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    Mega airport Frankfurt V2 glide slope issue

    Thank you guys for the quick answer, I know that my aiming point are the two big white bars but I used the wrong word to explain my problem. Anyway, by looking at some videos concerning landings on runway 25r at Frankfurt am Main I saw that after the flare phase,a lot of aircraft just touch the ground precisely whithin the two big white bars. This is the reason why I thought the Glide Slope was incorrect. Thanks to all
  2. Hi guys, I am enjoying your Mega airport Frankfurt V2 product on FSX gold version but I'm facing an issue regarding ILS approaches. The LOC is very precise for every runway I choose for the approach but sadly the glide slope for runway 25L,25C and 25R and for runways 07R,07C,07L is not and still shows that I'm flying too low ( even I can see two white and two red on the PAPI and I am at 50ft RA while overflying the threshold).If I follow the indication it's showing I will touch the ground well after the aiming point (near at the end of the touchdown zone). I have already installed the new version (2.11). Thank you guys