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  1. In that case, I would differ to Aerosoft Dublin. Better to keep it lite but still present. But if a developer is going to spend time adding the feature of highly dense vegetation, it should still look like grass and not a bunch of pixels that are too sharp in appearance from afar and too pixelated up close. People will still fly small VFR aircraft into large airports and see it up close. You don't need to be lying in it to see it that way thus not everyone will be sitting up high in a 777. From that VC shot, it doesn't appear like grass but a bunch of digital spikes. If we are not going for detail a more modest look than whats shown above would look better or no grass at all. My opinion indeed. As for the "lying prone on the grass aircraft spotter" quip, would you still call it that if that project had been published by Aerosoft?
  2. It is does look better. Not so pixelated up close or razor sharp from afar. perhaps in the installer, you will want to give people the option of which texture gradient to use or to even have the grass at all. Some clearly do not care and some definitely will. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Even from afar, it looks too sharp. Unless the image was sharpened in Photoshop or something. Nevertheless, many developers have figured how to get it perfectly smooth without even the slightest hit on performance. If we are not meant to see the grass up close, (or sitting in it) why was the screenshot provided showing us just that from that point of view? Look, you are doing a good job here Darren and I have stated this in the posts i have written promoting your work. Given that, the moment I point out something less than optimal, the response I get is a bit defensive. Grass looks too pixelated this is my observation that's all. We can go on about farming simulators and the nonsense about shooter games posted from the Admin above. It doesn't need to look like a game, which it currently does. it just needs to look like something fit for FS which I feel it does not. The shots below depict flight simulator from an airport of equal size. No complaints of bad performance or OOM's from anyone. This is merely one of many examples I can show. So it is possible. And overall, it really impacts the look of the airport. I applaud your efforts in the implementation, and simply only wish to encourage you to refine it. Now you know me quite well Aaron, I don't think I am far fetching.
  4. Hmmm... up close, the grass is looking a wee bit... Minecraftesque...
  5. I remember quite a while back an Idea regarding "Pilot Flying Airlines" for some reason the idea was shelved. It really seemed like a good idea. Same with the Aerosoft simulator. Now that we are seeing these declining numbers, is it possible Aerosoft will attempt in-house developments in the future? What is the current plan to adjust to the changing market and remain on top flight simulation wise? Now with Microsoft gone, is it really the best idea to hedge bets on X-Plane?
  6. HAHA!! I am just waiting eagerly for your next idea!
  7. Now I don't know what's worse! Eric for coming up with the idea in the first place or Mathijs' idea to google "Aerosoft Pantyhose". I just hope these these ideas didn't manifest during the midnight hour...
  8. http://forum.naturalpoint.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=52758#Post52758
  9. Prague Ruzyne is expected from them in Q4 2012
  10. newmanix

    Aerosoft News

    We considered doing that too and implimented it for a short time as people steal from our site as well. The thing is, it doesn't stop people from taking information from a webpage. Insted of right-clicking, all a user has to do is click and drag the image onto their desktop. If it shows as a URL link then they can simply click on that and then right click anyway. As for text, everyone knows ctrl+c and ctrl+v will copy and paste text. And of cource, there is always the snipping tool... So disableing right-click is only successful by doing 1 thing. Annoying readers... D'
  11. You guys need to find out who the developer is and ctc the developer directly...
  12. Ok fair enough. Question: At X-Plane's current rate of growth, how long have you estimated untill the XPL base reaches the FS9 base counting for the current rate of decline of the FS9 base?
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