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  1. Mathijs, we had some long discussions even in our VA about msfs topics (as they can be found everywhere atm but sometimes are not always objective and mostly point out personal opinions). Jürgen is referring mostly to the default aircrafts flight behavior (especially the tubeliners) and current bugs like real weather not working on complete globe. But none of that affecting scenery design as it would be needed for an EAFS reboot. As part of the admin team of Andras Meridian I can assure you we as the overall VA see msfs as a sim and appreciate the options it brings to our future.
  2. Hi all, just was testing the Cat for some online flying in our VA. I can confirm the same as posted above. Tested in p3d 4.1 and 4.2. Latest AS installer 1.22. Sounds for windows are broken like described above. Switching on hydraulics getting into a crackling loud noise loop killing all other sounds until hydraulics switched off again. Same intsrument problems as in screenshot. I know this is an old thread but was there some internal feedback on this one? Cheers and Thanks Thorsten
  3. Same here. If you watch real world cockpit videos you hear and feel the big radial. In the sim cockpit sound is flat and nearly no bass. Outside ok as mentioned but we fly from cockpit view . And the open window no sound change is not up to date for a current payware release. Overall the model looks really good and systems nicely modelled. But immersion lost because of sound. You have to bleed out of your ears after half an hour max when flying the Anoushka... Cheers T.
  4. Hi folks, any update on the "cutting the christmas tree" and some parking spots for the AMA Terminal stuff? If you put in some parking spots please keep in mind that we visit EAFS with some bigger planes, too. Looks like it's growing to be our Oldtimer base with currently Stratocruisers, DC3s and a DC6B visiting on regular base. Thanks and Cheers Thorsten
  5. Oh here I get the Beta Badge Lord Howe, all US-Cities, Cat, Beaver, Antarctica, Rotterdam, Lelystad and I think forgot some more Cheers Thorsten
  6. Nice poll. Oh yes, my old Q6600 is not the fastest but still ok. But ordered I7 components a few days ago. So things should speed up a bit Cheers Thorsten
  7. Hi, the fisheye was a bit of problem but I like it Original cropped, copyright on Airliners.net Cheers Thorsten
  8. Oh Matt... I'm very very sorry to hear that. Such a waste... *just kidding* Cheers Thorsten
  9. Ha Shaun, you got one of this baggy pants? Cheers Thorsten
  10. Wonderful idea... but what's an Ipad? ...just kidding. Android please! Cheers Thorsten
  11. Btw does someone remember the old DHC6 from Lago ten years ago? (perhaps Mathijs? ) There was even a "beer" repaint in the package. The beer of my youth, Warsteiner. Realworld counterpart was this bird: http://www.airliners.net/photo/AFC-Aero-Flug/De-Havilland-Canada/0562781/L/&sid=28ca8a21e369f975160e7c08845a742a Cheers Thorsten
  12. Hmmm... nice thread... sitting in hotel in Bavaria and drinking... you will never guess right... a beer I think nobody mentioned the German beer yet and it's "Reinheitsgebot" . Especially for Lars: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beer_in_Germany ... at least two facts from the article: - The highest density of breweries in the world is found near the city of Bamberg, in the Franconia region of Bavaria - The Benedictine abbey Weihenstephan brewery (established in 725) is reputedly the oldest existing brewery in the world (brewing since 1040) But yes, Guinness is a really good one so
  13. You're absolutely right. And I've just taken the Turbine Duke out for its first rides. Awesome as expected. I think they've hit the nail with the turboprop right on the top (as far as I can say in comparison to other addons, only flown piston in real life hands on once). Getting the Duke up in the air with a VS of 4000 is quite remarkable. But watch the oil temperature Cheers Thorsten
  14. Many thanks for your quick reply Oliver, I know, I know... bloody DX10totallybuggyandneverfinishedpreview mode. If I wouldn't loose about 15fps when going back to DX9 I definetly would do. Day only will be perfectly fine. We had this discussions in Beta's in the past already. Thanks and keep up your excellent work. Cheers Thorsten
  15. Hi, just installed and looking really great. I'm visiting EDDM in real world mode every week and it's a really good rendition of the whole aiport and the area. Small Problem: I'm getting untextured moving vehicle traffic all over the place. Yes, DX10 is on but not seeing this with other GAPs installed. Broken install (repair function didn't help) or supposed behaviour? Cheers Thorsten
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