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  1. Just curious if we can run both versions on the same PC? I haven’t seen a response but if I missed it my apologies.
  2. Feeling the landing gear would be great especially for those amongst us who have the ButtKicker. That would/will be awesome!
  3. Mathijs, Thanks for posting the information and for creating the files to map the switches. It makes it SO much easier!
  4. I know it’s a bit early, but: Will we need to remove the current version before installing the update? Or will the new CRJ installer take care of everything automatically?
  5. Another question gents: I used the AS Updater to get the latest version but when I check within the driver program itself it’s telling me a new update is available. Any idea if there really is an update? How do I know if the Updater is working? BTW, the profile you created Dave, is working great!
  6. Stefan, A full fuselage would be a HUGE help when repainting. Looking forward to it.
  7. Dave, Thanks a bunch ! I reinstalled the driver as you suggested and loaded the profile for the Airbus in the software. The landing light seems a bit fickle but it seems to be working so much better. I did notice the switch position works opposite of what I'm used to: is there a way I can reverse the position/toggle? And can you share what the "value" translates to? I've seen/heard "0" is off and "1" is on but I noticed something different in your version. Thanks again, I think I'm about 90% there now at least with the Airbus.
  8. Dave, I will reinstall the software as you described to see if that helps. I’ve installed it per the default settings but not with AV off which I will do. Thanks for the profile too. I’ll see if that works for A32X series and it would be great if it worked for other aircraft. Would you mind providing a link to the video you’ve found? I’d like to know more about the cable you mentioned.
  9. She looks amazing indeed! Aerosoft is going to make this year a very nice holiday season: CRJ Pro and A330. Just hope I can stay married since I’ll be spending money and time in the sim. Looking forward to enjoying all of your hard work when it’s released.
  10. Yeah, I’m beginning to appreciate that about Aerosoft as well. I’m impressed by how Aerosoft takes customer input into account especially during the development stage. I won’t mention names but currently there’s a developer who has a product for which several people are having the same issue but unfortunately they appear to have adopted “Too bad. We’re not changing it” policy which I find rather disturbing. I will curtail my purchases of their products in the future. Back to point, I’m gaining a new respect for how Aerosoft does things. Really looking forward to the release of this aircraft and the possible price discount as an Airbus Pro customer.
  11. Dave, Not sure of your first queston? I installed it on my SSD in a special folder for P3D (I guess it's an old habit from the FSX days). Are you asking if I installed P3D or the yoke software as admin with anti-virus off? Currently the antivirus is set to exclude the entire P3D folder/installation so I don't think that is the problem.
  12. Gaab, it's not there. Here's a screenshot of what I am seeing:
  13. Good reminder. What we know individually should not be assumed to be known collectively. There's probably things I do which I believe everyone does but maybe not. This is why I enjoy forums that allow others to share: it helps all of us.
  14. Hmmm. I went to "Options", "Add-ons..." and all I see are scenery addons: nothing there about button bindings.
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