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  1. It is also a possibility, that there was a temporary restriction active in that area. For which time slot did you schedule your flight? Rgds Reinhard
  2. Hi, I tested it now in VRMM. T5 was higher due to 29 degrees outside temoerature. But GG was almost the same and lower than at the real flight. So it's ok for me. Maybe in P3D this is now behaving different to FSX, for which the plane originally was designed. Otto: Thanks for sharing your knowledge - I ordered the mentioned book in the meanwhile 🙂 Rgds Reinhard
  3. Dear Otto, Many thanks for your answers and for sharing your insight knowledge. Of course it's only a simulation and not the real thing. But I personally find, it's really a very good simulation. Therefore I wondered, if I missed something, because the numbers have been so different for that GG parameter. I just wanted to know, where this is coming from. And obviously I compared "apples with pears", as not all parameters (altitude, outside temperature, etc.) have been the same during my flight in the sim. I did my flight yesterday out of Glasgow - so T5 must be lower than Maldives. I will do a flight in Maldives, with similar parameters compared to my real world flight. Best Rgds Reinhard
  4. Ahh - ok. But then the question remains, how they reached 95%-100% on GG RPM with the sane settings of torque and Prop RPM, while I only reached 75%. The photo of the real flight and the screenshot where both taken in cruise flight. Which parameter is influencing that value? Maybe the altitude? I was flying yesterday at FL 100. On Maldives as far as I remember we were cruising at 6500 ft. I will do a flight there at that altitude and check again. Rgds Reinhard
  5. Hi, Thank you for this quick answer. Then I am happy, that I survived the two flights although the values of Trans Maldivian Airways have been far out of the normal range 🙂 Best regards Reinhard
  6. Hi, A question to the Twin Otter experts: I took a photo of the instruments on a flight with the Twin Otter in Maldives some years ago. If I fly with the same power settings, I get pretty the same values. Only GG RPM is way off. While on Maldives it was near 100%, I only get 72% in the simulator (P3D 5.3). Ist this just not simulated exactly? Find enclosed the two pictures. Rgds Reinhard
  7. Hi, I use the actual Twin Otter version with P3D 5.2 without any problem. Rgds Reinhard
  8. There is a legacy proxy available, which might help. I have not tested it. But this proxy should provide the datafedd to legacy programs. In the VATGER forum you will find an article about this piece of software. The only problem: It's in German language. https://board.vatsim-germany.org/threads/legacy-status-proxy-data-feed-kompatibilität-für-unmigrierte-passive-clients.66112/ Maybe this fixes the problem. But as I said: I have not tested it, as I use VATSPY for checking VATSIM traffic. Rgds Reinhard
  9. Yes - It's just an USB connection and in fact there is some joystick hardware inside. So it's a normal axis, which you can map to the steering tiller axis via FSUIPC. Rgds Reinhard
  10. Hi, I am using this device for the planes I am flying: http://www.schillermetall.de/tiller.html Very solid piece of work. Rgds Reinhard
  11. Hi, If you are aware, how to program in LUA provided by FSUIPC, you can decrease/increase in steps (-10,-1,+1,+10) the speed value by manipulating LVars: -- Inc/Dec IAS function IncDecIAS (pStep) local lIAS = 0 if ipc.readLvar("L:AB_AP_SPDmode_set") == -1 then -- only if pulled if ipc.readLvar("L:AB_AP_SPDMACH") == 0 then lIAS = math.floor(ipc.readLvar("L:AB_AP_SPEED_Select")) else lIAS = math.floor(ipc.readLvar("L:AB_AP_Mach_Select") * 100 + 0.5) end lIAS = lIAS + pStep if ipc.readLvar("L:AB_AP_SPDMACH") == 0 then if lIAS < 100 then lIAS = 100 end if lIAS >= 399 then lIAS = 399 end else if lIAS < 10 then lIAS = 10 end if lIAS >= 99 then lIAS = 99 end end if ipc.readLvar("L:AB_AP_SPDMACH") == 0 then ipc.writeLvar("L:AB_AP_SPEED_Select", lIAS) else ipc.writeLvar("L:AB_AP_Mach_Select", lIAS / 100) end end end This function can be called via event.button handling. Please understand, that I am not able to provide support, and that you must be aware, what LUA and FSUIPC is about. But it shows you a way, how to handle this. Rgds Reinhard
  12. Operating System: Windows 10 Home OEM 64-bit Simulator version: P3D 5.1 HF1 Airbus version: A320 Professional Experimental Add-ons in use: AviaServer, ActiveSky (on remote PC), vPilot, Orbx products, Aerosoft addon scenery, other scenery vendors, Navigraph actual AIRAC System specs: Intel - Core i7-8700K 3.7GHz 6-Core Processor, Cooler Master - Hyper 412S 52.6 CFM CPU Cooler, Asus - Prime Z370-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard, Corsair - Dominator Platinum 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2666 Memory, Samsung - 960 Pro 1TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive, 2x Asus - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB POSEIDON Video Card (2-Way SLI), GoFlight Hardware Description of the issue: This (old) problem hit me now the second time; During a flight from LOWW to UDYZ suddenly the managed speed (set via CI15 to 0.78) on FL370 was commanding 113 kn. The plane slowed down and was near stall. Luckily I disengaged the autopilot, lowered the nose and could by that recover the flight. From that point in time I could only manually set the speed. Managed speed did not recover to normal operation until final approach. Are you able to reproduce the issue? If so, what are the exact steps you are taking for this issue to happen? No, it's not always happen. I experienced it at 2 flights until now: LOWW-LEBL and LOWW-UDYZ Additional information (route, weights, special area where the issue occurred etc.): I changed inflight the landing runway and approach procedure, as the wind changed on the destination airport. Route: ADAM2C ADAMA Z648 VEDER L140 ALAMU/N0441F350 DCT NARKA/N0439F370 Z650 REBLA M977 ADINA L851 KUGOS UL851 TBN UP146 YAVUZ UB374 INDUR INDU3B Load: 135 pax, 1992 kg cargo, 7356 kg fuel Flight profile on VATSIM: https://vatstats.net/flights/23097918
  13. Hi, This (old) problem hit me now rhe second time; During a flight from LOWW to UDYZ suddenly the managed speed (set via CI15 to 0.78) on FL370 was commanding 113 kn. The plane slowed down and was near stall. Luckily I disengaged the autopilot, lowered the nose and could by that recover the flight. From that point in time I could only manually set the speed. Managed speed did not recover to normal operation. There is an older (locked) thread describing the problem. I use the A320 vor P3D 5.1 latest HF in the beta channel. Maybe you can check again, if you are able to detect the root cause for that bug. I will use selected speed in the meanwhile, until the bug is fixed. Rgds Reinhard https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/140706-managed-speed-at-cruise/
  14. Hi, Many thanks for your answer. In the meanwhile I tried it out of curiosity on another flight. I changed the arrival procedure during CRZ and I could change Vapp as expected. So I could not reproduce the behavior. When it happened the last time there was no chance to enter any value there - the button was simply not reacting. So I assume, that under certain conditions there is a small bug, which blocks the input. And as you said, it is really seldom, that you correct the value. For the gust estimation - I am not sure, if Aerosoft has implemented that feature you described That's why I wanted to compensate the predicted gusts at that flight. Thanks for sharing your experience. Rgds Reinhard
  15. Hi, My Setup: A320 Professional - P3D v5.1 latest HF. AviaServer for operating the MCDU on a Android tablet. On the PERF page of the MCDU for the approach you can set beside other values the Vapp speed. Normally the proposed value fits quite well but there are cases, where you want to adjust it (gusty wind, etc.). This works fine, as long as you have not activate the approach of course. Then a change of values is not possible anymore, as far as I know. At my last flight I was in cruise and had already entered all the values for approach (QNH, temperature, etc.). Then I got the information from the ATIS from the VATSIM controller, that the arrival runway has changed. I was still in cruise and changed the arrival procedure in the MCDU. Then I wanted to adopt the Vapp on the PERF page too, as the wind conditions have changed. But after the reprogramming of the arrival route I could no longer change the Vapp speed. It was not possible to enter a new value. Is this by design or is this a bug. I did not yet try to reproduce it yet, but will check this, if I have to change the arrival during flight the next time. Maybe this is a known "feature". Any input from A3xx experts is appreciated. Rgds Reinhard
  16. Hi, I use the A320 Pro version with P3D 5.1 (latest Hotfix). I control my radios via GoFlight hardware. I set the standby frequency (COM1 and COM2) with rotaries via the following FSUIPC/P3D controls: 66434 COM_RADIO_FRACT_DEC_CARRY 66435 COM_RADIO_FRACT_INC_CARRY 65636 COM_RADIO_WHOLE_DEC 65637 COM_RADIO_WHOLE_INC and 66439 COM2_RADIO_FRACT_DEC_CARRY 66441 COM2_RADIO_FRACT_INC_CARRY 66436 COM2_RADIO_WHOLE_DEC 66437 COM2_RADIO_WHOLE_INC This works fine in the A320 like for many other aircrafts (stock aircrafts - but also for the Aerosoft Twin Otter for example). But there is one bug, which only arises in the A320: If I tune the frequency 134.675 and swap this frequency from the standby to the active freuency, this works well. Frequency is tuned and I can communicate with the controller on VATSIM. But as soon as I swap this frequency back to standby, I can't tune it anymore. Something is setting the frequency immediately back to this value, as soon as I try to tune to the next step. And this for increment and decrement (whole and fraction). The only way to get out of this situation is to use the mouse and tune the frequency via the panel. Debugging the FSUIPC log to see the events, I found out, that you are permanently set the COMx standby frequencies to 134.675: 1263688 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 67363 (0x00010723), Param= 136675000 (0x08257eb8) COM1_STBY_RADIO_HZ_SET 1263688 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 67364 (0x00010724), Param= 134675000 (0x0806fa38) COM2_STBY_RADIO_HZ_SET 1263703 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66508 (0x000103cc), Param= 2016 (0x000007e0) PANEL_ID_CLOSE 1263703 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66508 (0x000103cc), Param= 2017 (0x000007e1) PANEL_ID_CLOSE 1263703 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66508 (0x000103cc), Param= 2019 (0x000007e3) PANEL_ID_CLOSE 1263703 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66508 (0x000103cc), Param= 2020 (0x000007e4) PANEL_ID_CLOSE 1263703 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66508 (0x000103cc), Param= 2022 (0x000007e6) PANEL_ID_CLOSE 1263703 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66508 (0x000103cc), Param= 2023 (0x000007e7) PANEL_ID_CLOSE 1263703 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66508 (0x000103cc), Param= 2024 (0x000007e8) PANEL_ID_CLOSE 1263703 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66508 (0x000103cc), Param= 2025 (0x000007e9) PANEL_ID_CLOSE 1263703 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66834 (0x00010512), Param= 0 (0x00000000) FREEZE_ALTITUDE_SET 1263703 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66828 (0x0001050c), Param= 0 (0x00000000) FREEZE_ATTITUDE_SET 1263735 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66717 (0x0001049d), Param= 1 (0x00000001) TURBINE_IGNITION_SWITCH_TOGGLE 1263735 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66717 (0x0001049d), Param= 2 (0x00000002) TURBINE_IGNITION_SWITCH_TOGGLE 1263735 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66466 (0x000103a2), Param= 0 (0x00000000) COM_RECEIVE_ALL_SET 1263735 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 67363 (0x00010723), Param= 136675000 (0x08257eb8) COM1_STBY_RADIO_HZ_SET 1263735 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 67364 (0x00010724), Param= 134675000 (0x0806fa38) COM2_STBY_RADIO_HZ_SET The radios worked fine, until you changed something in one of the previous updates, which broke the radios for many users in this forum completely. The last version in the experimental stream repaired this - but obviously not completely. I know, that this special frequency worked in the past without problems. Why? That's simple. That's the frequency of LOWW_APP, which is the home base of my VA. So I fly typically quite often in and out of Vienna. I always can reproduce this error - but only in the A320 Pro. All other aircrafts (Majestic Q400, Twin Otter, C172, etc.) work perfectly. Maybe some rounding or similar problem, which does not allow to tune to the next step with one of the controls above. Rgds Reinhard
  17. Hi, I am controlling the COM frequencies with some hardware units (GoFlight). Before the update this did work without any problem. And today after the last update suddenly it didn't anymore. Waiting for the fix too... Rgds Reinhard
  18. Hi, I think, the taxi fuel/min is too low. I would set it to 20 kgs/min. Just some information collected from various sources. Many airlines calculate 200kg for typically 10 minutes. Rgds Reinhard
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