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  1. Mathijs, Thanks - works perfectly! One question in that context: Would it be possible in future updates to allow also to map it directly to the tiller axis provided by P3D (instead of throttle 3)? The reason: if you calibrate the axis via FSUIPC, you have an option for setting a slope. This means you can get more precise steering in the middle and more deviation on the extreme sides for example. For a throttle axis this slope setting works different compared to the tiller axis or the rudder axis. FSUIPC only manipulates the curve right of the zero point. If you have FSUIPC, you can check the difference. Due to the nature of the slope of a throttle axis, this feature cannot be used for the tiller mapped via a throttle axis. But the original problem is solved. Thanks for the quick reaction. I really overlooked that variable in the long list. Rgds Reinhard
  2. Hi, Is the a chance to map the PEDAL DISC on the tiller to a button or is the a LVar available? Rgds Reinhard
  3. Hi, Is it possible to disable these features? Same with the automatic opening of the table at cruise level? An option for turning this off would be nice. Rgds Reinhard
  4. Hi, Consider to fly with online ATC from VATSIM. This REALLY will improve the realism of your flights. And you get rid of the default ATC, which really does strange things. Rgds Reinhard
  5. Hi, It's a long time ago, when I flew a plane with the default autopilot, but as far as I remember, the ALT mode behaves different in the Twin Otter compared to the standard AP. isn't it? The default AP climbs or descends to the selected altitude and you can modify the VS to reach that altitude. The Twin Otter ALT button just holds the current altitude, as soon as you push it. From the P3D manual: 5 - Altitude hold mode selector button The altitude hold mode selector button engages the autopilot's altitude hold mode. When engaged, the aircraft climbs/descends to the altitude set in the altitude selector at the rate set in the vertical speed selector (see below). Rgds Reinhard
  6. Hi, Maybe these lines in the documentation provided will help you to use it correctly: The following vertical modes can be selected on the AP-106 autopilot panel: ALT: Will hold the altitude present when the ALT button was pressed. IAS: Uses pitch to hold the indicated airspeed present when the IAS button was pressed: Increasing power will initiate or increase rate of climb. Decreasing power will initiate or increase rate of descent. IAS mode may therefore be used for both climb and descent. ALT ALRT: Will automatically level out the aircraft once it has reached the set altitude when the AP is in either "Manual" or IAS mode Rgds Reinhard
  7. Hi, Could you exactly describe the steps you are doing? As the ALT function works for most of the pilots here, there must be something wrong with your approach to use it. So please provide more details (also SIM and version). Rgds Reinhard
  8. Hi, Try: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FlightSimSoft.com\PFPX] and there the "DataFolder" entry. Rgds Reinhard
  9. Hi, If you search the registry for PFPX you will find a registry value containing the data path. You can change this and copy your PFPX data directory to that new location. I have done this and moved my directory to my NAS, so that the data could be saved with my regular backup of my NAS. But as written this is not a supported option, as normally you are not able to change this from UI. So you can do this on your own risk. I never had a problem.Maybe this could get an officially supported option in one of the next releases. Would be nice. Rgds Reinhard
  10. Hi, Check the FSUIPC Lua Library document for the event functionality. In the FSUIPC Lua Plug-Ins zip file you fin a lot of samples, which could help you to develop code. If you are not firm with programming, you also could search for LINDA, which provides a lot of routines for accessing the A3xx functionality. I include here a reduced sample of a LUA code for my GoFlight hardware, which toggles LOC and APPR. You only have to add this LUA to the [Auto] section of your FSUIPC INI file, so that it is executed at startup. Of course you have to add the correct values for joystick and button number. The event function guarantees, that the routine is waiting for the defined button presses to trigger the referenced function. -- A320_GF_Sample.lua -- define joystick variables - depends on your system local GF_Joystick = 157 -- GoFlight joystick number local GF_JoyButton_VORLOC = 7 -- GoFlight button number VOR/LOC local GF_JoyButton_APPR = 19 -- GoFlight button number APPR -- toggle LOC function LOCToggle (joynum, button, downup) -- toggle LOC ipc.writeLvar("L:AB_AP_LOC", 1 - ipc.readLvar("L:AB_AP_LOC") ) ipc.writeLvar("L:SmallOverheadPushButtons", 1) end -- toggle APPR function APPRToggle (joynum, button, downup) -- toggle APPR ipc.writeLvar("L:AB_AP_LOC2", 1 - ipc.readLvar("L:AB_AP_LOC2") ) ipc.writeLvar("L:SmallOverheadPushButtons", 1) end -- LOC trigger event.button(GF_Joystick, GF_JoyButton_VORLOC, 1, "LOCToggle") -- APPR trigger event.button(GF_Joystick, GF_JoyButton_APPR, 1, "APPRToggle") Further discussion should be done in the FSUIPC forum, which would be the right place to get additional information. Rgds Reinhard
  11. Hi, You have a typo in your LVars: L:AB_AP_LOC would be the correct LVar. You missed an "A" during copy/paste obviously. Btw.: I also see, that you don't use event-driven code in LUA. You should study the manual for the concept of events. This is much more effective instead of always loading the LUA code each time you press a button. Rgds Reinhard
  12. Hi, MSN = Manufacturer's Serial Number. At the moment you only can enter something like this in the aircraft configuration file: <MSN>065</MSN> If you add such a line it will be shown in the list. But at the moment there is no field in the UI. Rgds Reinhard
  13. Ohhh - thanks. That explains this behaviour. I planned the flight for the CPT at LGTS today. Many thanks for clarifying this mystery. Topic can be closed. Reinhard
  14. Hi, When I calculate takeoff performance for my OFP PFPX always uses 330/20 as the wind of the departure airport. For the landing performance it is ok. As I am able to manually override the value with the correct wind before calculating, I have a workaround. But it would be nice to fix this with the next version. Rgds Reinhard FLIGHT: (FPL-AUA71TQ-IS -A320/M-SDE2FGIJ1RWY/HB1 -LOWW1800 -N0446F370 ARSIN DCT BABIT DCT VAGEN DCT RAXAD DCT ERANA UT389 ALIKO -LGTS0124 LGKV LWSK -PBN/B1D1S1S2T1T2 DOF/190105 REG/OELBL EET/LHCC0006 LYBA0024 LWSS0056 LGGG0105 SEL/CRGL OPR/AUA ORGN/LOWWAUAO -E/0252) METAR for LOWW (departure) and LGTS (arrival): LOWW 042120Z 29017KT 7000 -SN SCT009 BKN024 00/M02 Q1024 R88/29//95 TEMPO 4000 -SN BR BKN010 LOWW 042015Z 0421/0603 29018KT 9999 -SN FEW010 BKN030 TX04/0523Z TN01/0421Z TEMPO 0421/0506 29020G30KT PROB40 TEMPO 0503/0507 1500 SN BKN012 BECMG 0507/0509 29020G30KT -RA TEMPO 0509/0515 29025G40KT 3000 RA FEW008 BKN012 FM051600 32014KT 9999 SCT030 BKN040 TEMPO 0516/0603 33020G30KT 9999 SHRA FEW010 BKN020 LGTS 042120Z 33015G25KT 0500 R16/0500 R34/0500 +SN BKN004 OVC020 M00/M01 Q1020 R16/555095 NOSIG AMD LGTS 041940Z 0419/0518 34020KT 5000 SN ???005 BKN020 TEMPO 0419/0506 1000 SN BKN004 OVC018 TEMPO 0419/0509 34020G30KT BECMG 0506/0508 7000 SCT006 BKN020 PROB40 TEMPO 0506/0512 4000 SN BKN006 OVC020 TO/Landing Performance in OFP: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** TAKE-OFF DATA LOWW 29 ** COND: 77000 KG // RWY WET // +0C Q1024 330/20 // LMT: STRUCT CONFIG: CONF 1+F // NORM T/O // A/I ENGINE // A/C ON SPEEDS: V1=137 VR=160 V2=161 ENG OUT: CLIMB STRAIGHT AHEAD TO 2100FT. TURN LEFT TO SNU (D115.50) CLIMBING TO 5000FT AND HOLD (350/R). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** LANDING DATA LGTS 34 ** COND: 64500 KG // RWY WET // +0C Q1020 330/15 // LMT: STRUCT CONFIG: CONF FULL // A/I ENG+WING // A/C PACKS ON SPEEDS: VREF=147 VAPP=152 ENG OUT: AT 'THS' 345.0 ENTER HLDG (350 INBD,LT) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. Hi, As I also had problems with RealLight (multiple graphic cards and P3D 4.4 lead to CTDs), I tried the hint of dandan87 and removed the DLLs. Then I ran the supplied installers for RealLight and TrueGlass again and got the new versions of the DLLs (date 12/25/2018). With these DLLs I am able to start and stop the bus without CTD. But as soon as I am turning on the OVHD integral light, the light goes on shortly and then with a CTD the sim stops again. So the new version is a little bit better but the (known problem) with two graphic cards and RealLight in P3D is still not fixed finally. SoRealLight is still enabled in my bus. Rgds Reinhard
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