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  1. Hi Aerosoft Back in April i told you that the fuel howl at reverse stage is missing The issue is now since the update Mathijs wrote back in April, that they will have a look at this, but now in July and some updates later, the fuwl howl at reverse is still missing. Are there any plans to bring the fuel howl at reverse stage back in the A330? Cheers
  2. Same issue here with the Lights! I noticed that sometimes i see the lights, dependig on the outside view. Maybe a issue from LM During Nighttime all Lights are visible, only during the Day sometimes i cant see the Lights. On the first Day Picture you can see the Lights but not very bright, second Pic you cant see any Lights during TakeOff.
  3. still the same... no fuel howl on reverse with the latest Update hope this is fixed in the next build
  4. Hei Aerosoft I have noticed the A330 fuel howl for the RR engines is missing at reverse stage since the latest update. Before the latest update the fuel howl at reverse was there..... Happy Easter
  5. Just reinstalled Zurich, but same issue like before. I dont have the issue when i turn off the Airport under Addons.
  6. Hi Guenter No i dont have any other sceneries installed in this region. If i use the file LSZH_CVX-TERRAIN from V1.0.0.0 the problem is solved.
  7. Are you flying the B777? I had his issue with 108.30 only with PMDG‘s B777. Its a Aircraft issue and not a outdated NavData. Download MakeRunways : http://www.fsuipc.com For me it helps.
  8. If anyone intressted by an modyfied AFCAD File with GSX Level 2 Jetways, send me a PM
  9. I have changed the I Stands via ADE 175, but as you say the Taxiway E1 is missing.... I changed the AFCAD File, because it was horrible !!
  10. Hi AS Team After the latest Zurich Update (V1.1.0.0) the Lake of Zurich is cut off a bit. If i turn off the Airport, the issue is gone... Never had this problem before with V1.0.0.0 Hope this issue will be solved soon Cheers Thomas
  11. Maybe i have a solution via Pilots AFM Tool... Using the latest P3D V4 version with HF2 LSGG_Aerosoft.log
  12. Hi Aerosoft Sometimes i get this message after Sim start, i dont know how i can fix this... Latest Geneva installer is on my system
  13. The Passenger weight in PFPX is also set to 84kg!
  14. Flightplan was done via PFPX, set PAX and Cargo in Fuel Planner (PAX 300, Cargo 1200kg) last but not least set the BlockFuel from PFPX in your Fuel Planner and Generate Loadsheet. In the MDCU i press init Loadsheed and after that INSTANT, now i have 7.72t of Cargo, whats wrong here? Same issue when i only init the Loadsheet and press Boarding, Cargo and Fuel ... TakeOff Weight are also not the same like in PFPX ( i use the PFPX Profile from DaveCT2003) GSX Service is OFF
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