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  1. I should have said that I did a DIRECT TO to the first fix, GIGLZ, not WISPR...I wasn't looking at the chart when I typed this. What you describe is pretty much exactly what I did, straight ahead to 1000, bug up, retract flaps, HDG, do a right turn to intercept, except I didn't do the DIRECT TO until I hit NAV when I was responding to the airplane's unwanted left turn. I'm very familiar with TO. I guess the point is, I thought it would do what other planes do when you hit NAV which is to either A) turn toward the next fix to get on the course or B ) arm NAV and wait until it 'grabbed' the course. It did C) turn back and wait for a DIRECT TO which is what I think it was doing and that's something I haven't seen a plane do before. The point is to understand what it was thinking and why. If that's what it does, that's what it does.
  2. So, today I flew out of Jacksonville, FL on the CROSB2 WISPR departure rwy 32. It has a vector segment at the beginning. I took off runway heading. At 1200 I turned toward WISPR and hit NAV. The plane immediately started a left turn...maybe back to runway heading? I did a quick DIRECT WISPR and it turned back. So, if you're on a vector segment, you have to do an explicit DIRECT TO before engaging NAV...that sound right?
  3. I tried it once. At one point it veered off the FMS course and refused to reengage. I had to disconnect from the network and keep working on it. Never figured it out. The airport was busy and didn't need a guy trying to figure out his plane. I plan to just fly it offline until the patch comes out and then we'll see.
  4. Looking forward to flying this on VATSIM.
  5. I'm *hoping* that they fix the ability to remove airspeeds/altitudes from fixes too!
  6. Really, what I'm trying to do is to fix a STAR where it was imported with wrong altitude restrictions. It was one of those step-down STARs where it keeps easing you down. There were two fixes that had my original cruise altitude right in the middle of it. I thought, maybe, why not just delete them and read them since you can't remove the restriction itself. Deleting them was easy. Adding a new fix with the same name wiped out almost everything before it. Seems like it would just add it where I entered it and leave the rest alone. One thing I get from VATSIM controllers fairly frequently, to cross a STAR fix at a particular altitude which may or may not be the altitude for a fix. He wants you to fly the STAR but ignore the altitudes given on the STAR. In the CJ4, I'd wipe out all the altitude restrictions in the STAR before the fix, change the alt for fix I need to be down to an altitude by and hit VNAV. In the CRJ, do you just set your decent so that the banana is on the fix and ignore the altitudes restrictions along the way? That's the best I can come up with. I've had other issues as well. Meandering off course so that I have to start flying in HDG mode. (Happened to me on VATSIM the other night). Nothing I could think of to do would get it to follow the NAV course. All that said, I love the plane. I love the feel of it, the sounds, the systems. Pretty amazing and a challenge...except for the issues I'm struggling with on the LEGS page.
  7. I guess the efforts are going to the A330 these days.
  8. How do you insert a fix into the middle of the flight plan on the LEGS page? I try to insert one by typing it in and then pressing the LSK key where I want it inserted and it wipes out nearly all of the flight plan before it. Also, how do you set up a five mile visual final to a runway? E.g. I've selected a runway and am anticipating vectors for the visual approach. I'd like to put an extended centerline on that segment and add a restriction of 1500 ft to it. Lastly, what does RWY UPDATE do (LSK 6 has this sometimes on the LEGS page). I clicked it and after a few seconds it said COMPLETED). Couldn't find anything in the documentation. Thank you!
  9. Which LVARs are you using? Perhaps, there's a clue.
  10. I use SPAD with a RealSimGear knob. I've read through a lot of the threads of folks on the topic but I'm having a lot of problems with the knobs accelerating past the altitude I'm trying to set. I have to stop changing the altitude and then, very slowly, move it to the correct altitude. I'm wondering if folks have found a way to turn off or reduce the amount of acceleration of the knob inside the airplane? Thanks.
  11. So, it makes me wonder about the nose up attitude. I'll watch some youtube vids. Maybe I can sort it out.
  12. New to the plane. I just did a night flight and the little blue GS indicator was very difficult to make out. I ended up flying the approach pretty much completely with the FD. I tried adjusting the PFD brightness and it helped a little but, not much. Thanks.
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