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  1. I had the exact thought yesterday. Well more why they didn't have a base ever in Berlin (turned out it's to do with the history of East and West Germany, unless the internet lied ), it would make sense for DLH to establish a base but maybe not for 5+ years, I think DLH and all airlines need to focus on recovery first
  2. I might be wrong but I think they'll be 3 releases, the A318/A319, A320/A321, and A330, how long between the releases who knows, in terms of a bundle, I'm sure Aerosoft have said for the CRJ they will put all 4 models in a package when the 900/1000 is released so I would think the same will happen with the A318-A321 but that's a guess
  3. He's doing a reinstall of MFS and said he hopes to have a video up this weekend although he might redo the last 2 episodes
  4. LEIB - LEPA? Its a fairly short flight and somewhere different
  5. Not all airlines do this, if fact most airlines I know off irl get the pilots to manually enter the flight plan into the FMS/MCDU especially on the shorter flights a CRJ would be on
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