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  1. Hi, Thanks for the advice Sasa & mopperle, Simulation objects = receive and the screenshot helped me resolve the issue. I'm now a Happy Chappie! Awesoem scenery by the way & now going to see what the "Surprise" is up top of the mountain! Keith.
  2. Hi, Finally found the manual! I've followed the yellow highlighted suggestions & have got everything working apart from the aircraft shadow. I have varified that I can get aircraft shadows at other airports. I've also attached a screenshot of the lighting option screen to show what I have selected. Thank you for the help. Keith.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone here would be able to help me with a couple of issues I'm having with the new Lukla scenery? I've noticed that none of the aircraft that I am using are casting shadows on the taxi-ways or runways, & I'm also not seeing any people or animals as seen in the screen shots. Everything else appears as it should. I had a look for these options in settings but I can't seem to see anything other than being able to disble the bonus outer area. Also am I doing something stupid by installing the installation folder outside the main P3D v4 folder (same SSD) Hope you can help?! Keith.
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