart fs and check the plane again. If it's exactly on the ground then it won't be jumping at pushback again. Sorry for my english skill, i hope you understand.
  5. Maybe it's FranceVFR FlightParis.
  6. Any new information? Will it be released for FS9?
  7. Thanks for the information, really good news. And sorry for offtopic.
  8. So, why somebody wrote to install it under FS9 and use with EHAM? Aerosoft EHAM not released for FSX as I know.
  9. NL2000 v4 working with fs9?
  10. Rhodes Island 2010 by Greek Airports Project please! http://secure.simmarket.com/greek-airports-project-rhodes-international-2010.phtml
  11. FlyTampa Miami and Tampa wasn't covered anytime and it never will.
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