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  1. Dear OPabst, as I made total confidence in version 1.5 (these friends of MKStudios are a disgrace), I deleted the installer V. 1.4. I ask if you can send me the link by email. Grateful for your attention, Manuel Formas
  2. Hello Oliver Pabst, First of all, I want to thank you for answering my post, with the presiosismo, professionalism and sincerity with which you did it. I also take this opportunity to congratulate you on the excellent product (AES) that you have created for at least 10 years and that I use from the first hour. As for Madeira X evolution, I do not have much more to add. But considering that I have been passionate about aviation and simulation in particular, since the time of FS2002 and I was one of the people who participated in the tests of "FsTerrain" by Luís Sá at the end of 2004. Not being the computer science my professional area, but past all these years we are gaining some experience and knowledge related to the installation and configuration of scenarios and aircraft in the various simulators. In this sense and except for a better opinion, I leave here my vision on this problem of invisible objects in this new scenario: Soon after the release of the 1st version, someone posted here in Forum, that the "AES" recognized the new scenario, where the "AES" objects appeared above the Aircraft and Oliver, explained the reason for the situation. Well, as I wrote earlier, not realizing anything programming, I can be here writing a big gaffe! But the idea was that the developers of "MK Studios" downgraded the terrain in relation to what was done for the "Wonderful Madeira", if it were not, considering that the developers in question used the Same names of the "BGL" of the old scenario, "AES" would work almost perfectly with the new scenario, because even "Afcad" is right. I do not know if I'm explaining well and I do not know English and I'm using the Google translator. It remains for me to wish you Good Luck and as you say, let us cross our fingers and wait for your work. Best regards, Manuel Formas
  3. Hello Tom, Thank you for your prompt response, but, unless I have a better opinion, I did not at any time write that this product has not been updated. Obviously I have been attentive to the various Updates (3) and I judged (as it is said here in Portugal, "Three is for once"), hence have purchased this product. In fact, I am disappointed with this whole situation, for I did not expect a product made by Aerosoft to be marketed with all these problems that still exist. As for the "speech without any support" I just have to say the following: Just read all the (or almost all) Posts about the problems that this product presents and each person draws their conclusions. Best regards, Manuel Formas
  4. Dear sirs, Given that everyone has already realized that this Madeira scenery should only be launched once the various problems that affect it have been solved! It turns out that, I'm just creating this post about your product in question, because I think it is not possible to know what it is. Aerosoft is not just any company! It is surely the most (if not more) prestigious in our world of simulation and launches a product that does not have the minimum conditions to be sold as this product finds itself. Obviously that 25.79 Euros for a German citizen, is not the same thing for a Portuguese, ie in my case, this product is expensive and I am not using it even with all the tips that are in your Forúm. Well, I think it's a big influence and what Aerosoft is for me, it does not go well with this photograph. Finally, I reinstalled the old "Madeira X" from (Luís Sá), which despite being created for FS2004 as we all know, always worked very well, even in FSX. I am waiting for you to solve all the problems that affect this product as soon as possible, because unless you have a better opinion, your company does not square with such situations. Best regards, Manuel Formas
  5. Good, but maybe there is another scenario that supports the AES?
  6. Hello Oliver, To me that was possible to APP and landing airport in the famous St ª. Maarten, without having to make flights of 7 hours (here in Europe) decided to work for some companies Venezuelan !!! Therefore, Scenarios for the purchase and SAEZ SVMI of http://www.blueprint...ies/SVMIFS9.htm, because this way the flights are much shorter (1:25)! But until that happens today, not yet added any airport or from Venezuela, and Argentina to the AES. In conclusion, it is possible to add at least Caracas (Maiquetia), in its spectacular program was extraordinary. Best Regards, Manuel Formas NO AES: You get the answers Here there is not more to say
  7. Dear Oliver, For that I was able to APP and landing airport in the famous St ª. Maarten, without having to make flights of 7 hours (here in Europe) decided, and went to work for some companies Venezuelan !!! am, acquired the scenarios of the SVMI and SAEZ http://www.blueprint...ies/SVMIFS9.htm, because this way the flights are much shorter (1:25)! But is that so far, has not added any airport or in Venezuela or Argentina. In conclusion, it is possible to add these two scenarios in their spectacular program (AES), it came in handy. Best Regards, Manuel Formas
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