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  1. Thanks a million for this post! I've always wanted to learn how to fly the Airbus but kept missing the second INIT page. Emanuel, thanks for the reminder and the note about the "FUEL PRED" page if the sim starts with the engines running. Much appreciated as the aircraft now follows the flightplan.
  2. Thanks, Tom. Unfortunately the vendor does not update this product. I've emailed them about but no reply. Personally, I don't think third party sellers should distribute someone else's product especially if they won't support updates. In this case, I purchased it from PC Aviator: won't do that again! My updater wasn't working for the CRJ (not even listed) but I was able to get it working and have updated to the latest version so I'm good to go now.
  3. Thanks, Hans. I do have the Aerosoft Updater installed, however, I only see the A318-A319 and A320-A321 Pro Series listed. For some reason the CRJ is not in there. Sure would be nice if it were as that would make it much easier than logging into my account to download the latest versions. Plus it would be easier to check. In the meantime, I'll download and install the CRJ update manually . . . only choice I have. Any suggestions on how to get the CRJ added to the Updater?
  4. Hello, All: The CRJ FMS crashes whenever entering the "ORIG" with the latest rev of Navigraph 1812 (AND 1811 rev 2). I rolled back to 1810 and it works fine. I contacted Navigraph several days ago about 1811 rev 2 and have not heard from them. I was hoping the latest release would fix this problem but it didn't so I'm using 1810 for now. All of my other aircraft seem to be working fine including the Aerosoft AXXX Pro Series. I don't know if anyone from Aerosoft can contact Navigraph to find out what is happening but I would sure would appreciate it. Curious if anyone else is having this issue?
  5. I haven't seen any responses regarding the location of the paint kits for A318 thru A321. Does this mean it doesn't exist? Or no one knows where it is? Or no one wants to answer? If anyone knows how to obtain the paint kits or where they are located it would be appreciated.
  6. I found the issue. If you select the following on the configuartion tab when the checklist page appears it prevents the checklist from popping up when accessing the different views: "Disable checklist open when shifting views" "Disable checklist change Camera views" I thought I'd post this in case anyone else has the same issue. Thanks for the feedback and for updating this aircraft for P3D v4. It's a great all-around aircraft for short distances.
  7. Thanks, Mathijs. I will give that a try. Mark, I installed this for P3D v4.3 (not FSX) but thanks for the answer.
  8. Is it part of the zip/exe file? I purchased the bundle from an external shop and they have the zip files which only contain the .exe file and the license agreement. Is the paint kit installed at the same time as the aircraft? If so, where should it be? Or is it available on (Looking for the paintkit for all four aircraft A3218-A321) Kind regards.
  9. I know there's a lot going on with the latest release of the A320/A321 (which I purchased) but can anyone shed any light on this issue? It has been a week and I'd really like to resolve this if possible.
  10. So sorry. When I created the post I had selected the "Twin Otter Extended" (P3D v4) and thought it was in the appropriate place. I didn't see the answer in any of the manuals and I know you guys are busy with the A320/321 release so thanks for following up.
  11. Hello, Whenever I select a camera view after using the "Shift" + "3" the checklist pops up for each view. Is there anyway to turn this off? I find it an odd feature especially if I'm trying to look at gauges or set switches/knobs. (I purchased and installed version 1.21 I'm liking the aircraft as it's a fun plane to fly . . . it would be great if I could disable the checklist from automatically appearing every time I click on a window view.
  12. Thank you. I plan to upgrade to WIN 10 in the near future but was curious if it would work for now in Windows 7. I owned the previous bundle and plan to order this one now that the WIN 7 question has been answered.
  13. I’ve read other threads which state the new Airbus pro bundle only works on P3D v4.3 and Windows 10: is anyone running it on Windows 7 (64 bit)?
  14. After my last post I did notice it seems some of them don't match what's in my other aircraft FMS. I really like this CRJ (after most of the bugs have been fixed) for the most part but not having accurate data is a little frustrating. I'm not sure if it's a Navigraph issue or not. It's my understanding that Aerosoft uses Navdata Pro. Hans, in PFPX (1.28) there is no entry/option to export the flight plan to the CRJ: just the Airbus and from what I've read they are different formats. I was asking if Aerosoft will make an update to PFPX to export flightplans to CRJ in the correct format? If you want a copy of the FP I created in PFPX for Airbus I can send/post.
  15. In the fall of 2016 I purchased the "Aerosoft - A318/A319 & A320/A321 Bundle for FSX & P3D" from a reseller but was only provided one serial code for the product. I attempted to register this with Aerosoft, however, I don't see the bundle in the list (A318/A319 and A320/A321) so I tried to use the serial for either one of the products with no success. I also have found there are a few service packs for the Airbus product line and was hoping to register my purchase so I would be eligible for the updates and hopefully for a discount when the P3Dv4 versions are released. Here is the version I purchased: Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area. Thank you.
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