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  1. I think it is really time that the FSX users come to grips with reality and realize that they have to move on to newer platforms instead of expecting add-on developers to downgrade their 64-bit products for them. I remember how long it took me to say goodbye to FS9.
  2. I just noticed that when parked at Gate 266 the sign below the docking guidance system reads Gate 264 instead of Gate 266. The markings on the ground are correct. When watched from spot view one can see that the other gate signs are correct as well, it's just a wrongly placed sign at gate 266.
  3. It's always nice to see, you and your custom made 2D Panels haven't gone the way of the Dodo yet, Ed. Good stuff.
  4. Navigraph. The current ground chart they have is effective as of 21 Dec 2018. Or Aerosoft's Navdata Pro.
  5. Just to give you some perspective on my stance on this: Now that PMDG support has left AVSIM and with them the need to sign your posts with your real name, I have removed my name from there again. I do however keep my real first name in my signature here because I think it is easier when talking to support here that I can be adressed with my real first name and not some strange monicker.
  6. Why would that be an issue, John? Imagine walking into a record store and meeting Obama in the Jazz section or your boss at Wal-Mart. You make it sound as if Aerosoft was in the business of selling illegal contraband or pushing hookers.
  7. Why should HE consider when people do something they are not supposed to do?
  8. I have no problem with dropping my anonymity per se. I already do that in the PMDG part of the AVSIM Forum because they demand you do. I already reveal my first name here. The problem I have though is that I use only a handful of nicknames on the internet and revealing my identity makes it easier to connect me across the board to other activities. And I don't want to be that transparent to other people.
  9. Good to see that the master of 2D Panels is still roaming the virtual skies.
  10. And even this one will release before the real one is opening.
  11. It is working. It's just that most of the radii of the parking spaces are too small. They only allow a wingspan of 32 meters. You have to adjust them to a wingspan of at least 34 meters to be able to use it with the A319 for example.
  12. I was very pleased that the long wait is finally over. I really missed flying the busses in the last years since P3Dv4 was released.
  13. Not reading the prodcut page properly is one thing. Complaining about it afterwards is the problem. It's unfairly shifting the blame. Anyway I'm happy you decided to release the bundle at this point. I have the old bundle and had you released as you originally planned I would have had to wait another 2 months until I would have been able to fly what is already released now.
  14. Are you sure you want people like these as your customers?
  15. I have the same problem. Is the proper function conditional on having filled all the weights into the MCDU on the Init Page? Because I forgot to do that.
  16. Thank you for the reminder. Forgot it as well. That happens when you have not flown an Airbus for a year...
  17. Now it remains to be seen how many people miss the fact that the 320 and 321 are not released yet and complain about their current absence in the bundle.
  18. Otto, FSDG misunderstood the add-on.xml approach. Their installer is hardcoded to install their V4 Sceneries into /My Documents/ Prepare 3D v4 Add-ons/. Not just the xml file but the entire scenery. And one can't change that within the installer.
  19. Yup. But there is one quirk. The directory into which the scenery is installed can't be changed. Like some others FSDG falsely assumes that using the add-on.xml method the actual files need to reside in the Document folders. Which is untrue. Only the xml needs to be there. The files can be wherever the user chooses. But their installer doesn't give you the option to choose. Aggravating...
  20. Das aktuelle Update (mit den neuen Installern) gibt es erst seit 4 Tagen, dass kann gar nicht seit einem Monat im Kundenkonto liegen.
  21. Mr. Randazzo said it on their forums: "(Aerosoft customers will get their copy from Aerosoft... but it will lag a day or two...)" That means starting with the 777-200 you can expect a release around the 12th of July if all goes well. The NGX will follow about a week later. Keep in mind though that this is software development and anything can happen. PMGD has a notorious reputation for underestimating last minute issues. So it could well turn into July or August. Fingers crossed it doesn't come to this.
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