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  1. After the last two problems I encountered in the previous two topics in the forum (I feel sorry now because it feels like spamming) I have another issue that just doesn't really make sense to me: As you can see there are grass (or more generally ground) textures on the taxiways surrounding the runways and aprons. I do feel like there is something obvious I have missed here. The strange thing about this problem is that during daytime in the sim this problem does not occur and all taxiways are shown just perfect. But at night most taxiways are covered by these default textur
  2. I have now done a (rather clean) reinstall of Steam itself and installed it into a new folder and now FSX generally and especially the Mega Airport Zurich is working again! Thank You
  3. Yes indeed that is a good point. The problem is that I cannot configure anything about the installation because its all done via Steam. There I can only select if I want to have the add-on installed and so it installs/uninstalls everything by itself...
  4. Hello, As I said in the topic just before this one in the forum I have now reinstalled FSX after an issue with crashes happening in the Aerosoft Mega Airport Zurich. But now with the reinstallation of FSX Steam the Aerosoft Mega Airport Zurich I have purchased on Steam doesn't install correctly into FSX Steam Edition. During the reinstallation I have also deleted (I think) all registries for FSX Boxed Edition which was also installed on my pc. Therefore now folders like the one where the scenery.cfg is located isn't named just "FSX" but "FSX-SE". This could maybe be a re
  5. I am about to do a complete reinstall of FSX Steam, not only because of the issue listed above but also because I have had issues with Dual Existence of both FSX Boxed and FSX Steam Edition registries... I hope this also fixes the crash problem on takeoff at Zurich...
  6. Good evening. I just encountered a problem/bug when departing from the Mega Airport Zurich V2.0 in FSX Steam Edition. I have tried it in two aircraft: I departed twice in a fully loaded PMDG 777 connected to Vatsim from runway 34 and when I was passing around 2600ft after takeoff the sim froze for maybe 10s and then CTD. (staying in Cockpit view all the time) Thereafter I tried it offline in the Aerosoft A320, again departing from runway 34 and once again at around 2600ft when I got into the outside view to look back at the airport the sim froze and the
  7. Hello I would greatly appreciate if someone could provide me with a livery of HZ-XY7 (which is in a similar livery as VP-CAL). Thank You
  8. Note to myself: By using the same lines in the texture.cfg of the new texture as the ones in all the other texture.cfg files the livery is now working perfectly.
  9. Good evening everyone, I was just wondering: Is there a way to convert liveries that are originally meant for the A320-A321 Professional Base to the Airbus A320_A321 Base that is bought on Steam for FSX:SE? I have managed to make the livery show in FSX by changing some lines in the aircraft.cfg but the virtual cockpit is not covered by textures and the outside is on some areas darker than others and not really enjoyable over all... Thank you for your time in advance
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