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  1. I did (as I wrote, I tried the notes above), but the demo-mode cycles through the animations within seconds. If there is a way to freeze the cycle?.... Bit surprised of your resolute answer...
  2. Dear Mathijs First of all congrats and thank you and the team very much for this wonderful aircraft, it's really a pleasure! Unfortunately until now I was unable to get the phone or newspaper animation as described above. Do you think it would be possible to create a possibility to switch the different animations on / off beside the normal animation triggers simulated (probably somewhere in the menu-FMC) ? I know it's a gimmick, but for screenshots or for an immersion without waiting for the right triggers it would be nice :) Regards, Pascal
  3. Version v 1


    SWISS A321 CFM (two variants): - HB-IOM (Biel/Bienne) - old label with white engines - HB-ION (Lugano) - new label Both paints have the correct REG and SELCAL in VC.
  4. Version v 1


    The content of this ZIP file are textures, to use only with the payware Airbus X A320 Extended (FSX) by Aerosoft. The base textures are made by Holgi (simtexture.de), part of Aerosoft Airbus X Extended. My texture update (with kind permission of Holgi, simtexture.de), is containing the following livery; HB-IJW "Shayan" (ex SWISS) Take also a look on the other fleet textures of Edelweiss Air (HB-IHX "Calvaro", HB-IHY "Upali", HB-IHZ "Viktoria" and HB-IJV "Macun") to find also here at the Aerosoft download section : http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/2403-base-update-edelweiss-a320-cfm-complete-fleet/
  5. Version v 2.1


    The content of this ZIP file are textures, to use only with the payware Airbus X Extended (FSX) by Aerosoft, containing the following liveries (complete A320 fleet until now); HB-IHX (Calvaro) -> removed type sticker HB-IHY (Upali) -> update of the base texture with it's sticker and name, as well the corrected REG in VC, removed type sticker HB-IHZ (Viktoria) HB-IJV (Macun) HB-IJW (Shayan) -> new, ex "SWISS" All repaints are also wearing their name stickers at left hand nose section as well the correct REG and SELCAL in VC. Please take a look on the readme-file. Original EDW textures by Holgi, simtexture.de (with his kind permission). happy landings!
  6. Hallo zusammen. @Oliver Zuerst mal möchte ich ein dickes Lob aussprechen zum AES, ein absolut geniales System, ich würde nie mehr ohne fliegen, ganz herzlichen Dank für deine / eure Arbeit! Apropos V2.08+... Ich wollte nachfragen ob es möglich wäre in einer zukünftigen Version eventuell einen Crewbus einzubauen. Meist ist es ja so, dass nach dem deboarding, oder vor dem "auffahren" es Fliegers zusammen mit dem Reinigungsteam die cabin crew eintrifft. Wäre es eine Option den crewbus mit dem AES anzuordern? Die Idee ist mir spontan gekommen und ich dachte einfach mal nachzufragen. Ich freu mich auf den nächten Flug mit AES. Vielen Dank und herzliche Grüsse; Pascal Küffer
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