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  1. Yes I did see it on every page. But I just got around to trying it again, this time without PRO-ATC running in the background, and everything is fine. I'll have to check at a later time with PRO-ATC again if I can reproduce the issue.
  2. Odd. What kind of tool could interfere with keystrokes? Maybe Pro-ATC? I will check again. Maybe just a fluke. P3D is strange at times.
  3. Yes. And clicking on 6 sometimes gives me nothing. That goes only for the left MCDU, but the issue is there both in the VC clickspot and the 2D popout. I noticed this because I wanted to have a range ring of 117 NM around a fix, and after typing it in I got 116. I first thought I had misclicked and then saw that the MCDU would simply not want to give me the number 7, no matter how often I typed it in. Odd...
  4. Maybe I'm not the first to notice this, but I couldn't find anything with the search. When you uses the scratchpad numbers on the left MCDU in the A330 the number 7 is missing. Instead you get the 6 again. On the right MCDU this works as it should.
  5. The problem with the Weather Radar at this point is that it is a Cloud radar. Which is of course bogus. So first things first: Asobo needs to implement a real weather radar and then make it accesable via Web Assembly.
  6. I have to say that while in this price range the TCA Quadrant is certainly adequate, I'm a bit baffled by the design decisions. Thrustmaster licensed this from Airbus and tried to build an approximation of the A320 throttle, but they failed in very important parts, which makes the implementation with Airbus add-ons not as straightforward as one might expect. The problem are the detends, which becomes apparent if one calibrates the device in a way that the iddle point is where it is on the throttle, which will also give you idle position in the sim. The first detend on this throttle is at the half point of the throttle. But on the airbus the first detend (CLB) is at around the 2/3 point. So the distance between CLB and FLX detends on the TCA Quadrant is wrong. As is the printed scale in the middle of the throttle. It's relative position to the climb detend is correct, but since the detend is in the wrong position, the scale is also off.
  7. Looking forward to it. At least the buttons already work as intended, when one follows the pdf. Thrustmaster's own setup document for MSFS is lacking. Assigning functions that are situated elsewhere in the cockpit and not having a release for the engine mode selector... But that as well will receive an update by Asobo soon.
  8. My configurator does not show the option to choose the throttle quadrant. I assume that has to do with the fact that you did not yet roll out the version that is capable of doing this?
  9. Im MCDU Menü unter Options/View Entweder View System abschalten oder Panel und Wingview Bar abschalten, wie du magst.
  10. Du musst gar nichts klicken. Einfach das Loadsheet laden. GSX übernimmt dann den Rest. Gilt für das Betanken, das Boarding und das öffnen und schließen der Türen.
  11. I think you need to adjust your definition of "Problem".
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