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  1. Like we germans say: "Dein Wort in Gottes Ohr!"
  2. I don't want my expectations to be met. I want it to be realistic. If the real pilots with real experience say it should handle such and such, then I want that reflected.
  3. The amount of time it takes to produce this thing in amounts that can satisfy the demand kind of reminds me of Tesla.
  4. I don't know how many units Aerosoft ordered, but on Honeycomb's own website they mark the first batch of the Yoke as sold out.
  5. Not quite. But I have been around Flighsimulators for quite some time. But I seem to remember you working for them. So I thought you'd appreciate that there are people around who remember their stuff.
  6. I remember the Lago scenery. Really nice approach to that one.
  7. I can't wait for the throttle quadrant to be released. I already have the money set aside, it just needs to be ready for delivery. I will keep my Saitek Yoke until it falls apart though.
  8. I just noticed that when parked at Gate 266 the sign below the docking guidance system reads Gate 264 instead of Gate 266. The markings on the ground are correct. When watched from spot view one can see that the other gate signs are correct as well, it's just a wrongly placed sign at gate 266.
  9. It's always nice to see, you and your custom made 2D Panels haven't gone the way of the Dodo yet, Ed. Good stuff.
  10. Navigraph. The current ground chart they have is effective as of 21 Dec 2018. Or Aerosoft's Navdata Pro.
  11. Just to give you some perspective on my stance on this: Now that PMDG support has left AVSIM and with them the need to sign your posts with your real name, I have removed my name from there again. I do however keep my real first name in my signature here because I think it is easier when talking to support here that I can be adressed with my real first name and not some strange monicker.
  12. Why would that be an issue, John? Imagine walking into a record store and meeting Obama in the Jazz section or your boss at Wal-Mart. You make it sound as if Aerosoft was in the business of selling illegal contraband or pushing hookers.
  13. Why should HE consider when people do something they are not supposed to do?
  14. I have no problem with dropping my anonymity per se. I already do that in the PMDG part of the AVSIM Forum because they demand you do. I already reveal my first name here. The problem I have though is that I use only a handful of nicknames on the internet and revealing my identity makes it easier to connect me across the board to other activities. And I don't want to be that transparent to other people.
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