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  1. okey here are the pictures. my setting Looking at the town... then down to 20FPS.. and it jumps between 20-30FPS and then approaching from the town or in the air i get 28-30FPS Am puzzled why is that when in the air looking over the town i get around 30FPS but when on the RWY 16-34 looking to the town i get 30-20FPS jumping...
  2. am going to bed now i ll take pic tmrw morning and the settings too
  3. i can confirm too it has something in town area.. when i go that way or look my FPS drops 10FPS to 18-20. i dont have problem in other airport i get solid 30FPS at LHS LHBP or LGAV for example. mainly looking towards the stadium from the airport i get low FPS even with the default aircraft.
  4. yeah it usually comes with aircrafts.. AES has no GPU
  5. yeah with out refuel/boaring same time.. i don't think Ryanair could keep the 25min turn around time.
  6. Hi I would like to ask if you have any news on the update for FS9 on Budapest airport. in FSX Skycourt was implemented more or less.. still construction fence around it. But can it be implemented in FS9? Thanx
  7. download the paint kit and that can be open in Photoshop
  8. Good Morning Everyone I had an idea last night. Since AES allow us now to put custom Textures for airports i thought to make a topic to help users to install the right texture for the right airport for the aircraft they are flying. The airlines will be shown with 3 letter codes. Green - Available texture Blue - In works Red - Not available Larnaca LCLK Swissport (AFL AIZ AUA AEW BAW BLX CYP EXS GFA JOR NAX RJA RNV RYR SDM TOM TSO) LGS Handling (AEE BER BRU CFG DLH EDW ETD EZY LZB MEA MLD NVR OAL PRI ROT SVR SWR SYR TCX TRA UAE VKG) Paphos LCPH Swissport (AFL AIZ AUA AEW BAW
  9. well in FSX its all fine.. u using FS9 or FSX?
  10. try reinstalling the scenery.. did u also installed the LHS Base scenery?
  11. Thank you Oliver... can u shed some light how the specified airport vehicle texture will work.. what we will have to do for certain airport? we ll have to change or write some cfg file?
  12. Did u activate the scenery from the Aerosoft Launcher?
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