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  1. I totally agree with Helikopeter. Briefly it's an Aerosoft problem. It has been a demanding experience for us to stay in the time and on the few but clear rules from the beginning. The Forum administrators should have the best feel of the situation. Anyway, my vote is public since, even if many reports were interesting, it's so simple and evident who are the pilots that added something particular and made a tour, that without them could have been nothing special, something to remember in our virtual second life: Windswept/Lambert/Roger/the sisters and so on that made me come to the forum every moment to look for news (even if I admit at last it was too much to read), SeanG who really got the feel of the ATW Tour, and MM for the historic research. Sorry no post 1970 is something remarkable or even equal to them. Stay well and safe landings in 2018 to all.
  2. Thanks. You really found the right mood for the 80 days trip. The same first and last frame has been a great idea.
  3. robertorizzo

    Fantastic Trippe

    Everything, even the best come to an end. Thanks for all. Best wishes.
  4. robertorizzo

    Capt. Lambert in Biplanes

    Thanks for all, it has been a pleasure that lasted for three months. Best wishes.
  5. robertorizzo

    Kalizzi's photo diary

    Thanks it has been a pleasure to fly around the world in such a group. Best wishes.
  6. robertorizzo

    Breitling 2

    My pleasure. And you're welcome. R
  7. robertorizzo

    Breitling 2

    Leg#32 and last one Liverpool-London (Southend) with low pass over London town. The tour is over, thank to all and Merry Xmas. I wish all of you an happy new 2018 online&offline.
  8. robertorizzo

    Breitling 2

    Leg#31 Shannon-Liverpool where Mr Fogg landed. England flavour.
  9. robertorizzo

    Breitling 2

    Leg#30 Gander-Shannon Uneventful oceanic crossing until short final when engine #2 got fire and blasted. Luckyly there wasn't time to realize we were already safe on the ground and the firemen got the duty. Breitling 2, the well known best trimotor, is now under recovery.
  10. robertorizzo

    Breitling 2

    Leg#29 New York-Gander Heavy snow in Gander
  11. robertorizzo

    Breitling 2

    The around the world tour in 80 days is close to its end, it has been an unique experience, i’m glad with the choice I’ve made of the Connie.
  12. robertorizzo

    Breitling 2

    Resting in New York. American Pastoral, suburbs, Newark, sunday family barbecues, feeling the generation gap growing day by day, flying an old plane in modern times. Back to my Concorde, waiting for the new maddog X. Magic of flightsimming.
  13. robertorizzo

    Breitling 2

    Next round will be New York-Gander-Shannon-Liverpool-London (Southend)
  14. robertorizzo

    Breitling 2

    Leg#28 Buffalo- New York La Guardia Expressway rwy 31 visual approach