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  1. My Traffic 2013: A huge package full of surprises it says. Anyone that can tell me what is the surprises?
  2. Any news on this matter?
  3. Some thoughts around ASE-data module. If you start FSX and for some odd reason you close it before loading any sceneries, maybe just add something into the scenery library and then close FSX you get an error saying trouble in unloading the module and it is holding up simconnect so if you start again without rebooting your PC, programs like Active Sky 2012 on second computer will not connect to FSX. Another annoying thing is that FSX is unreponsive for many seconds in the window where you see the aircraft. It stops rotating, start and stop several times before it runs freely. Latest version of the module is installed.
  4. That would be great Mathijs. Hopefully P3D is ready in version 1.4 by then. So we can get rid of the red snow. ;-) Sent from my GT-P1000 using Tapatalk 2
  5. Fred

    ASE modul again

    Email with files is sent.
  6. Fred

    ASE modul again

    OK, take your time. P3D has no such problems by the way.
  7. Fred

    ASE modul again

    After some trouble here with activation and so on everything looks OK now. But..... A new problem has occured. To me it looks like ASE is using simconnect to do its work and that is ok, but when I'm closing the simulator the simconnect is still open and doesn't shut down. How do I see that? I'm using Plan-G on a second computer in simconnet mode and my plane is still showing after I closed FSX. This behaviour did not happen before I got this ASE modul from Aerosoft. Can someone tell me what is going on here? What is the benefit for me as an user to have it here? We had the launcher to activate sceneries before and that worked just fine.
  8. I saw that posting, but the problem is the scenery tool used in Antarctica X to change lights, season etc. so we need a P3D installer or rewriting the scenery tool.
  9. How do you incooperate the Scenery Tool from AntarcticaX to change season, static aircraft, LOD Radius and lights into P3D?
  10. Any chance of having Antarctica X for P3D?
  11. Did the trick. Thanks. Now I have version 1.00
  12. I've installed Monastir for FSX and in the launcher it says version 0.99. So I went to my account to download the file once more, but it won't download. I can get the mipmap textures downloaded from the same page, but thats it. Pls. advice.
  13. Did a new download and reintalled Toulouse and now the activation went through without any hickups. Although I still have the problem when closing FSX it says Fault module ASE_data.dll
  14. No, Toulouse have parts that are missing, black on the surface. I give up this and have sent some files over to Maria Plet so they can find out whats going on here.
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