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  1. Wie hast Du es gelöst? Bei mir ist der Key noch nicht in der Benutzerverwaltung. Immer noch "Serial : No key will be required for this addon" Übersehe ich etwas?
  2. Alles klar, vielen Dank für die schnelle Hilfe.
  3. Leider nicht: 1 xAES Creditpack - Version: Download - Serial : No key will be required for this addon. Gruß Carsten
  4. Hallo, ich habe mir gerade einen Creditpack im Shop gekauft und bekam dies hier per E-Mail: Serial number(s): ------------------------------------------------------ AES Creditpack : No key will be required for this addon. ------------------------------------------------------ Da ich davon ausgehe, dass AES weiterhin Keys braucht, nehme ich an das etwas falsch gelaufen ist, oder? Gruß Carsten
  5. Hello Oliver, it was a little problem with FS Global. There is a terrain config tool in the FS Global folder. I used the "setup default" button and now everything is perfect. The curious thing is that I never changed anything in this program since I installed it. Anyway, thanks for your help (and the great work you do with AES). Best regards Mudman
  6. Hello, I have a small problem with the highway bridges at EDDM. It seems that the default terrain blocks the tunnels. It looks like on this picture: I use FSX and also use FSGlobal2010 but I never had any problem with this. Does anyone have a solution? Best regards Mudman
  7. Hi Matt, a Carenado C172N with the registration D-ECAR would be nice. Love the livery, great work!
  8. Very nice story and pictures Matt. Really makes me want to fly one of these seaplanes myself next time.
  9. Thank you, that is very helpful. No more try and error.
  10. Hi, Du kannst das Fenster wie in Windows "groß ziehen". Einfach mit der Maus an den Rand gehen, dann sollte ein Pfeil erscheinen. Das gleiche habe ich auch, scheint ein FSX Bug zu sein. Gruß Carsten
  11. I had the same issue at my last flight.
  12. Hi, it may be a noobish question, but I just flew the default MS-Aircraft: How do you arm the spoilers when on ground (before takeoff for example)? Everytime I try it (via shift+#) they instantly deploy. I can only arm them if the throttle is not idle. Thanks, Carsten
  13. Hi, on page one of this thread (post #2) there is a full list with all features. Contains also the livery list. Mudman
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