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  1. Is FS2004 version planned for Mega Airport Oslo?
  2. Every scenery is compatible with win7.
  3. It's wilco's failure, not aes, but you can fix it. Load the plane, enter into slew mode and look the plane is higher or lower than the taxi/runway. Open aircraft.cfg, searh for static_cg_height and if the plane is in the air set it to lower, else set to higher. Restart fs and check the plane again. If it's exactly on the ground then it won't be jumping at pushback again. Sorry for my english skill, i hope you understand.
  4. Maybe it's FranceVFR FlightParis.
  5. Any new information? Will it be released for FS9?
  6. Thanks for the information, really good news. And sorry for offtopic.
  7. So, why somebody wrote to install it under FS9 and use with EHAM? Aerosoft EHAM not released for FSX as I know.
  8. Rhodes Island 2010 by Greek Airports Project please! http://secure.simmarket.com/greek-airports-project-rhodes-international-2010.phtml
  9. FlyTampa Miami and Tampa wasn't covered anytime and it never will.
  10. If Oliver's solution is not enough, than play with the static_cg_height value in the aircraft.cfg. You can check it in slew mode. If the aircraft's position is higher than the ground you need to decrease that value, if aircraft is in the ground you need to increase it.
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