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  1. Maybe i have a solution via Pilots AFM Tool... Using the latest P3D V4 version with HF2 LSGG_Aerosoft.log
  2. Hi Aerosoft Sometimes i get this message after Sim start, i dont know how i can fix this... Latest Geneva installer is on my system
  3. The Passenger weight in PFPX is also set to 84kg!
  4. Flightplan was done via PFPX, set PAX and Cargo in Fuel Planner (PAX 300, Cargo 1200kg) last but not least set the BlockFuel from PFPX in your Fuel Planner and Generate Loadsheet. In the MDCU i press init Loadsheed and after that INSTANT, now i have 7.72t of Cargo, whats wrong here? Same issue when i only init the Loadsheet and press Boarding, Cargo and Fuel ... TakeOff Weight are also not the same like in PFPX ( i use the PFPX Profile from DaveCT2003) GSX Service is OFF
  5. After Loading via GSX (PAX, Cargo & Fuel) i get a GWCG of .13%...any solutions for this issue? Fuel: 74.2t PAX: 300 Cargo: 4.5t
  6. I have a question about the Trim Setting for the A330: I plan my Flights via PFPX and dont use the Aerosoft Fuelplaner, from where i get the exact Trim Data? (because its always the same value UP4.5 in the MCDU3) Loading the Aircraft via GSX Level2
  7. Nice pics!! Do you use any Shader Tools like Tomato..?
  8. I flew most time out of LSZH! No issues here..
  9. Now after a Flight today, im back here with the same issue again ..... Cant retract the Flaps to position 1 it is also not possible with the mouse
  10. Same on the PC App, very very slow
  11. Flaps retract is working, after set new Buttons on my Joystick... Thanks for your help
  12. same problem with a new cfg. The issue is also here when i try to retract by mouse clicking. Same thing Full to Position 2 works fine, Position 2 to fully retract is not working fine (sometimes is working)
  13. Good News here, after a clean installation ( think was the 7th time ) rebuild e new P3D.cfg, delete all Aerosoft Folders unter C:\ Documents and uninstall the A320/321, now i have the Range rings
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