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  1. That's the real spirit, sideout! Congratulations Neal, you made it in time! Let's have a beer or some more at the bar. Gernot
  2. Congratulations Philippe! Thanks for the great pictures and the reports. It was great fun to read! Great job flying the tour in the little Dove.
  3. Keep on going Neal. It's only a short distance to go!
  4. Neal, keep on going! It's only a short distance to go! Waiting for you at the bar! Gernot
  5. Hi Philippe, keep on flying! Don't worry about some nasty comments of people who obviously don't know about sense of delight. Why should we always be so strict in our lives? This is our hobby we fully enjoy! We don't step down to the basement if we want to laugh. Why should someone blame Aerosoft for offering us this platform and this challenge? By the way I didn't read expressivley whether they meant real time or sim-time. Even though they meant real time why not have someone show the remarkable endurance finishing the race in a lovely small Dove. I would rather call this Olympic Spirit than breaking the rules! Philippe, I'm watching your nice reports and I'm waiting for you at the bar til 21-Dec-2017 simtime! Gernot
  6. Hi Neal, keep on going. We're watching your posts and wait at the bar.
  7. Hi Philippe, keep on going with your smart little Dove. We're waiting for you at the bar. Hopefully Matthijs will accept the bill.
  8. Hi Neal, glad you had a chance to participate also in this tour around the world. Looks like you are now the front runner and not the follow-up guy. Keep one flying! Gernot
  9. Hi Philippe, your bird for this tour is a good selection! I'm glad you made it on this tour. All the best! Beaucoup de salutations Gernot
  10. Hi Gernot,

    Unfortunately, I'll not be in Lelystad on the next 4th of november, thu I've prepared all the journey (air ticket + hotel) ..... Got some familial problems to solve here ...

    Tobus is not answering to my emails. Do you ,kow, my friend, the procedure for askinf Mathijs for the rewarded aeroosft adon ? I'd like the CRJ one ..

    But I do not know how to proceed... (getting old I prsume?!)

    All the best to u,


    1. gazoeller


      Hi Philippe,


      sorry to hear that you have got family issues. Hope you can solve/overcome them soon.

      Here is the message from Matthijs to Toby:


      "... when you finish before sept 30th, do this to get your gift:


      Press copy indeed.
      Send them this and let them contact me (gaz: Matthijs) via mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com.
      To get your copy free of charge follow these steps:

      1) Do a standard download order
      2) On the payment page select [REVIEW/PRESS COPY] as payment option (you will NOT be charged for this order)
      3) Enter some comment in the comment section so we know what this order is about (gaz: your name or your login referring to your reports)
      4) Let me know the order number (gaz: via email for mailaddress see above)
      The order is now put on hold until one of our administrators clears the order. You will then get the serial code and the download link."
      My download of the CRJ 700/900 X was processed real quick.
      Are you going to participate in the follow-up tour by Aerosoft? Around The World in Eighty Days

      Hope we can meet sometimes, either virtually, perhaps with Andras Meridian Airlines or even live.

      Beaucoup de salutations

      Gernot Zoeller

      PS: For quick communication use either email "gernot.zoeller@t-online.de" or WhatsApp "+49 175 935 3549"

    Thanks Mathijs for publishing this livery and thanks for supporting the team that made it around the world! Gernot
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