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  1. I will second (third?) that comment, many thanks Aerosoft for putting EGCC out.
  2. Ok, a quick update. I found the Jetway Patch that has been mentioned in other threads here and managed ot get it loaded and working, so jetways are now OK. Only remaining question is how to activate the docking systems.
  3. I have just upgraded my old Mega Airports Heathrow to the Extended version. Looks nice, but there are no notes in the manual about how to operate jetways or the docking systems. How is this done? I am using FSX:SE on Windows 7.
  4. Yes, I have FSX:SE. I seem to have fixed the problem, by doing a reinstall of the Airbus Extended package. Still can't see that file but the planner is working. Fingers crossed it stays like that! Just need to add in my extra liveries now.
  5. I have done a more thorough search, but that file doesn't seem to be on my PC anywhere, which makes no sense as those values must come from somewhere. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks for the info. What's the path for that file? A quick search has not found it...
  7. Sorry to hark back to an older product, but I have just started using my Airbus Extended A320 and A321 after leaving them for a while. I find the Fuel Planner is failing to work. On starting, I get an error: "The following error occurred while attempting to load the saved settings: Value of '9500' is n ot valid for 'Value@. 'Value' should be between 'Minimum' and 'Maximum'. Parameter name: Value. After that, it crashes. I am sure I have had this problem before, and fixed it, but cannot remember how it was done. Any advice appreciated. I have scanned the forums for related topics but the ones I found were all several years old, and didn't really tell me much. Thanking you in advance, and hoping you can help me get back in the air again. Ian Pearse
  8. Spotted the banner at the top of the site, advertising 20% off a range of PMDG products for a while. It's some sort of conspiracy, I'm sure - they always come out with these offers when I have no spare money to spend!!!
  9. I would echo that sentiment - I have a limited budget to spend on FS (and my other hobbies) but it would be nice to have my own "pad" at Andras.
  10. Just bought the PMDG 737 NGX.... with luck I'll have mastered enough to do one of the later Sunday trips!
  11. I have NL2000 for FSX but not sure I've installed it - will have to double-check. It is good stuff, I had an earlier version, then the later one, for FS9 and it is excellent. Like that idea of Netherlands tours. I never got to Heraklion, so not sure I can do the return trip! I agree, using aircraft with similar capabilities. Problem is I have no decent 737 or Airbus for FSX. Can maybe use the Lear or similar, that's bearable.
  12. Yes, that was a pain, getting kicked out by Gamespy. Still, managed to get to Brac Island. Will post pics tomorrow. Time to hit the hay now....
  13. Currently sitting on the ground at Andras seeing who will come along...
  14. I could never get it to show as more than a user-defined waypoint, which meant you couldn't start a plan from it. The new version seems to have sorted that out. And i like the fact the new one is much faster. Still have to use it for real though and see how it performs.
  15. A new version of Plan-G is now available. The new version has a slightly different display style, actually shows EAFS as an airfield rather than simply a user-defined waypoint, and links to VATSIM to show controllers and aircraft online... among other things. It's also much quicker than the previous version - so far, at least. http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=1944.0
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