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  1. That's the real spirit, sideout! Congratulations Neal, you made it in time! Let's have a beer or some more at the bar. Gernot
  2. Congratulations Philippe! Thanks for the great pictures and the reports. It was great fun to read! Great job flying the tour in the little Dove.
  3. Keep on going Neal. It's only a short distance to go!
  4. Neal, keep on going! It's only a short distance to go! Waiting for you at the bar! Gernot
  5. Hi Philippe, keep on flying! Don't worry about some nasty comments of people who obviously don't know about sense of delight. Why should we always be so strict in our lives? This is our hobby we fully enjoy! We don't step down to the basement if we want to laugh. Why should someone blame Aerosoft for offering us this platform and this challenge? By the way I didn't read expressivley whether they meant real time or sim-time. Even though they meant real time why not have someone show the remarkable endurance finishing the race in a lovely small Dove. I would rather call this Olympic Spirit than breaking the rules! Philippe, I'm watching your nice reports and I'm waiting for you at the bar til 21-Dec-2017 simtime! Gernot
  6. Hi Neal, keep on going. We're watching your posts and wait at the bar.
  7. Hi Philippe, keep on going with your smart little Dove. We're waiting for you at the bar. Hopefully Matthijs will accept the bill.
  8. Good Thorsten that you didn't post the zombie picture of Marilyn. Young flight sim fellows watching this forum might have been shocked. If some of your lady passengers will read your posts you might get some invitations for 5 o'clock tea. They will love your stories. Fully respect your endurance although the race already officially was closed.
  9. Here is our flight report for the final leg 8036 of the seventh and last segment of flights New York - London which we concluded on 20-Dec-2017. EIDW – Dublin METAR: EIDW 201002Z 25608KT 9999 OVC000 11/07 Q1033 Gate: Stand 3 OUT 1055z OFF: 1103z EGLL – London - Heathrow METAR: EGLL 201020Z 27009KT 3600 BR SCT002 BKN003 09/08 Q1035 TEMPO 5000 BKN005 ON: 1158z IN: 11205z Gate: Royal Suite Block time: 0110hrs Route: EIDW/28 DEXE1A DEXEN UY124 AMPIT UL15 HON OCK1D EGLL/27L Distance: 286NM, FL310, Avg Wind: 279/24, Fuel Burned: 2.020, CRJ-900, D-AERO Scenery: MegaAirport London-Heathrow, Aerosoft It’s raining on our last leg of this “Tour Around The World in 80 Days”, as if the skies would be sad about the fact, that this tour is coming to its end. We are parking between a B737 by Ryanair and a A319 of Lufthansa. The weather map today shows clouds for the complete leg. Climbing out of runway 28. After a full turn we are heading eastward and are passing EIDW airport. After about fifteen mintes into the flight we are facing the Welsh coastline. Some minutes later at FL310 we receive a traffic alert. Lufthansa flight LH444 FRA-ATL, a A343 is flying the opposite direction at FL 316. On our descent between VOR’s HON and OCK on OCK1D approach to runway 27L. ATC first offered runway 09L and later 27R, but we insisted in runway 27L because this was the closest to our final stand the Royal Suite. Passing eastward south of EGLL airport. On final approach to runway 27L. While decelerating on runway 27L we have a view on the Royal Suite terminal with flown flags. Taxiing to the terminal we all the sudden had been swallowed by scattered fog banks. In spite of all the fog we found our way to the Royal Suite. Some seconds later when we had stopped the engines there was pure sunshine welcoming us back at the starting point of our tour only 79 (!) days ago. Ladies and gentlemen and Aerosoft team, it was a pleasure for me to join you in this Tour Around the World in Eighty Days to commemorate the world trip of Phileas Fogg and his valet Jean Passepartout some 145 years ago as described in the classic adventure novel “Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours” by the French writer Jules Verne, published in 1873. [Source: Wikipedia] Hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did! Wish you all always happy landings Gernot
  10. Here is our flight report for the leg 8035 of the seventh and last segment of flights New York - London which we concluded on 16-Dec-2017. BIKF – Keflavik METAR: BIKF 161054Z 12523KT 9999 SCT024 BKN049 OVC110 02/M02 Q1004 Gate: Parking OUT 1133z OFF: 1141z EIDW – Dublin METAR: EIDW 161113Z 27010KT 9999 FEW015 BKN030 (PROB30 -SHRA BKN015) ON: 1413z IN: 1421z Gate: Stand 3 Block time: 0248hrs Route: BIKF/11 PIXU1A PIXUM DCT ING G3 MY DCT MODGO UL612 STN DCT NIPIT DCT BAMLI BAML1K EIDW/28 Distance: 953NM, FL330, Avg Wind: 305/36, Fuel Burned: 4.725, CRJ-900, D-AERO Today we are planning for our next to last flight of this world tour. Weather map shows clear skies which however, doesn’t fit to the Metar reports. On our flight to Ireland we headed first eastward for the Faroe Islands and then turned south for Dublin. View back towards the terminal building of Keflavik. View in the opposite direction where the sun is just rising above the horizon. Climbing out of runway 11. On the way towards Faroe Islands with the rising sun at the horizon. About two hours into the flight we reach the northern coast of Ireland. BAMLI1-approach to runway 28 is leading in a large circle across the Irish Sea. On final approach to runway 28. When taxiing to our assigned stand we watch a Ryan Air B737 landing on runway 28. Parked at stand 83 next to clippers from Aer Lingus, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines. Wish you all always happy landings Gernot
  11. Here is our flight report for the leg 8034 of the seventh and last segment of flights New York - London which we concluded on 14-Dec-2017. BGBW – Narsarsuaq METAR: BGBW 141150Z 06005KT 9999 FEW180 SCT200 M11/M18 Q1013 Gate: Parking OUT 1156z OFF: 1200z BIKF – Keflavik METAR: BIKF 141130Z 01007KT CAVOK M00/M03 Q1005 ON: 1336z IN: 1345z Gate: Stand 3 Block time: 0149hrs Route: BGBW/24 DCT NA DCT 6240N DCT 6330N DCT ELDIS ELDI2N BIKF/02 Distance: 636NM, FL350, Avg Wind: 300/22, Fuel Burned: 3.100, CRJ-900, D-AERO Freeware scenery add-on: - by Ulrik Motzfeldt, FlightSim Greenland Ready for the next leg at a sunny day but in the shadows of the mountains next to theairport. The weather maps shows clear skies, unbelievable. Nice view down on our aircraft from the tower of Narsarsuaq. What a lovely detail of this freeware scenery. Climbing out of runway 24. Sunrise at BGBW … … and a rose colored evening sky on a short daytime day. Approaching Iceland after a flight of only about 90 minutes. On final approach to runway 02 of BIKF. Taxiing to our stand. Parking at stand 3 next to a B757 of Icelandair. Wish you all always happy landings Gernot
  12. Here is our flight report for the leg 8033 of the seventh and last segment of flights New York - London which we concluded on 13-Dec-2017. CYYR – Goose Bay METAR: CYYR 131200Z 00000KT 15SM OVC009 M19/M23 A3009 Gate: G2 OUT 1242z OFF: 1247z BGBW – Narsarsuaq METAR: BGBW 131150Z VRB03KT 9999 FEW080 SCT100 M04/M14 Q1008 ON: 1435z IN: 1440z Gate: Parking Block time: 0158hrs Route: CYYR/08 DCT HOIST DCT 5720N05400W 5900N05040W DCT SI DCT NA DCT BGBW/07 Distance: 633NM, FL310, Avg Wind: 255/58, Fuel Burned: 3.335, CRJ-900, D-AERO Freeware scenery add-on: - by Ulrik Motzfeldt, FlightSim Greenland The Big Yellow TAXI “cab” had gone when we prepare for our flight this morning. The weather map shows again clouds and tail wind for our flight except for the approach at our destination. Climbing out of runway 08. After an uneventful flight above the clouds we are descending for Narsarsuaq. About 50 NM ahead of Narsarsuaq we have to fly above a large number of fjords. On visual approach to runway 07. Parking in front of the terminal building. Wish you all always happy landings Gernot
  13. As I promised you, below please find the missing pireps from New York back to London. Hope you don't mind that it took quite some days to finish this task, but first we got stuck in the Reform Club Bar. Later on I celebrated the Christmas holidays with my family. After 80 days of absence I thought they should have first priority. Hope you can accept these excuses. If not, don't care. Here is our flight report for the leg 8032 of the seventh and last segment of flights New York - London which we concluded on 12-Dec-2017. KLGA – New York – LaGuardia METAR: KLGA 121251Z 18011G16KT 10SM FEW025 SCT040 OVC060 09/04 A2964 Gate: Apron, Terminal A, Marine Air Terminal OUT 1255z OFF: 1303z CYYR – Goose Bay METAR: CYYR 121300Z 26021G28KT 15SM DRSN SKC M19/M26 A3011 ON: 1513z IN: 1520z Gate: G2 Block time: 0225hrs Route: KLGA/13 DCT SANTT J42 BOS J55 ENE J573 EBONY N705A SERBO DCT CYYR/26 Distance: 863NM, FL310, Avg Wind: 229/69, Fuel Burned: 4.145, CRJ-900, D-AERO Freeware scenery add-on: - and by Glenn Johnson. Early in the morning at sunshine (!) we prepare for our next leg. Although we have sunshine while doing the flight preparation our flight will be above clouds again. As well we may expect some nice tailwind. Climbing out of runway 13. At our cruise level at FL310 above the clouds. Also Boston’s Logan Airport is covered under clouds today. On our descent to Goose Bay at FL100 we have the bay in sight. On final approach to runway 26. Parking next to a B727 from The Big Yellow TAXI airline. Wish you all always happy landings Gernot
  14. Thanks Mathijs, I really appreciate your call for this tour, although this one was a litlle bit more challenging with respect to time frame compared to the earlier one in 2,5 years. See you at the bar, if you are still tolerated at the Reform Club Bar or did you switch locations? Cheers!
  15. Nigel (sideout), now that we demonstrated we also can do brisk tours around the globe, we can relax at our next tour and do it rather in 80 weeks than 80 days. See you at the bar. Gernot
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