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  1. Thanks Reinhard....I'll give it a try. Marc
  2. Hello, I'm trying to get my new Logitech FIP (using spad.next and FIPGuages) to show the FD bars on the screen. I've been having trouble finding the right lvars that display the FD bar degrees for pitch/roll. It only needs to read them, not write them. Anyone have this same issue or any ideas how to find where the variable can be read? Thanks, Marc
  3. Anyone have any ideas on this? I have uninstalled/reinstall a few times following Aerosoft's guide but no luck. No anti-virus running. I feel like I did everything correct starting with the proper download from Simmarket. Wish they had a complete version there so I could skip the updater and see if that works. I did notice when using ASVersion Info (1102) it said I didn't have P3dv4.5 installed but clearly it is since everything else seems to be working fine. Thanks, Marc
  4. Hello, I recently uninstalled my A318-A321 and did a reinstall with the latest version on Simmarket which was I believe. Then I updated to v1.4.2.1 through the updater and it couldn't locate ASC_FP_OnAuto.wav so I just copied ASC_FP_On and renamed it to that and it started up properly. But then I noticed in the MCDU that I don't have the Option/Checklist Viewfocus options or the other changes mentioned in the changlelog like Pause at N.Altstep. Also noticed the font looks funny. I am using P3dv4.5 and do have Chaseplane. Any advice? Thanks, Marc
  5. Hello Hans, I do have my Honeycomb Alpha button tied into the regular brake but calibrated carefully. I had this same issue before the update too, without the Alpha. Marc
  6. Good point. I usually start in Ready to Taxi so everything is on and ready! It's strange that the default weight is always over the maximum take-off so I need to adjust. I'll play around to see how to adjust that. Thanks for that tip. Marc
  7. Hello, Is there a way to set the parking brake by default at startup? I always seem to have to make an adjustment to weight/fuel and it won't let me unless parking brake is set. Thanks, Marc
  8. Any update on this issue for the Airbus family? Everything is up-to-date but still the a/c is not showing on charts in EFB. Show fine in Navigraph Charts. Thanks.
  9. Same issue for me too. Works perfectly in Aerosoft CRJ Pro, but not the Airbus family.
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