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  1. Just had my first flight from Greece to Andras Field and was wondering, where would you park a B727 in Andras? :confused_s:
  2. I logged in last night via gamespy, but no one online, are there only pilots online on events?
  3. Hi, I bought the Piper Cherokee yesterday in the shop, but can't find the paint kit anywhere. Is there a paint kit at all, and if yes, where can i get it from? Thanks! Best regards, Edwin
  4. Hi Finn, Thanks for the update. Edwin
  5. Hi, I'm thinking of buying 1 or more of the Carenado Aircrafts, but will they work with the saitek multi panel and instrument panel? Best regards, Edwin
  6. Hi, I'm thinking of buying this nice piece of flying machine, but am wondering about the following: Will the catalina work with the saitek instrument panel and multipanel? Best regards, Edwin
  7. terrific job Thomas!!! thanks for this nothing is perfect in this world, but you did a great job painting it
  8. Fantastic!!! Can't wait to fly it
  9. thanks a million!!! :bow_down2_s: don't want to rush you in any way, but any estimate how long you need to paint it?
  10. thanks, i will wait for the updates then. I just bought a new pc, so i have to reinstall everything again anyway thanks for the support!
  11. I installed Iceland first, but straight after i installed Keflavik, can't remember that it mentioned if i had Iceland installed. Could it be that after you installed Iceland, you have to start FSX first to let it load the scenery and after that install Keflavik?
  12. second request from my side as well it would fit nicely combined with the iceland scenery
  13. i bought Keflavik and Iceland and i'm also really impressed with the details and the fps when flying there. only problem i have is that the aircrafts are somehow misalligned. When i am parking at the gate, the other AI traffic is parked inside the building instead of parked at the gate. Also when i see the aircrafts taxi, they are not on the taxiway, but merely next to it. I have installed iceland first before installing keflavik. I checked the manual and all settings are similar to my system. any ideas what could be wrong?
  14. no, i have it on 40%, all my other airports /payware/freeware are quite strong populated with this setting and also due to fps, i feel the 40% is optimal for me í'm now flying alot between ELLX and EYVI and ELLX is always populated with quite some AI aircrafts
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