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AES Airportrequest post only here! But please before posting read page 1 of this topic.

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I would LOVE to see AES support for the following FSX scenery package:

CYHZ Halifax, Nova Scotia by SimAddons

This is an extremely well-done package for FSX and the only thing that I think could make it better would be AES support!

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I am Carlos Gonzalez, scenery and aircraft project manager from Virtualcol (Colombia).

About the AES, we are interested in the support for our sceneries, and this is the first:

Bogota Virtual X SP2 (Please wait for the new sceneries that will be released soon)

This is the first scenery of our new pack Colombia Virtual 2010 for FS9 and FSX SP2, but we released separate sceneries, including Bogota (Medellin and Barranquilla), and all of them with daily-updating.

Best regards,

Carlos Gonzalez

Project Manager - VirtualCol

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Can you add LIRP - Pisa of Cloud9 to next AES version (for FS9)?

NO AES, no support for older Cloud9

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Excuse me for this another question,

do you know some notice about the release of KLAX and KDCA (Cloud9 of FS9)?

NO AES, no support for older Cloud9

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Hello Sir O. Pabst

Thank you for the brand new AES 2.05 and I request Algiers Intl Airport to take part on the next AES Version for FS2004.

Freeware Photoreal scenery / Animated Sat Gates / Docking System

Airport : Algiers Intl

Country : Algeria

Scenery link : http://dfs2.flightsim.com/kdlr.php?fn=algiers7.zip

I hope IVAO Algeria will be happy if it's done :)

Thank you







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SimFlyers London Luton (EGGW) please :)


NO AES: to old, maybe if imaginesim will release a new version

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I spoke with the folks from CANUK Scenery http://www.fsnb.ca/canuk/ and they would be very interested in getting AES Support. The Calgary scenery is fantastic, it just needs your touch. They said they contacted you, but no response. Please don't pass Canada up!


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Oliver, can you create AES for WIPP for the Next version. (Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin li) the airport contains 3

jetways. you can find it on http://www.indoflyer...p?contentid=909 you must log in to download it and look.




runway 29/11:


NO. Looks not very good and a freeware, where I have to login other then avsim or flightsim is not in scope.

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Most airports supported by AES so far have represented so-called West (thanks a lot for them!).

TIme to go more East, too. ;) I'll try to share some suggestions here in the following days.

We have the great Domodedovo or Tolmachevo already covered. But there are more great places to fly to.

Today Petersburg (Pulkovo), the Venice of the North, Russia's second airport (after Moscow area).

The airport looks more or less like this (great work and typically Russian):


And can be downloaded here, at the Project ULLL website): http://ulll.avsim.su/

On the left you can see the link called 'Download'. It's the first file to download, called: 'ProjectULLL 8AD.zip'.

Additionally there is much more than the Pulkovo Intl Airport too.

The whole city with its landmarks and the approach area animations (cars, ships, etc):


All this is freeware.

Enjoy! And hope to see it AESed one day.

Please forgive me the length of the post. :blush:

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OK, second part of my GO EAST proposals.

This time Yekaterinburg Koltsovo, formerly Sverdlovsk (USSS).

A masterpiece freeware scenery, made by Novosibirsk's developers.

Yekaterinburg (Ekaterinburg) lies right behind the Ural mountains.

So it is the first large Russia city in Asia when we fly to the eastern end of Europe.

Right between Moscow (AESed) and Novosibirsk (AESed). What an exciting flight, and not very long at all!


It is a homebase for Ural Airlines. But you can see there also other known brands like:

Aeroflot, Transaero, S7 - Siberia, Rossiya, Turkish, Air China, Austrian Airlines, Finnair, etc.

The scenery looks great and is very FPS friendly. It has great ground snow effects in winter.

Of course there are custom ground textures and some extra objects surrounding the airport.

It has only two fingers and some stands, not much to cover with AES (hint, hint!).

It is freeware and available at AVSIM, together with a patch.

Here's a short look at the scenery. Sorry for the length again. No other way to present it to you.


And here is the AVSIM link to the scenery and the patch.

EDIT: just noticed the scenery is unavailable due to the AVSIM hack we all know about.

So, you can get it at avsim.su here:


And the patch also there...


...or at Flightsim:


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