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  1. A330-343 TAP Portugal (9V-STD, future CS-TOU): https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8537317
  2. Hello, I would like to request these two textures: - Azores Airlines CS-TKQ A320: http://www.jetphotos.net/showphotos.php?aircraft=-2&airline=-2&country=-2&photog=-2&category=-2&year=-2&keywordrange=reg&keywordlimiter=1&keywords=cs-tkq&sort=1&genre=1&size=-2&mainsearch=search&displaymode=1&display=15 I may be able to get the company logo for this (but at 512px). I know there's one texture in the download section(database) but both logos and fuselage lettering are low res and seems that they are not in sca
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