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Zuerich v1.1.0 still incompatible with Navdatapro chart

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Hi AS team


I'm a happy user of the Zurich scenery since years. And I appreciate the recent update very much, thanks! With this update, I expected the scenery to be compatible with the actual navdatapro chart (see extract of Dock A below) in the area of "Dock A".


The reason I'm asking for this is due to confusions during online flying (VATSIM). Due to the fact that the Zurich scenery shows the old gates of Dock A (see attached screenshot) and it is not possible to park at a Gate like A13, VATSIM controllers still assign the 'old' gates. But when using up-to-date charts, one doesn't know where to park the airplane if gate A51 is assigned. Consequently I would still need an outdated chart when flying online. To void such confusions, it would be best to comply with the real situation as much as possible. I understand that it takes time to adjust the scenery. But nevertheless it would certainly help.


Hence my request to the AS team; please, can you change the Zurich scenery in such a way that it complies with the up-to-date charts? 


Thank you for considering my request




LSZH V1.1.0 - 7.png

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Thank you for the update of Zurich Airport.


But a small question: Is there a reason why you added the new intersections B7 and L7 but not E1 and E2?





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