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  1. The naming conventions of the Taxiways within MSFS are not the real naming conventions because the AI automatically assigns the designators. So you can't simply follow the taxisigns to find the routing a VATSIM controler would give you. You would need to plot your route with a real groundchart first and double check again and again, because what shows up in the sim is just confusing.
  2. I'm totally in that category, and I DO know how unrealistic the out of the box ATC is. And has been driving me mad since FS9. With each version I hope that someone finally fixed that damned part of the program only to find out that nothing or next to nothing has changed. MSFS is no different in that regard. I recognized that it is at the core still the same plugin it has always been and it drives me insane. And the design decisions to make it better? "Look ATC now recognizes SID and STARS"... but only if you put them in the flightplan to begin with. Who files a flightplan with them?! ATC is supposed to give them to you at their own. I could go on and on... and now I can't even use Pro-ATC and just ignore the vanilla ATC. And going on Vatsim is also not an option as long as the taxiways names are procedurally generated and not the real ones.
  3. If you want to want to see how many airports are missing, here is a probably still incomplete list: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/missing-airports-sent-to-zendesk/165814 It's much, much worse than I thought. One of the strangest omissions is the Schwäbisch Hall Airport. At first I thought, it was another example of bad quality aerial images. And it would seem so when you check it out on Bing Maps. The entire area seems to be of totally unacceptable quality for any kind of usability. But then when you zoom in as close as possible suddenly there are totally high-res aerial images. It's only the intermittend layer that is low res. And no EDER Wasserkuppe? Finally we get a sim with properly sloping runways and that one is missing? Asobo and their subcontractors really need to step up and fix all these.
  4. I"m not talking about infusing the sim with different satellite images. Jörg Neumann talked about the fact that they did hire two companies to help with manually editing Airport layouts, one of which was ORBX. When I want to update, or add a new airport into P3D I use whatver background image from whatever company has the best as a reference image in ADE and then simply draw the layout on that. I don't actually use the image to show up in the sim, it is just there for correct georeference. Why Asobo, or the companies working for them failed to do that is beyond my understanding. The same goes for the complete lack of obstacle hazards like antennas, radio towers, chimneys and powerlines These did, to a large extent exist in FS9, FSX and P3D. In MSFS where they were trying to offload as much work as possible to the Blackshark.ai, they are all missing. What kind of step back is that? When you claim that this sim has 37.000 airfields, I expected the difference to be an additional number on top of the old default data, and not losing airfields that did exist in the old dataset and are not actually closed in the real world.
  5. You will also find that some active and former military bases in Germany are also missing, but not all of them. There was some speculation that for whatever reason someone at Bing prematurely decided to censor the images some time ago, then they stopped doing that after the Bundeswehr said, they didn't ask for it to be done, and then nobody actually cared to undo it again. Nörvenich, Wittmunhafen, Rostock/Laage, Schleswig. All are missing. In Spain LEMG Malaga is missing, in Alaska PAVD Valdez and PAWD Seward are missing. Obviously the development process was far too dependant on the state of the Bing imagery and no one cared to use other mapping systems when finding the data lacking.
  6. Im MCDU Menü unter Options/View Entweder View System abschalten oder Panel und Wingview Bar abschalten, wie du magst.
  7. Du kannst das Viewsystem komplett abschalten.
  8. Du musst gar nichts klicken. Einfach das Loadsheet laden. GSX übernimmt dann den Rest. Gilt für das Betanken, das Boarding und das öffnen und schließen der Türen.
  9. I think you need to adjust your definition of "Problem".
  10. That is exactly what happened on my machine as well. And yes, Otto, the second folder, where the installer has put the file, is linked to OneDrive.
  11. See there is the first snag. The Products folder is missing that xml file completely on my installation. I did install the A330 as recommended. First deinstallation, then installation with AVira turned off.
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