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  1. Last leg of the 4th leg. Today VVNB, Noi Bai International Airport, Viernam to VHHX, the old Hong Kong International Airport, China. Preparation and departure from Noi Bai. Cruising over Vietnam just after dawn. Initial descend. Weather not nice, approach is pretty interesting with the LOC approach and the visual part at the end. Final approach. 4th leg finished! VVNB - VHHX.kmz
  2. Chiang Rai International Airport, VTCT, Thailand to Noi Bai International Airport, VVNB, Vietnam. Today's route: Departing from Chiang Rai International Airport, weather is quitly nice. We've departed early in the morning. It's getting lighter as we're descending. Approaching the Vietnamese capital. VTCT - VVNB.kmz
  3. Thank You much, that's only PTA + Envtex + ASCA + ORBX Global
  4. Today's leg is from Shah Amanat International Airport , VGEG, Bangladesh to Chiang Rai International Airport, VTCT, Thailand. Unfortunately I can't find any sceneries for those airports. Preparing for the flight. Climbing for cruise FL290. Cruising, we gonna land at night toningh. Approaching VTCT, we have met ATC over Thailand! See You next time, marshall! VGEG - VTCT.kmz
  5. We're finally leaving India and going to Bangladesh! One of the shorter legs. Departing from Calcutta. Typical weather in this area in this season. (This clouds looks so realistic!) Oh, some weather-better area in Bangladesh already. Weather at Shah Amanat International Airport. Again misty.. VGEG 302204Z 06005KT 4500 HZ SCT018 SCT120 21/18 Q1012 We have to rest a bit right now. See You next time! VECC - VGEG.kmz
  6. Today the last part of the 3rd leg. We're flying to Calcutta! Departing from Lukla early in the morning. It's such a beutiful day! Cruise FL, all that little tress looks awesome. Initial descend. Approaching just over Calcutta. We gonna land on 19L. It became misty near the ground. 3rd leg succesfully completed! VNLK - VECC.kmz
  7. We have decided to change the route a bit. We have to make about 300 nm more, but then we will visit Lukla Airport. VNLK is the most dangerous airport in the World placed just underneath Mount Everest, the highest peak in the World. We couldn't miss it! Oh, we are sooo excited! Again foggy weather at the departure. Cruising over India. Ganges River and Allahabd city. The Himmalayas in the background! Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. We are performing a final approach following that chart: Mount Everest! And the weather couldn't be better for such an approach. We're closer and closer... Runway in sight! There's no place for a mistake. And we have safely landed. Wow, that was exciting! VANP - VNLK.kmz
  8. Thank You very much! Duke is such an awesome plane, unfortunately we won't see any further airplane from RealAir. :/
  9. First of all, I have to excuse myself. I'm going for a holiday next week, so I would miss Mumbai - Colcatta leg. I've decided to complete it before my trip. Today one of the shortests legs: VABB, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, India to VANP, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, India. Route is as follows: Ready for the flight, we will have some departing traffic in front of us. 2x A320 IndiGo Airlines. Weather again not nice. And already a few moments later ground dissapeard in fog. And saying goodbye to Mumbai! I'm loving this aircraft sooo much, it's preety awesome! Again low visibilty ILS approach after wonderful(was really well done in my oopinion) ARC DME procedure. On the ground, we're going tomorrow to Lukla Airport to see Mount Everest! VABB - VANP.kmz
  10. Last leg of the second part of our tour: Jinnah International Airport, OPKC, Pakistan to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, VABB, India. Departure from Jinnah International Airport. Climbing for a cruise flight level. We're already crusing with a nice tailwind, and already over India!!! Some fields and small towns in India. We have spotted A380 Emirates Airlines! Wow, the first we have ever seen. Golf of Khombat, we're not long way from Mumbai..! Weather got worse as we are approaching Mumbai. The weather at Mumbai doesn't seem well... About 1000ft above ground level. VABB 182030Z 00000KT 1500 BR SCT020 SCT100 28/26 Q1006 Continue... Safely on the ground! And already in Mumbai, 2nd leg finished! OPKC - VABB.kmz
  11. Today's leg is from Iranshahr Airport, OIZI, Iran to Jinnah International Airport, OPKC, Pakistan. That's a large international airport just in the heart of Pakistan. Shortly after departure from OIZI. Wether again wonderful! Cruising at FL290. Pakistan. Looks just the same like Iran. Approaching Jinnah International Airport. 4000m visibility at OPKC. Safely on the ground! Last leg left! OIZI - OPKC.kmz
  12. OISY, Yasuj Airport, Iran - OIZI, Iranshahr Airport, Iran. With new power and energy we're taking off already 7th time in this challenge! Weather is beautiful as usual in the area. Shiraz City, Shiraz Interantional Airport adn Maharlu Lake. Dusty areas again. Iranshahr in front of us, airport in sight! Approaching Iranshar Airport. Oh!, They'we forgotten to build the apron...! OISY - OIZI.kmz
  13. Today's leg is from OESK, Al-Jawf Domestic Airport, Saudi Arabia to OISY, Yasuj Airport, Iran. Quite long way today! Departure from OESK, as I said the runway and the desert everywhere around it. Oh, some traffic and sunrise! Abadan City and Abadan International Airport. It's already Iran. Some fantastic water bodies near Abadan (couldn't find out what's their name). Iran isn't only wide deserts. That's also monumental mountains! And the scenery is preatty beautiful! Already there, we're impressed with beauty of the sourrounding area! Iran is a cool place! KMZ files: OESK - OISY.kmz
  14. Today's route Port Said, HEPS, Egypt - OESK, Al-Jawf Domestic Airport, Saudi Arabia. Planned route is as follows: Ready for takeoff! Just loaded some fuel. We have some nice VOR's on our route. Unfortunately the incoming legs are mostly only over seas and deserts. Arish city with El Arish International Airport. Dead See in the background. Just desert everywhere, Low visibility over OESK. I wouldn't say it's an "International Airport". Just some runways between the desert. I only hope we get some fuel and a place to sleep here.. KMZ file: HEPS - OESK.kmz
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