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  1. Also it's been stated and I can confirm, detail like this doesn't have a noticeable performance hit even in low-mid range PCs. So have an extra detail while keeping performance is a good thing imo.
  2. On the Airbuses thread someone asked this week if they’ll be a June release and Mathijs responded saying he hopes for the release of the 900/1000 in June
  3. I’m sorry I didn’t take your Wednesday’s thread into account when writing my response, I thought your vacation quip was about your post 11 hours earlier which my point is still valid about the weekend and overnight, however the same sort of thing applies to your Wednesday thread. I say that because you started the thread at 06:06 PM on Wednesday evening and by 0930 AM Thursday morning you announced the issue had sorted itself, potentially (and this is my guess) I think the Aerosoft team would have logged on Thursday morning and saw a new issue but then saw it was fixed so therefore felt it was
  4. No, it's called the weekend and even though Aerosoft do sometimes post stuff at the weekend you can't automatically expect it, and secondly you posted 11 hours ago, Aerosoft is a German company which means in the 11 hours since your first post, it has been night time in Europe and people will have been in bed
  5. That'll keep us busy for a while! and as always the progress looks amazing
  6. I second LFPG and LFLL for MSFS, not sure about the others as we already have LEBL, and the other 2 are already in the works
  7. Having spent my entire flight sim career flying mostly FMC aircraft I can't disagree with you (well I didn't take screenshots ), that being said now I am older and MSFS in perfect for lower altitude flying, I am defiantly going to do a lot more older-school flying with the twotter/DC6/any older school aircraft that may come our way.
  8. Ari, for the record, there's numerous articles stating Majestic are working on the 100/200/300 series, albeit they are currently not focused on them whilst they evaluated the newer MSFS platform, although this was as of 2020, which I think they are now developing for. That being said we are on Aerosoft's forum, and more specifically, the twin otter, so it's not fair to Aerosoft to detract from the twin otter by talking about another dev. If you think Majestic won't come through on their word that they will create the 100-300, then I suggest posting on the thread below, requesting t
  9. I'm sure the last Mathijs said was he hopes/has planned one of the airbuses for late 2021, but it's software development so could always change
  10. Fair enough, the message probably means its being finished up, I'm sure we'll see photos soon
  11. I'm not sure what you want answering? it's confirmed the package will be the CRJ 900 and 1000, which will be an expansion of the CRJ550/700, whether the 900/1000 has any technical differences, only the dev team can answer.
  12. The CRJ900/1000 is an expansion of the CRJ550/700
  13. With the plane, although I expect a few 3rd party liveries will be done too
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