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  1. Im MCDU Menü unter Options/View Entweder View System abschalten oder Panel und Wingview Bar abschalten, wie du magst.
  2. Du kannst das Viewsystem komplett abschalten.
  3. Du musst gar nichts klicken. Einfach das Loadsheet laden. GSX übernimmt dann den Rest. Gilt für das Betanken, das Boarding und das öffnen und schließen der Türen.
  4. I think you need to adjust your definition of "Problem".
  5. That is exactly what happened on my machine as well. And yes, Otto, the second folder, where the installer has put the file, is linked to OneDrive.
  6. See there is the first snag. The Products folder is missing that xml file completely on my installation. I did install the A330 as recommended. First deinstallation, then installation with AVira turned off.
  7. I just installed the new version of the A330 after the updater notified me that it is released. After installing it there is now no entry for the A330 in the updater anymore.
  8. I don't want my expectations to be met. I want it to be realistic. If the real pilots with real experience say it should handle such and such, then I want that reflected.
  9. The amount of time it takes to produce this thing in amounts that can satisfy the demand kind of reminds me of Tesla.
  10. I don't know how many units Aerosoft ordered, but on Honeycomb's own website they mark the first batch of the Yoke as sold out.
  11. Not quite. But I have been around Flighsimulators for quite some time. But I seem to remember you working for them. So I thought you'd appreciate that there are people around who remember their stuff.
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