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  1. Hi all, just was testing the Cat for some online flying in our VA. I can confirm the same as posted above. Tested in p3d 4.1 and 4.2. Latest AS installer 1.22. Sounds for windows are broken like described above. Switching on hydraulics getting into a crackling loud noise loop killing all other sounds until hydraulics switched off again. Same intsrument problems as in screenshot. I know this is an old thread but was there some internal feedback on this one? Cheers and Thanks Thorsten
  2. Hi all, while trying to help a fellow VA pilot who was missing sounds in the bundled Twotter of the Antarctica package we found the root cause to be the wrong asc.dll version within the latest Antarctica Installer. The bundled asc.dll is 107kb in size, the asc.dll of the Full Twotter is 65kb. I could reproduce it locally with both packages installed. Copying over the asc.dll of the Full Twotter fixed the sound issues. I know it will not affect a lot of people but perhaps AS is able to update the installer or provide a hotfix for affected users. Cheers and Thanks Thorsten
  3. I remember that back in 2013 (!!!) when we started Beta testing the first FSX BER we were making silly jokes about the flightsim version beeing online before the realworld counterpart. Hahahahahahahahahaha... History repeating Cheers Thorsten
  4. Yep, a helicopter is really needed Regarding the Steam question, at least I can ensure you that the Beta is working fine with the Steam Aerofly FS2 without issues. Cheers Thorsten
  5. Hi... The greenish screenshot shows the old aerial image used before. Its fixed in the Beta allready and I can promise you it doesn't hurt the eyes anymore ;-)
  6. Hehe... cross country in a Cub is a wonderful idea. It even got some real world counterpart you can read about: [...] "Flight of Passage" tells a true story. In the summer of 1966, Rinker and Kernahan Buck, 2 schoolboys from New Jersey, bought a dilapidated Piper Cub for $300, rebuilt it in their barn, and took off on the journey of a lifetime - a daring flight across the Rockies to California. They became the youngest aviators on record to fly America coast to coast, and their thirst for adventure, and the simple audacity of their trip, mirrored the innocence of the times. Because they couldn't afford one, they navigated all the way to California without a radio. This is also a timeless story of father and sons. The Buck brothers retraced a mythical route flown by their father, a brash, colorful ex-barnstormer who had lost his leg in a tragic air crash, but who so loved the romance of flight that he taught his boys to fly before they could drive. Winging it out across the deserts and mountains the brothers must separate from this difficult and quirky man. Yet this story goes beyond two young men in search of themselves and their country. It is a narrative about the eternal enigma of family, of freedom won at the cost of pain and truth, told with a storytelling power that is both brave and rare. [...] Toby and I started summer 2016 with marvelous flights vfr hands on... wonderful relaxed online sessions in Cubs low and slow. The essence of flying... Cheers Thorsten
  7. ...otherwise we will pay the bill. Taking the Dove on such a tour is a real adventure. Cheers T.
  8. Oh no not the Zombie picture again. That was indeed scary. Yeah Betty said on leaving the plane she's very proud of working for the captain (me!) so I think it will not be a lonely night at London except that I missed the main party. Perhaps she brings Heidi with her On the other note as I said, better finish late than never Cheers T.
  9. There was quite some time invested in the Beta process to check the updated fsx version (with some limitations going back to the old fsx engine) so it will be only a matter of (hopefully short) time until you can explore it in FSX. Cheers Thorsten
  10. To sum it up, it was a very nice tour with a good background story but for me definetly set into a bad timeslot in realworld. With October to mid December the busiest months in the IT with all wanting to get their projects finished and out before the year changes I had to search for free time slots a lot. Plus my own personal nightmare of having to resetup the sim completely I was out of the race. Anyway I wanted to finish it and at least share some of the nice and great moments. It was a lot of fun indeed. Cheers Thorsten
  11. Speaking of coming to an end of the nice round the world trip the next day our good old C-47 was waiting for the last two remaining legs from Dublin to Liverpool and back into Lodon City. Weather at Dublin and Liverpool was ok with some reduced visibility but the nice English weather made the last two legs IFR with the end of the journey in London was a landing into the London foggy soup. Leg 31: EIDW Dublin Intl WAL WALLASEY (114,1 MHz) EGGP Liverpool Leg 32: EGGP Liverpool BPK BROOKMANS PARK (117,5 MHz) EGLC London City
  12. Waiting for the bad weather to calm down a bit the Connie got a new engine number 4 and we where ready to continue. One more stop in Newfoundland and the then straight on to Queenstown (overflying Cork ) and into Dublin. Next two legs Connie legs again. Leg 29: KLGA La Guardia BOS BOSTON (112,7 MHz) YQI YARMOUTH (113,3 MHz) YQY SYDNEY (114,9 MHz) YYT TORBAY (SAINT JOHN'S) (113,5 MHz) CYYT St John's Intl Leg 30: CYYT St John's Intl CRK CORK (114,6 MHz) DUB DUBLIN (114,9 MHz) EIDW Dublin Intl The flight to St. John was easy peasy an nothing special about. Passengers where peaceful on landing and crew forgave me the landing at La Guardia. And then on boarding in St. John for the hop over to Dublin, Betty calling out we have a VIP on board. Ms. Monroe herself. Oh boy. Don't mess this flight like the La Gardia one. On a sidenote my fellow VA pilots and me were discussing in a chat group about how she would actually look like today or if we had some Zombieroe on board of one of our planes. Long uneventful flight mostly above a dense cloud cover but nearly no turbulences and kissed the ground at Dublin.
  13. Then I waited too long and the real weather on the East Coast was getting bad. If I would know about the next flight before leaving KFSO I would have quit before. But hey... We always love some challenge. Next leg from San Francisco to La Guardia following the original route: Leg 28: KSFO San Francisco Intl MVA MINA (115,1 MHz) TCH WASATCH (116,8 MHz) MBW MEDICINE BOW (111,6 MHz) BFF SCOTTSBLUFF (112,6 MHz) OBH WOLBACH (114,8 MHz) OVR OMAHA (116,3 MHz) IOW IOWA CITY (116,2 MHz) JOT JOLIET (112,3 MHz) DJB DRYER (113,6 MHz) SAX SPARTA (115,7 MHz) LGA LA GUARDIA (NEW YORK) (113,1 MHz) KLGA La Guardia A bit foggy on departure I was climbing to cruise altitude. Usually I stay at FL220 with the Connie. This flight I had to avoid some higher cloud layers and was going up and down between FL180 and FL250 giving the pressurization systems a hard time going to its very limit. And what to say. Just in the middle of this long leg. Search the image for funny things: With engine 4 out I got into trouble with the high altitude and had to go down into the turbulenes. But hey. Its one of the nicest three engined planes so lets go on. Things got worse approaching NY. Nearly no visibility due to heavy snow fall, night time at landing, winds around 30 kts gusting a lot and giving a big crosswind component coming in from the side with both engines running it was my worst ever landing with the Connie. Passengers screaming loud as I nailed it down half on the runway half on the grass. Ah lets forget about the flight. The mechanics stated later I had a rare and sudden engine failure. Nice to know. But on the other hand, wow thats why I love this plane.
  14. At Ketchikan it was time to move to something faster back again. Connie time One long leg down to KSFO: Leg 27: PAKT Ketchikan Intl YZT PORT HARDY (112 MHz) TOU TATOOSH (NEAH BAY) (112,2 MHz) ONP NEWPORT (117,1 MHz) PYE POINT REYES (113,7 MHz) SFO SAN FRANCISCO (115,8 MHz) KSFO San Francisco Intl The flight itself was uneventful and accusim giving me some nice career boost on this flight. All systems working like a charm and weather was getting better going down the coast.
  15. With knowing I wouldn't make it in time and additional realworld business going berserk before the holidays plus heavy colds on the complete family it took time to reinstall the sim. I could have bailed out then but I decided nonetheless to continue in the fresh stable and fast setup and finish the tour. The Otter was nice but too slow. So back in the C-47 and following the coast down to Ketchikan while visiting some really nice places. Weather was horrible and I had to go really low most of the times because of the huge cloud masses. Carefully watching for icing and carb heat needed a lot. Wonderful nice atmospheric "dark" flights. Leg 24: PAEN Kenai Mun JOH JOHNSTONE POINT (116,7 MHz) YAK YAKUTAT (113,3 MHz) PAYA Yakutat Leg 25: PAYA Yakutat SSR SISTERS ISLAND (114 MHz) CGL COGHLAN ISLAND (212 KHz) PAJN Juneau Intl Leg 26: PAJN Juneau Intl LVD LEVEL ISLAND (116,5 MHz) CMJ CLAM COVE (KETCHIKAN) (396 KHz) PAKT Ketchikan Intl
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