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  1. Thanks for the great insight into the workings of the marketplace
  2. Well firstly, you asked a community forum a question, and don't like it when the community responds/reacts? So it's very naive saying I only wanted a response from the developer (which is what you imply), secondly to assume people who downvoted you comment support piracy is immature, I downvoted you, because I didn't like the manner of which you asked you question which could have been a lot simpler and without all your opinions and assumptions, i.e Hey Aerosoft, I think piracy is becoming a bigger issue, what's your thought of products becoming marketplace only?. You say they haven't been cracked 'yet', this is good yes but there could unfortunately be a future workaround, maybe that's yet to be seen (hopefully not). I laugh that you think people are whining than a solution, you wouldn't last 5 minutes in meetings with me and my colleagues if you think this is whining, because my "whining" is how we develop solutions, because if I responded to my boss with my initial response to you, if we were Asobo, he would go you mentioned 3 things to change about the marketplace, let's look into what can be done (granted they are looking into the timescale issue), and look that's a solution from apparently what is whining. Another negative of marketplace exclusivity that I forgot about last night is the same reason with have the CMA in the UK and counterparts worldwide, to stop and regulate markets and potentially monopolies, because that's what we effectively would have, only one place to buy add-on's, therefore MS/Asobo could theoretically controls prices which is only a bad thing and we would no longer be seeing the pricing structures we see now.
  3. Although I see what you mean and yes I agree I am happy with the content provide thus far, but look at it this way, company A sells a product for £100, and sell 100 units, they lose £3,500 to MS/Asobo, 1000 units it's £35,000, and a few add-ons have quite probably sold north of this number, yes Microsoft is like any other company and wants to see a ROI for MSFS, but to me their current cut is for me too big, surely 5%-10% would be more reasonable especially in a reality of everything being marketplace exclusive. If Asobo/MS are desperate for money, I'd rather pay a modest subscription amount for the base sim every year
  4. Looks good, can't wait to fly her, just deciding what my first flight is going to be! MSFS defiantly has a good ending to 2021 and 2022 with a plethora of aircraft lined up
  5. So I am not 100% so if I'm wrong hopefully someone will correct but when Fenix announced, someone, can't remember whom but a big persona in the community said it can't be sold on the marketplace due to the aircraft running external for MSFS, however on Fenix's discord on Thursday/Friday, the owner/PM mentioned, it might have a chance getting onto the market place, so now I am not sure if it's a can't or won't, but the issue is still there for certain addons.
  6. Further to @bluemoon51response, in which I agree with every single point, I just think your post is somewhat ill-informed especially as you seem just another customer and probably have 0 insight into the issue overall bearing in mind there's been piracy issues in video games genres including previous iterations of flight sims that haven't had marketplaces and even if every MSFS add-on was sold on the marketplace, I can guarantee they'll still be piracy, yes probably less but they'll always be workarounds. there are a few drawbacks to being marketplace exclusive, mainly as you mention the release time for updates and new releases is stupid, and with the amount of new products for MSFS being released daily, it's going to be impossible to keep release times minimal. Also certain addons will never be allowed on the marketplace, I think @Mathijs Kokhas mentioned before, Aerosoft's OnAir cannot be put on the marketplace, as well as the unreleased Fenix A320 and potentially FS2Crew - I haven't seen Bryan mention putting his products on the market, if he can at all,. So your idea is impacting developers a different way. Secondly why do you go 'we'? It's not the customers choice where it's sold, it's solely the developers choice and Aerosoft and PMDG as examples both have 20+ years in this sector and both probably have experience in anti-piracy methods and dealing with pirate websites etc. Finally, I would be very careful generalising saying 'it's these teenagers', because I bet there's a lot of teenagers who buy add-on's legitimately and probably a lot of adults who fit into the piracy category. Also only being a few years over the teenage age range myself, I want to say I have funnelled over £1000 into MSFS (and god knows how much for FSX/P3D, yes I know there wasn't/isn't a marketplace for either so that wasn't an option) and have ONLY bought directly from the developers because (another reason why the marketplace is bad) I want to support the developer to the fullest and not support them from the marketplace where they will only receive my money after Microsoft takes a 35% cut. Personally I will never buy from the marketplace ever unless a few issues were addressed, i.e. 1) products and updates are released at the same time as directly from the developer, I am not willing to wait a week/2 weeks or in quite a lot of cases months to buy or update a product that I can get get now directly 2) the system is changed where I buy the product I want and get a proper receipt oppose to buying 'points' with no proof which add-on I bought (this is how I am lead to believe how it works) 3) MS/Asobo changes and gives assurances that the developer takes a more substantial cut of the revenue (almost if not 100%).
  7. That's the latest, I guess we might be hearing more in the next few weeks
  8. Liveries (apart from the ones seen in the preview photos) will most likely by confirmed nearer release
  9. Please read this, due to SU5, the project is currently cancelled, however they're looking at other options
  10. It is, (I've posted on that thread a couple times), it's very similar to a bug that was in FSX, I think although the temp is an issue, there's a wider issue with the weather system as a whole, as I noticed QNHs are off too
  11. I only noticed it starting yesterday, and only flown the 320nx yesterday and today and is massively affected, i.e 0 rate of climb/no ability to increase speed, hopefully asobo fixes the issue soon,
  12. According to Asobo, they should be improving turboprop engine logic, over SU5, 6 and 7
  13. Another idea, are you using real weather, if so there's an issue with it today where as you climb the OAT rises instead of decreases (reminds me of the FSX bug), although this issue is noticed right from take-off, well for me anyway
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