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  1. Thanks for the follow up, Dave. Will there be an announcement once it's released? Or is there a way we can check without bugging you guys? ~Will
  2. Hello, All: I had asked a few months when the full fuselage paint kit for the A330 Pro would be available. The thread has been closed and I haven't been able to find a release date or if it's available I don't know where. If anyone knows if it's available or will be it would be appreciated. Regards
  3. Hello, Mathijs: I think it's fine we disagree. The issue for me is I find it distracting and I had assumed based on flying with some friends in the real world that the EFB was portable and not a permanent fixture. Therefore I thought it would be nice to have the option in the A330 to have it viewable or not. I currently have a mounting stand for my tablet which I use as an EFB and that's why I don't see a need for it in the VC in my case. I was hoping the EFB might have the option for Enable/Disable in future updates. Kind regards, Will
  4. Thanks, Dave. I'm a bit surprised there is no option to disable it. I honestly wish the views for the A330 would be setup the same way as the A318-A321 series or at least be able to save custom views to the viewbar. I have no idea if that could be done or what's involved but it would be a nice feature on all of the Airbus models. I digress. Anyway, the A330 is a great airframe and last month alone I wracked up over 60 hours on it alone and the few other hours were the smaller Bus'. My Boeing aircraft have seen a sharp decline in use and it will probably stay that way for the forseeable future. Aerosoft did a great job on the Bus series (I've been converted): I just wish this EFB had the option to be turned off as some other developers have done. Thanks again for the suggestion. I might give that a go but in the meantime: did you try your solution? If so, did it work? Did it affect aircraft performace? Sorry for so many questions.
  5. Does anyone know how to disable the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag)? I know a lot of people like it but I find it extremely distracting and would like to remove it. I've scanned the included documents and a search of the forums did not locate this question.
  6. Of course ;-) Everything is fine. I was trying to update the A330 a few days ago to the new cycle but it wasn't working in the FMS Manager for the A330. As mentioned earlier the A330 is updated when the A3XX Pro Series is cycled: just the way Navigraph does it. Because of this Navigraph will remove the A330 Pro addon line in the next edition of the FMS Manager. I just wanted to post this in case someone else thought they were having an issue. Thanks for the follow up.
  7. Hello, All: My previous post was closed/locked before I could follow up with what I found. I figured I would need to check the Navigraph forums and I did. From what I understand the A330 FMS data is stored in the same location as the A3XX Pro Series and Navigraph stated the A330 is updated, however, the airframe will be removed from the FMS on the next cycle. Posting just in case anyone else is having this issue.
  8. Greetings, I recently installed a Dash 8 and when updating Navigraph via their manager I noticed the Aerosoft A330 needed updated as well. When attempting to update for the A330 Pro, the Navigraph FMS Manager shut down (CTD). I restarted the FMS Manager but now it hangs on "Preparing Installation" for the A330. Is anyone else having this issue? I realize I might need to make a post in the NAVIGRAPH forums but I thought I'd check here first.
  9. UPDATE: Spent about 4 hours after my previous post in an attempt to find the issue of the throttles in the sim not responding to the hardware. (Ironically the buttons/switches on the hardware worked so I knew the throttle quad was good) . 1. Make sure you save/export (or have saved) your P3D settings so in case you need to remap you can do so with the "import" function instead of resetting everything. 2. Then I made a copy of my "Modules" file in the root directory of P3D and stored it on another drive. 3. I deleted the contents of the modules folder (DO NOT DELETE THE MODULES FOLDER ITSELF). 4. Reinstalled FSUIPC. After I reinstalled FSUIPC, everything started to work normally. BTW, I noticed I lost control of ALL the Airbus throttles (A3XX Pro Series as well as the A330). Anyway, I hope this helps anyone else who may find this issue. I still think the engines are a bit overpowered as the aircraft will roll forward with minimal fuel loaded but I hope that will be corrected in a future update.
  10. NEW DEVELOPMENT: I restarted P3D and now the throttles do not work at all ! After pushback the aircraft started picking up speed upon break release. N1 and N2 were at about 73% and when I moved my throttle quad there was no response. Using the "F1" key temporarily reduced thrust to idle but then it went back to 73%. I recalibrated in P3D and in FSUIPC with no change in control. I loaded a different aircraft (CS 777) and the throttle quad controlled the thrust levers in the sim perfectly. I have no idea what happened. If I find anything I'll report back otherwise. And I believe this is a support forum? Correct? If not, I'll post in the support forum.
  11. I agree. It took about a year after the release of the Airbus Pro A3XX Series for Aerosoft to work out all of the issues and I assume it will be the same with the 330. Lately the A330 starts to nose dive when it's time to descend: not sure what that's about but again I am guessing everything will be fixed over time. It's a nice aircraft and although I wish we had the same predefined views as the A3XX series it's a fairly decent alternative if you want to fly long haul in something other than Boeing. (And "fairly decent" will hopefully become "very nice" in the future)
  12. Pretty much what I am experiencing also. I believe my throttle is properly calibrated as it works perfectly fine with the A319-A321 Pro series by Aerosoft (as well as other airframes). The only other aircraft I use which exhibits the same behavior as the A330 with regard to taxiing is the QW 787 and that is intentional to mimic the real aircraft.
  13. I believe it was mentioned in the A330 preview forum a full fuselage template would be included with the paintkit: does anyone know when that will be provided?
  14. Hello, Congratulations on the A330! I'm currently flying it on a short flight and as promised this is fairly straight forward with a few nuances. I've found a few things which I am reluctant to mention as I know this is a work in progress with updates to come. With that said: 1. The aircraft rolls forward with engines at idle (no park brake obviousl) but it seems to be a bit fast. I've grown accustomed to the A3XX series which do not move at idle (at least for me). - Is this by design? 2. The view menu is nice to have, however, the views are different than the previous Airbus versions (A319-A321). I really liked the A319-A321 view options: is there a way to change them in the A330 to match? Again, I understand this is a work in progress but wanted to share what I've found and I am curious if any of these issues will be updated or if they are planned this way and will remain? Overall, I am very pleased with the continuity and handling so far (other than the idle/thrust issue). It has been an easy transition so far from the A31X and A32X Pro series. Well done! PS - Thanks for the discount: it's great to see a developer rewarding previous customers!
  15. To the Aerosoft Team: You guys are doing a great job regardless of some of the comments and questions I’ve been seeing lately in this forum. Quite honestly I don’t know how you do it. People ask for screenshots and videos and while I understand it helps to show progress I don’t understand why some are being rather harsh about what’s been revealed. Flying a desktop simulator is vastly different from the real thing so please cut the team a break. They’ve given you what you’ve asked for so why not just say “Thank you” and wait until the product is in hand before critiquing it? I’m sure there will be updates to make improvements at a later time but a little patience goes a long way. I imagine there will be blowback from this post but it would be nice to see and read more positive things. The release is getting very close and I for one am looking forward to it (like most of you).
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