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  1. No release date has been given but in the following post by Mathijs you can have an idea on the status of the project.
  2. A330-343 TAP Portugal (9V-STD, future CS-TOU):
  3. And what about immersion stuff like VFX effects such as landing lights reflecting on the clouds? IMO, this example is much more "Immersive" than having a piece of paper between the thrust levers or the coffee in the table. Yes, I know that the VFX effects may hurt VAS/performance, but it's worth the question.
  4. Yes, FSL decided to model just the A320, but acording to them they will model both the A319 and the A321, but getting on topic I would happily pay for the A330-300 and pay for an expansion pack with the -200, like you do with the A320 family.
  5. Hello, I would like to request these two textures: - Azores Airlines CS-TKQ A320: I may be able to get the company logo for this (but at 512px). I know there's one texture in the download section(database) but both logos and fuselage lettering are low res and seems that they are not in scale. - Everjets CS-TKV A320: Not in the database, I can get more photos of the plane.
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